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Playstation 3. The system that had everyone in an uproar when it was officially shown by Sony during E3 on May 16th, 2005. When I first saw the PS3, I had mixed feelings of if I was going to purchase one or hold out as long as possible with the Playstation 2 because I felt that there were a substantial number of games that I wanted to get in general. As luck would have it, I decided to take the chance and buy an PS3. My PS2 has remained untouched since I got the PS3.

Features: (10/10): If there's one thing that you noticed when you look at the PS3 for the first time, it's the sheer size in comparison of it's predecessor. When I placed both systems next to each other, it looked like the PS3 extended slightly over the length and width of the PS2. This isn't a bad thing though it does take obvious space for placement. Playstation 3 also supports the typical "Vertical and Horizontal" positioning that was found in the PS2, which, was a nice feature. Unlike the PS2, the Playstation 3 uses full Blue Ray Video Games, CD's DVD's and other media. All of this allows you to play everything in a high definition format from an optical storage medium. Blue Ray is being more apparent in today's modern media so it's no surprise that Sony has decided to upgrade it's gaming system with this type of feature. As expected, there are also a number of USB and Controller output slots on the PS3 to use. However, for some odd reason and due to the constant variety of PS3 models that have been released, the number of slots may vary. You can also use most PS2 accessories (Such as the PS2 Memory Card Adapter) with the PS3 though others aren't completely compatible which causes problems with certain games. The Playstation3 has a hard drive that also varies depending on model, the highest being the 160 Gig and the lowest, 20 Gig.

The only problem with this is that with a hard drive, you only not have a high amount of game data in terms of memory usage, but as well as frequent updates along with the overall operating system that the PS3 uses. I've had an 80 Gig PS3 and I'm already down to 56 Gigs due to only four games installed, Call of Duty 4, Guns of The Patriots, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Devil May Cry 4. However, it is possible to replace the entire hard drive in general with a larger one thus solving this problem to a large degree. Other items include the ability to listen to music, watch DVDs, view photos, browse the Internet, and even sign onto the Playstation Network, which, is my favorite feature to date. The Playstation Network is almost similar to the Xbox Live feature for the 360. It uses an online store as well as the ability to meet new players to play against online. Various buddies can be added as friends or popular clans for various certain video games. The online store is frequently updated with new PS3 demos or release games along with news of the PS3 itself. Finally, we come to the PS3 Dual Shock Controller. It gives feedback (on the onscreen action that is displayed if the game is supported wit it), or vibration in general. The vibration consists of two types. One that is soft while the other is more harder and noticeable (similar in the terms of the Rumble Pak that was found in the previous Nintendo 64 system). The Dual Shock Controller also is an wireless controller that be used within a 60 feet radius from the PS3 and is charged when connected to the PS3. The features clearly is beyond perfect within this department and I have no real issues with it except with one or two minor features that can be easily fixed.

Graphics (10/10): Out of the current games that I have played (Grand Theft Auto 4, Guns of The Patriots, Call of Duty 4, and Devil May Cry 4), and the games that I have seen, (Resistance 2, Far Out 3, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII, and Resident Evil 5), everything within each of them literally blows the roof in terms of next generation graphics within a video game system. If you're using a non HDTV, it might be completely different than what I have, but I'm extremely satisfied of what has been produced for the PS3 in terms of graphics and could only expect video game companies to push the PS3 to it's limit with every game produced. There is only one thing that I have disliked within some of the games (Mostly, the ones I have listed above), and each one of them has a similar problem. A large amount of darkness within certain areas in the game that you have to manually edit ingame or within your HDTV in general. Lighting for these type of games appears to be more of an annoyance if you have to contentiously adjust it before playing a game. However, other than that, everything looks next generation graphics that you would expect from buying a PS2 (Or Xbox and GameCube) and than a PS3. The difference is a milestone that can be noticeable. I honestly feel that this is perhaps the strongest contender of high definition graphics in comparison of the 360 and Wii though there are those that beg to differ. Overall, the PS3 clearly outshines in the graphics department and each game produced seems to signify that aspect. Nothing else could even be considered a negative feature within this department.

Sound (9/10): Again, I'm not a big fan of on sound to the point that it absolutely matters to me within a video game system, but this is a high point as well based on my experience with the PS3. The sound within the PS3 is clear, crisp, and highly defined, within each game. I have no real problems within the sound in the PS3 other that the volume needs to be adjusted in certain aspects of a game. For example, within Grand Theft Auto 4, I should hear louder detail of the pedestrians as they move around in the streets, though that isn't the case. Everything feels more like a murmur than anything else. However, in Devil May Cry 4, it literally feels that everything in the game is ripped at full blast while you're playing the game on a low volume decibel. The sound within the PS3 is pretty top notch as it really depends on the games that you play and at what you have your volume decibel at.

Games (9/10): A number of high quality games comes to mind at this moment. Little Big Planet, Call of Duty 4, Guns of The Patriots, Farout 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Resident Evil 5, and Dead Space, are top notch titles. I generally enjoyed the selection that I obtained during and after launch though there are numerous others that I have not listed for various reasons. The quality of the PS3 game selection looks solid though it appears to be lacking in one department that the PS2 seemed to strive in. Playstation 3 lacks in the Role Playing Game. Other than Valkyria Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII, I feel that there aren't a lot of RPG's that actually are available at this point. I was expecting a bit more, (Tales of Vesperia, anyone?), though there clearly isn't. Unless a few major RPG's are announced on the PS3, I feel that that department is going to continue to slip in the direction of the 360, which, has been paving through that department with sheer ungodly excellence. Other than that, a few notable games are coming out that are definitely going to hit high marks on the PS3, (Resident Evil 5, Final Fantasy XIII, and possibly, Killzone 2), while others are still going to be a step lower. Another problem is that the PS3 library of games has barely been scratched in comparison of the hundreds of games released for the PS2, which, is the only other reason I still keep it active from time to time. In a number of years, when the PS3 is still it's infant prime stage, perhaps they will hit that "milestone" that the PS2 had in games within it's library. I feel that there's a lot of untapped games that will change how the PS3 is presented as a system. (I'd hope that there would be a Kingdom Hearts 3, and possibly, Skies of Arcadia 2), though that's just wishful thinking on my part.) Regardless, the PS3 has a infant stage of games that'll expand into hopefully sheer greatness as we progress through the 09 and 2010 seasons. Until than, I'm a bit slightly higher than satisfied of what has been released so far.

Closing Comments: The Playstation 3 received various concerns and complaints when it was released. However, it has largely proven itself as one of my top systems of all time. Everything within it in terms of features, games, and other items, I absolutely love and adore. There is perhaps nothing that I hate about the PS3 and I clearly have no regrets of buying one in the first place. My money was well spent. My expectations were met. And my continuous support of the PS3 and Sony has not changed at all. Let's hope that Sony provides us with more quality games worthy to grace the PS3 and in future systems. (PS4, baby, it's only a matter of time!)

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Originally Posted: 11/11/08

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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