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"Spring of Year 2009 PS3 Review"

Spring of Year 2009 PS3 Review

The PS3 went through a lot of changes and modifications since launch, and I am going to review a PS3 80 GB system with no backward compatibilities. As most of you know, the backward compatibilities for ps2 games is taken out from the ps3 in order to give consumer a price drop. In my opinion, it is a good strategy because lot of gamers probably had a ps2, they probably should kept the production line with one set of ps3 with backward compatibilities and one set which doesn't, allowing them to target more gamers. Anyway, the BC ps3 discontinues and it is rare to find one for cheap price, but for those who like to play ps3 games and watch blu-ray movies, this is the console for you.

***Gaming Console and Movie Player Combine***

All version of ps3 came with the capabilities to play ps3 and ps1 games, and play DVD and blu-ray movies. The system also play varies of computer format video file like avi, mp4, and divx. This is a actually a good thing but the blu-ray drive increases the cost of a ps3, ends up being a bad thing, especially at the spring of 2009 where economy is not that good.

The ps3 is actually a very cost efficient hardware, a standard blu-ray player on par with the ps3 will cost roughly 150 dollars, which sums up to 250 dollars for the gaming side. So if you aren't a fan of watching HD movies then there is one less reason to buy a ps3.

***Built-in Function and Accessories***

The ps3 have built in wifi for wireless internet and built in Bluetooth for wireless accessories like controllers, webcam, and headset. Give or take, some of these features aren't being use by most people but it's good to know the option is there.

The ps3 controller is the new dual shock 3 which includes rumble and six axis motion sensors, which is better than the normal six axis controller. The controller also has a built in batteries which can be recharged via a mini-usb to usb cable, pluggable to the ps3 itself and any pc. The good thing is you don't have to use batteries or rechargeable kits like the Xbox 360 controllers, but the bad thing is you can't change the batteries if it wears out after extensive use.
As for headsets and other Bluetooth devices, as long as it is Bluetooth enable, like for cell phones, it will work with the ps3 given the game supports it.

***Games & Movies Library for the PS3***

Year 2008 was ok for the ps3, with titles like Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, and Metal Gear Solid 4, are some of the exclusive titles that are consider a must have for ps3 owners. The year 2009 line up seems to be a bit better with Killzone 2. I am also very impressed with rpg titles like Valkyria Chronicles and hopefully upcoming English version of White Knight Chronicles.

The blu-ray library are no doubt increased dramatically through year 2008 up until now, since HD-DVD lost the media format war, old and new movies are coming out in blu-ray. One thing I found different playing blu-ray from a ps3 than a blu-ray player is the ps3 loads way faster.

*** Hardware Issue and Services***

Everyone hates malfunction and stuff breakdown but the ps3 is a machine after all, fortunately, the ps3 have a low chance of failure. The YLOD, also known as yellow light of death, is the hardware failure that makes ps3 malfunction. The blu-ray drive also has the driver failure risk but by all mean all console have this risk. The reputation of Sony's service is rumour to be very good as the operator and service is quite satisfying; don't quote me for this though because my ps3 is brand new. If your warranty is up you might need to pay 150 dollars for repair but that is better than buying a brand new ps3 or blu-ray drive.

***Graphics, Resolutions and Potential***

The main reason you want to buy a next generation console is to play high definition games, the ps3 main game library runs at 720p resolution. Most people will say that the Xbox 360 upscales their game to 1080p but when I play them I really can't tell a different. The ps3 are known to have shiny and brighter images than the 360 and we also know the ps3 have a better CPU to render graphic, but overall the performance really is up to the programmers.

The Potential of the ps3 goes on as native 1080p are going to be more popular in the future. As of now, 720p or 1280x720 still gives frame rate problems to some games but hopefully they will resolve that and move up to the 1080p or 1920x1080 range.

***Online Feature and Stores***

One of the main trends of the new generation console is the ability to play games online and visit stores for add on and upgrades. The ps3 online feature is free, that is a big bonus compare to its direct competitor, but being free comes with some cons. The network might sometime be slow and there is absolutely nothing you can do about except to rant on forum, but most of the time this isn't a problem.

The Store is like other online store which comes organize and well design for easy browsing. I also find it more easy to add funds and buying stuff.

***Add-on and Modification***

I haven't done most of these stuff but they are nice custom stuff you can which are legal. First, the hard drive can be replace easily with a bigger one which can be brought in most computer store, unlike the 360 which forces you to buy a overprice hard drive which is made just for the 360.

Second will be the themes and background can be custom made and download off the internet, free of charge, while the 360 nickel and dimes you for those. And Third is Linux, I don't know why you want to install that but it is an option.


So it's time to sum all this up, the ps3 is an easy decision for a person or family who wish for high definition gaming and enjoy high definition movie. The ps3 is definitely worth its price at 400 dollars because it is a gaming and media machine combine. However for the people who mainly use it for gaming, you have to decide if the blu-ray will come to your interest in the future. Blu-ray movies are getting cheaper and begin to replace dvds, so having a ps3 will probably be more useful if you decide to watch movie on it. I think it is a good buy at 400 dollars but it might get another price drop in summer of 2009, which will be even better.

The only thing that is bad about ps3 is the line up of games, if you are a pure gamers you will get a shorter list of games to choose from. But coming to quality, I think both ps3 and the 360 comes close to each other.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/30/09

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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