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"The end of gaming as I knew it."

I had to let this out because I seem to be the only one that felt this way about this. For a long time, I said it would take me forever to finally get my hands on this thing, but as of this day that I'm writing it, it was in my home as I didn't expect at the time. The only reason why I got this because of the fact that there are games out there that finally had got my attention enough to want to play them, and to future proof myself just a bit for other games that seem appealing, in theory that is. I got the PlayStation 3 only because its exclusives seemed to be more appealing to me than the X360 and Wii at the time.

Here now lies the problem for me. Many of today's games are so different from the ones I played growing up. It's now like playing a lengthy tech demo more so than an actually game or like playing an interactive movie. Some of these games seem to be fun once, but after you played it, you just don't care for it no longer, and that is how I ended up selling all the games I had plus the console. The PlayStation 3 had some redeeming games that broke the mold for me enough to finally grab the damn thing, but it still didn't change the fact that this generation of games is damn weak in comparison to the older games. I guess things peaked around the 5th generation while this 7th has been the weakest yet, and I expect worst or no better than the 8th. Keep in mind, that I sold this thing about a month after having it, and anything I wanted to play on this console, I just used my upgraded PC for if the game is available for it. This is from a perspective of someone who couldn't adjust to what is gaming has became today.

Design 8/10

The console I had was a slim 160GB actually, and not the 120GB as I selected the review for, and I have to say that its nice looking on the front side. You have a really nice disc drive that sucks the disc in and out. Two USB ports where you can actually use like a PC to a limited degree as in using a keyboard, external hard drive or what not, and a hard drive on the inside you can take out, and easily upgrade if you do a lot of downloading. If you think about video game consoles like I thought to myself, they're becoming more like compact PC, locked down and closed PCs that is. It does have a quasi-OS like the Xross Media Bar, and you can even install Linux on the older PS3 models with lower firmware that supports it.

Features 7/10

Features is something I don't cover with older consoles much since its pretty much get to the point, and play the game! With the PS3, you are getting yourself hardware that can not only play games, but it plays CD-ROMs, DVDs, and Blu-ray disc. I honestly don't care about blue ray movies as I hardly watch anything movie related to begin with, and the only thing I have are some old anime based DVDs I don't play too often which don't look that good even upscaled since like I said, I really only watch older series's occasionally, and they were SD on the HDTV I used as a two-in-one (PS3 and PC monitor). I don't even like using this thing as a DVD player like I do with my Slim PS2, since everything looks much better on the SDTV I have next to my monitor with component/s-video. It also didn't help when the system smeared my disk with this bizarre fog that won't come off the disc that I tested out somehow. I said earlier, you can use a keyboard if you are a heavy user of the PS3, and its online features, surf the net with Sony's buggy browser they were too lazy to fix the last time I remembered, download games which is a huge convenience, and some other things online related I won't talk about here. The PS3 has many controllers, and accessories, and I will not list them all here since I rather get to the key points.

Graphics 7/10

I'm going to be honest, and tell you that these HD graphics really don't impress me much in terms of thinking the greatest thing ever, and yes I'm am using a HDMI cable, and the highest resolution possible so I am not short changing myself. For what they are, they look nice, and there not bad, but its not a big deal unless its one of those atmosphere based games one would play. I mean we had people complaining about Crysis 2's graphics being bad in the demo (which is one of the reasons why I stop reading message boards of popular games), and other nonsense over games people play just because of graphics. I even tried the PS3 out on a normal TV, and it still looks good if you are not using those RCA cables, and it looks more like a video game than a CGI cut. The only problem I have is the screen being cut off on a 4:3 TV which means you can't see everything, could have been a setting issue, but anyway the point is that the graphics are not what it's all about, and they are only a nice feature, not the all that ends all like people are making it out to be this generation. All the games to me all look as good as a PC game from the mid 00s, but it still does not impressive me that much, and its just there as a good feature, and nothing more.

