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"Playstation 3 as of Sep 09"

The Playstation 3 is now nearing three full years of being released and we've seen many changes. From hard-drive sizes to system modifications the Playstation 3 has gone through more than any other system has before. Slow to start off because of hardware failure rumors and high-prices, the ps3 was a sure failure. Everybody, including myself, decided to buy a 360. But now the ps3 has improved except one feature: the fact that it doesn't play ps2 games anymore. However its sales resemble that of the 360 only being about a million systems sold away and being out a year and half shorter, and that is saying something (although most 360 owners do admit they have bought at least two because of system failures). But lets look at everything the ps3 has to offer now:

Networking: 10/10
The Playstation 3 has the best of the next-gen networks for that it is absolutely free, can do anything XBOX Live can do, has a free web-browser, and comparable active accounts to XBOX Live. Mostly reliable and very extensive, the Playstation Network has many features that XBOX Live does not including the web browser, "Life With Playstation" which shows current news reports around the world, and the Playstation Home, a massive networking community that is also free except for the add-on clothing options, which this system helps you meet new friends and join online games for Little Big Planet, Motor Storm, Etc. The only problem is it will sometimes slow down or fail, however usually just for a few hours, hardly ever more than a day.

Games: 8/10
The games on the PS3 are delivered the best way currently possible. Many of its games that are big-sellers are also on the XBOX and Wii, like Call of Duty, but on the Playstation 3, they have better graphics and sound quality. The controls are easy to understand for many games and gives you an ease into the future of games with the controller not changing since the PS1s controllers, except they're wireless. The only problem with the games is most of the PS3 specific games, like Motor Storm, are not all that great or remakes of other games. But most of the XBOX's best sellers, such as Call of Duty, do appear on the PS3, which most people will say "I can just get a used 360 for only $150 and then get the game instead of the PS3 version", however on PS3 it is rendered better, usually has better loading times, some have motion sensitivity options, and almost online games are free to play.

Peripherals: 9/10
The Playstation 3's peripherals are very useful including a keyboard for the controler, a blue tooth headset, the controllers themselves, the Playstation Eye, the remote, and anything else I may be forgetting. The keyboard is a little over-priced compared to the 360's, where the ps3's is $10 more, and the controllers being $15 more now, but they are more durable and the controllers come already with a rechargeable battery and motion sensitivity. The Playstation Eye is used for only a few features, such as video chat and a select few games, but can be well worth it if you like others being able to see you or if you don't have a headset. The headset is better than the 360's in that it is blue tooth, which is always reliable, cheaper by $20, and can be used for more than just the PS3. But the main problem with the peripherals is that many of them are expensive...

Media: 10/10
The Playstation 3's media uses are flawless. It can use many file types, including all the major file types, for pictures and graphics, music, and videos, as well as flawlessly play cd's, dvd's and Blu-Ray. Also, for the music CD's, even if the disc is scratched up, as long as it can read what disc it is and it's connected online, it will play the disc perfectly. Also moving media to the PS3 is much easier than a 360 or Wii: instead of saving it to a computer and getting the right programs then connecting, or saving to a memory card, the PS3 can get any music or pictures off of any disc it can read and any media on a usb device can easily be transferred. Download speeds are faster and more transfers are allowed than the other systems will think about doing.

Design: 8/10-9/10
The PS3 is very well designed. Sony has created two great logos for the PS3's and created their systems off of them. The Spider-man logo is very memorable and has a "futuristic" look, which is what the PS3 is based off of. Recently, however, Sony came up with a new logo, using the initials "PS3" and have based their new line of systems off of that which has come to be the PS3 slim. The design is great of each system. Only three problems ever existed: the 20GB system (the 1st system ever made) was not wireless like every system after has been. Also, until the slim, the PS3 was a little big and heavy compared to the other systems. However they have fixed both of these problems, though one still remains. The PS3 has only two USB ports, while usually more are needed, so consumers have to try to get a peripheral to expand the number of ports. Sometimes, though, they will be packaged in, such as Guitar Hero and Rockband "band sets".

Overall, the PS3 is a very great system, much better than the 360 and the Wii for hardcore gamers and online players. Some problems exist, as they always will with any system, but for quality, the new $299 price is the way to go with the PS3 slim.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/22/09

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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