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"PS3, the true next gen"

The PS3, my most anticipated console to get. When I first got the PS3, I was stupified by its graphics.
That was on my SD TV aproxx 15" Even though I didn't know the full capabilities, the PS3, seemed like it was worth the 400 euros.

Looks 10/10

Sleek, SHINY, with a cool logo and wireless SIXAXIS. Buetiful.

Graphics 10/10

The only thing that can compete to the ps3's graphics (on an HD TV) is a super gaming PC worth 1000+ euros + an HD monitor. Thats over double the money you pay for ps3 + HD tv though so not worth it is it? nough said, ps3 graphics dominate :D

Games 9/10

There are lots of great titles, I must admit, however, it doesnt get a 10/10 only because this console is mostly having shooters. Not at a degree like the 360, but its still to much shooters. Of course if the shooter gendre is your favorite, well GET IT! If you dont like shooters, the awesome graphics and action will get you hooked :D I used to hate shooters until I played CoD4 on HD 1080p! After then, I only play shooters, some driving games and ratchet and clank.

Price 3/10

Is too much... For a teen, the money will take months to get, and for an adult, it burns a hole in their pocket. The console is expensive, the games are expensive, and your probably going to want accesories like the dualshock 3 for shooters, rumble is a big feature for me, and the mini keyboard to surf the net and chat at home, but some may not want it. Also without good TV, the graphics arent that amazing really... Way better than ps2, but still 1080p makes a huge difference. your jaw will be dropped witnessing full HD on a big screen, especially if you have a home cinema system in your home like I do :D
In the end, I must admit its worth the money no matter what. The ventilation is amazing so its not going to overheat easily. Even if you forget it on the whole night, nothing happened. Some of my friends had it on for 2-3 days not even on standby and it lives! It has blue ray and bluetooth.

Internet service 10/10

They release updates all the time, they have free multiplayer, with your unique PSN ID not friend codes like nitendo :D Home is like MSN but cooler cuz its 3d and you can make voice conversations with a group of people like in RL, and play games together. The PSN has free trailers and demos, and the prices of games arent high. Only some add-ons for games like burnout paradise are ripoff.

This console is a MUST-buy for anyone that has an HD or a good LCD TV and internet acess. Multiplayer gives hundreds of hours for many titles of this system, but you cant fully enjoy it without a good screen. If you have one of those CRT screens, upgrade it or buy a Wii. The graphics will prolly be the same lol :P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/04/09

Game Release: PlayStation 3 Hardware (EU, 03/23/07)

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