Audio/SFX 6/10

The music in the games I have are in the same category as PC games. There not bad, but mostly forgettable except for Sonic Unleashed (that game was not that good though) so far. In today's world, most VGM sound like something out of a movie, and that is not always a good thing. I honestly miss the days when video game music sounded like video game music, but its now sounding more movie like or ambient in many games for the most part from what I experienced. The music and audio is crystal clear, and there is nothing more to say about the audio on the PS3. It no different from audio from other consoles this 7th generation.

Controls 8/10

At first I didn't like the idea of everything going wireless in today's age because for two reasons, batteries, and what if something happens to the sensor that gives the controllers and other devices that ability to be wireless? Well I have to say that its nice being able to play games with a wireless controller like the Dualshock 3, and it has a good battery life. It's about 6-8 hours of time before I had to charge it seems, and maybe longer than that. It feels light and like a feather. At first the controller looked heaver than the Dualshock 2, but I was wrong, and its not really any much heavier, and I thought it would effect gameplay. The only gripe I have about this is that it's easy to drop the controller on the ground since its pretty loose. What I like about the controller is you can turn on the PS3 with it, instead of having to press the real ON button. Anyway, the controls in all games so far are just as good as it is on the PlayStation 2, and some games that seem complicated are not as bad as it seems thanks to how simplistic the controller really is thanks to the layout, and the use of L3 and R3 buttons which at first seemed awkward.

Gameplay 6/10

It more so depends on the game, and my opinion is based off limited experience with this console, but even PC games this generation give you the same experience for the most part which tied into overall what these games are all about these days. Only a handful of games I liked thanks to the fact that I am picky about what I like to play, and most of the popular games don't grab my attention at all. The PlayStation 3 outside of its photo based graphics have not too bad gameplay, and it good for what it was. The games are fine, but there just not as fun or imaginative as the older consoles to me. Its not nostalgia talking, its just the way I feel about it, and it not boring either since I really tried to get into this generation of games at one point. I really tried.

Luckily there where some games that did appeal to me like I said the most like the 2D ones you could download that brings back the old spirit, but those were not in abundance though. So far games I played games like Batman: Arkham Asylum which I have been impressive with, and others have shown that this console does have its moments. I had other games, but playing them was like eating something that goes well with salt, but you have no salt to eat it with or eating rice without soy sauce and butter. Some of these games where fun to play to the end, but I ended up not wanting to play them again for whatever reason I can't explain. It must have something to do with me feeling nothing exciting over this like I did years ago with other consoles or the fact things just don't feel right for me here.

Part 2

One thing I forgot about about is loading times, and the fact that every game you play has to install data to the hard drive except one of them from what I remembered. This applies to the PlayStation 3 itself since the other consoles don't seem to have this problem. The hard disk installation is really not that bad, but it can be annoying sometimes. I guess I was right when I said consoles are becoming more like PC games if you have to install data before you play it. That just kills the mood. You want to jump into your new game, but find out you have to wait 5-10 minutes for an installation, then it can be aggravating. Remember back when you threw the game in you are ready to play with no installation required? Anyway, the load times for some of the game are slightly slower than any other console I played so far. I honestly thought load times are going to get shorter, but it can be damn slow for some games. Its decent for some games, but others, not that good. 2x is just not acceptable, but that is is the price you pay for using newer disc (at the time) drive technology on your console.

Overall 6/10

I think this console is worth getting if you are into the multimedia outlets this thing offers, and you're into watching movies, social networking, and online gameplay. Tech lovers will like this one as well. For me, its alright, but not that great either. I got this console because the exclusives seemed better at first, and the X360 has exclusives that have little appeal to me except for one, but that was a story in the past that is not relative now, and the high hardware failure rate in the past still makes me not trust the console nor I care, really. This thing reminds me of the PSP or any other modern handheld. It has some good, but it just misses that something that made you want to play for hours like with the older handheld games. At the end of the day, I rather play whatever appeals to me on the PC if its available, but I hardly have any interest in that anymore as well. The Playstation 3 amongst other consoles during the time before the 7th and 8th generations is something completely different than what I am used to. I just can't get used to it even though I tried for years.

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Originally Posted: 03/22/11, Updated 07/30/14

Game Release: PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB (US, 09/01/09)

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