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"This IS!! The next Big Hit System"

Do you all know that this is a one of the great system that will rock the other system because of the line up of releasing game's this system have.we all know that Metal Gear Solid series is one of their exclusive game that this system have and I will discuss all the content of this system. first is

Design: 9.5/10

yeah we saw the design of the PS and the PS2 and now the design of the PS3 it is perfectly designed and have a great color to choose it has a cool eject button yeah it is simply and perfect and you just put the cd at the opening makes it easier to play. And it has a holes on it to make it cool and make it not overheat so easily. and it has so many options like Music,Video etc.

Controller: 10/10

I like the USB of their controller it is easy and it can make you play further than the other controller, It doesn't need changing the battery just plug it on your PS3 and just charge it at a few minutes then you can play it again you doesn't need to buy AAA or AA battery for this one. and I like the way of this controller the SIX AXIS at the other game's you can reload your gun just shaking the controller, and it can connect up to 7 controllers so don't wastin playin by yourself.

PSN/PS Network/ PlayStation Network / Online Compatibility 10/10

Yes this is the one I am waiting for the PSN the online compatibility of this system. I say it is Great make me say it again GREAT you can play with the others at the online with great games of course!!
I play a lot spending a lot of time playing online with this BABY. this system is great at online compatibility and you can use wi-fi to play online.

Games 10/10

PS3 has a great first games like Motorstorm and Resistance and now they will released lots of great game this year like Twisted Metal , Final Fantasy XIII , Disgaea 3 , Mercenaries 2,Soulcalibur IV and of course don't forget about the Ps3 EXCLUSIVES like Metal Gear solid 4 , Devil May Cry.

Overall 10/10

I will rate this as 10/10 two thumbs up BABY, Cause it has Nice Design, Flawless online compatibility, Great games and wonderful Controllers.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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