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"A fair and honest review by an owner of all 3 systems."

I have owned Xbox 360 and Wii for a while and over a month ago decided to get a PS3 to go along with them.

I will not directly compare the systems, however if I feel there is something that is totally lacking compared to another system, or something it does especially well, then I will mention this.

Game Selection [8.75/10]
(5/10 if you already have an Xbox 360, 10/10 if you don't have a ps2 for backwards compatible ps3):

Playstation 3 has a fairly large game library so far, although it could be better. There are not many exclusives, so I cannot recommend buying a PS3 if you already own an Xbox 360. If you do not already own one of those however, PS3 is an excellent choice for playing games. Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, The Orange Box (half life 2 and some expansions, Team Fortress 2, Portal and its all in one game)!, Assassins Creed, Resistance: Fall of Man, and others. There are also great games scheduled to come out: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Bioshock(excellent game, already on 360), Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and others. You will not be bored.

Graphics/Sound Quality [9/10]:
The graphics and sound are very good. On a standard definition TV the quality is fairly poor, some games look better than others. On SDTVs, many times the text will be too small to read and some interlacing can be visible. On the other hand, you can tell the system was designed for HD from the beginning. There is a lot of color and many nice texture effects in the games. Some multiplatform games do suffer performance issues, and although this should be factored into the overall quality of the system, most developers are taking steps to correct this problem. The uncompressed sound on most bluray disk games is much better than the PS3's competitors consoles.

Hardware [10/10]:
This is probably the best part of a Playstation 3. It is whisper quiet, it is the most quiet current gen console by far. Hardly any sound when accessing disks, minimal fan noise. The system sits very near my chair while I play and it is not a distraction.

The system is also the easiest system to get a controller working with. There are no sync buttons or anything like that, just plug the controller in via USB the first time you use it and it is ready to go. Almost all other peripherals like mouse, keyboard and many headsets just work with the system.

The aesthetics of the console do leave a little to be desired due to finger prints being very obvious, but if you keep it wiped off it is a beautiful system.

The controller is nearly the same controller from previous Playstations except the R2/L2 buttons now have a larger range of movement for more precise analogue controls. There is tilt sensitivity, which works well in the few games that use it. The controller is very durable, and the Dual Shock 3 version has the best vibration available.

Other functions [10/10]:
You can't listen to your own music in games, which is a detractor, but in the few things you can't do, the system makes up for it with nearly unlimited options.

The browser is not the best ever, but is workable. Many flash movies will not load on it, although for a gaming system it is definitely the best.

The PSN store is not that great either.

So why did I give this area a 10/10?

You may install Linux onto the system, and it is relatively easy to make your PS3 into a nearly fully functioning Linux PC!

You could run your PS3 as a web server, to play some of the open source linux games available, or even as an office machine if you wanted, and you can still load onto the PS3 operating system and play all of your favorite games. It takes a bit of getting used to linux, but this is a great opportunity to become familiar with it as well, and it is totally sanctioned and endorsed by Sony.

The system is also great at playing your DVDs, it upconverts them if you watch on an HDTV.

It is considered the best bluray player by many as well, as it can update the systems firmware to stay compliant with the bluray standard.

Also, compared to 360, it has wireless internet built in. If one were to buy an xbox 360 but need wireless internet like I do, they would be forced to pay $100, making the 360 cost the same amount without all of the other extra capabilities PS3 provides.

Online Service [9/10]:
The PSN is free and overall not that bad. It could be better, but it receives updates regularly. In terms of functionality it will do its job getting you into a game and there is a friends list that is for some reason limited to only 100 names, so new friends must be given at least a small amount of consideration but you will still have to work pretty hard to fill your list.

Value [8/10 80 GB, 7.5/10 40 GB]:
Yes, the $500 price tag is high, possibly too high to get much of a market. However, there is a lot you can do with the PS3, however the extra stuff is not for everybody. For instance, bluray looks the same on a standard definition tv. Despite being easy to install and get running, Linux does require a steep learning curve. 40 GB scores a little lower because I feel Sony should have repacked them with Dual Shock 3 controllers when that controller came out, and if you want a DS3 you will have to pay another $55. You also have to buy your own HDMI cable, and for the price that you pay to get a PS3, Sony could throw in a $2 cable. The technology is cutting edge, but Sony has not necessarily given you a definitive reason why you should throw down an extra $100-$200 on this system rather than its competition.

Fortunately, Sony doesn't nickel and dime you every chance they get like certain other consoles, I have never had to buy an extra like a charger, a battery, a controller charger, a wireless adapter, an online subscription or anything else like that. Take note if you are on the fence, as although the price is high, after buying all of that stuff I easily spent just as much if not more on the Xbox 360.

Hardware Reliability [9/10]:
There are a small number of PS3s that have had hardware failure, however mine hasn't and neither have my friends that also have one. Compared to the competition, Xbox 360 is notoriously faulty, Wii is in general reliable but mine had hardware failure less than a month after purchase. PS3 is the most reliable system of this generation.

PS3 is a decent gaming system, but in general does not have the exclusive titles at this time to justify a purchase if you already have an Xbox 360. If you don't have one, but don't know which console to choose, consider the additional features of the Playstation 3. If Linux and Bluray interest you, definitely get the PS3. Don't hesitate, you will like the system. If they don't interest you, I would seriously consider the Xbox 360 if there are few or no exclusive games on PS3 that you want, as you could save some money if you do not need a wireless internet adapter.

Overall [9/10] (Not an average)
(If you don't have a PS2, 80 GB ps3 is 10/10, if you have an xbox 360 already, PS3 is only 7/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/21/08

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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