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"Is it really that great?"

First off, I will inform you that I am a "have everything" person, as I have all the different systems from NES to PS3(newly), so I've seen ups and downs to lots of stuff, for every up there is a down, but sometimes there are spots that level, so here it goes.

Hardware 10/10
To think this system is part of the first EVER to play Blu-Ray, as in the first PS3 was the First Blu-Ray player on the market, and for anyone who knows anything about the Blu-Players afterwards, they all came with a $400-$500 price tag, which made the PS3s price tag justified to me, as it has not only that, but upgraded processing cores, and graphics enhancements, plus it uses computer styled devices that we know and love in the form of USB ports, and that the controllers all charge off the mini-USB cable which is standard in most other electronics. I have also found that the HardDrive is easy to access, remove, and replace, just like the PS2, and I don't have to pull a whole cover to do it, like the XBox 360(to which I also own)

This is a level spot, it costs to what you get.

GUI 9/10
PSP and PS3 look alike, which is great, which means only minor guessing if you buy one first and figure it out, and buy the other later. I still would have liked if they made certain things more strealined, like, say you want to set up your PSP as a remote play device (Which is a cool feature), you can't just hit "Remote Play" on the PS3, cause it will only tell you "You Do Not Have" and blah blah blah, and that's it, it then tells you where to go and how to get there, but it would have been nicer if it would just go there, instead of saying " You don't" it should have said, "You don't, but would you like to?" and then do the add a device process. For this minor lack of streamlined use, I have rated it as such.

I'm not too crazy about the massive advertisements, cause they download every time I so much as brush over them, which I noticed has been eating my internet time everytime I brush by them, to load them, I don't need to see the last 3-6 months ov advertisement, just this months.

Games 4/10
the PS3 fails around here, as this was one reason I didn't get the first set of PS3s, was the lack of reverse compatability. the Wii, is completely reverse compatable, some in the form of downloads, but they are going to be there. The XBox, is completely backwards compatable, you may need to download a software update, but it's still there. The PS3, FOOLS you with the ability to create PS/PS2 card files, but the original was NOT backwards compatable, they had to re-release a system revision to do it, and then in there latest, they fool you AGAIN with the virtual memory cards, 'cept you can still play PS1 games, but not PS2, which arguably was more popular a game series than PS1, even though we enjoy PS1, why does the oldest games work, and the last, not even yet obsolete, PS2 games not? In a world where backwards compatability has become the "thing" for not only gaming, but even in regular computers, why oh why Sony? Why can't I play PS2 games on my PS3? This is why I didn't buy you in the first place, and now I have you, and you kinda screwed me, especially when you let me make a PS2 memory card file.

So you play the oldest games...thats fine, sure, but that should be standard. so your new games look cool graphically, thats great, now release some I want to play. but not sticking with your previously, and still very popular PS2 games, kills man, it just kills.

End Notes
So for all the neat new features, it's great, but for lacking in compatability with still popular lines of games in the PS2, the PS3 barely passes with a 6/10, versus the Wii's 7/10, and the XBox 360's 8/10. I don't know whats worse, the fact that PS is my favorite system, or the fact that the system I hate the most I have to give a better score.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/03/09

Game Release: PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB (US, 09/01/09)

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