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Reviewed: 01/05/09

Is the PS3 REALLY worth it?

When the PS3 came out back in 2006, it wasn’t well received. Today, things have slightly changed, but the PS3 still isn’t received well. However, Sony has taken some major steps to improve their console. Are the improvements big enough to warrant the purchase of the PS3 though?

Selection of Games:
Back in 2006, this is where the PS3 severely suffered. Then, most people definitely wouldn’t buy a PS3 for that reason. The PS3 has come very far in this aspect with titles such as Motorstorm, Resistance, Uncharted, Folklore, LittleBigPlanet, Heavenly Sword, and, of course, MGS4 (Plus much more!). Of course, the multi-platform games on the PS3 are good as well, like Grand Theft Auto IV, Burnout Paradise, and a bunch of other games. The graphics are awesome, and will be SUPER awesome in HD. Of course, you can’t have bad gameplay with good graphics, but have no fear, the games are simply hours of fun. You will never want to stop playing games on this thing. The addition of trophies do add a great amount of replay value to the games, and the custom soundtrack feature is nice to have. The games will last you a long while, and if you don’t have a PS3 buy now, you have a lot of great games to catch up on, whether it be exclusive, or multi-tap.
Score: 10/10

Design of System:
The sexiness of this machine is unbelievable. It has a cool, sleek, future-like design. The logo on of the PS3 is on the top, and is stylish and sexy. One of the best logos for a console out there. One thing that bothers me, is the thing is a dust magnet. You have to wipe it off every day or say, but trust me, you will like touching it. There is no disc tray, just a slot to put games and movies in. The power switch is at the back of the PS3, and the power button is in the front. The console is meant to stay in stand-by most of the time, so you won’t be needing the power switch much. You can place the system vertically or horizontally, it’s just your preference, or whatever will fit. There is a fan in the back, and it is usually not audible. The system is a multi-media powerhouse, and it does most things at a high standard. Some games require you install the game, and it can quickly eat up your memory. This can become a great annoyance if you are hyped for a game, and you really want to play it, then it installs, and it kills you.
Score: 9/10

SixAxis/DualShock 3 Controller:
Of course, this is important, since you have to use this to play the games. The controllers are wireless, and use rechargeable batteries. The batteries last countless hours on a single charge, so that is not an annoyance. You can turn on the console with the middle button on the console with the PlayStation logo, called the “PS Button”. The controllers have motion sensing, which can be innovative in some games well, but in most it’s rushed through and horrendously horrible. The DualShock 3 has rumble, nothing new, and just the same old stuff, nothing to complain about. The triggers, the L2 and R2 buttons, are an annoyance. Your fingers can slip off of them easily, and can be over sensitive at times. Another annoyance is the face buttons can become sticky, and you need to press them hard to get it to actually recognize you pressed the button. These annoyances can mess you up in the heat of a game, but usually are fine. They do happen occasionally, and of course, at the wrong times. The rest of the controller is the same as the old DualShock 2 PS2 controllers.
Score: 9/10

Online-PlayStation Network:
It’s free. Don’t let that fool you though, everything is great on PSN. The PlayStation Store lets you buy games (small games, and a few retail games) add-ons for games, and now there’s a video store. Meeting friends is easy, which is great, because the community is great. The users are helpful, and are good sports, and the community is active. You don’t have annoying friend codes, you just pick a name, and you keep it. The download speeds are usually fast, but sometimes can be slow. When there are a load of users on, that’s normally when it bogs down. There are still some things missing from PSN, but overall, for the price you pay, it is well worth it.
Score: 10/10

Since most Blu-Ray players are around the price of the PS3, why not get one? You can watch movies in HD, download movies/games, play games, listen to music, and go online to the great community. You get a bunch of features for your price, and with regular firmware upgrades, you can only get one. Sadly, with backwards compatibility with the PS2 taken out, you do get a little less for your money. You can still play most of the classic PS1 games on your PS3. The PS3 is extremely reliable, and it will get a few hiccups occasionally, but it freezes up rarely. Something less for you to worry about. With Sony only improving everything on this console for free, your experience with the PS3 can only get better.
Score: 10/10

I never would have though I would buy a PS3 back in the ’06 days. However, I gave it a try, and I’m glad I did. I’m going to be honest, I am an extremely lazy person, and I typed this up just to tell you how awesome it is. Now, you must bow down to the greatness that is the PlayStation 3, and buy one right now! You will never know how great the PS3 is unless you experience it, so at least try it. You will spend a lot of money on this console, but you will spend it wisely.
Final Score: 9.6/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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