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"BEST. FIGHTING GAME. nuff said."

Tekken 6... a game that has been delayed for years, causing criticisms by hardcore fans. Now that the Game is out, copies have quickly gotten into the hands of those who waited for so long (me included). Thus the review...

Gameplay: 10/10

a lot of people have already played the arcade version of this game, so it's no surprise to the fans with what to expect... Until they got a hold of the game on their consoles. Options galore, better quality in practice mode when compared to it's predecessor, and much more! Of course the main thing is the fighting itself. Press 1(or square) to do a left punch, 2(or triangle) for a right, 3(or X) for a left kick, and 4(or O) for a right kick. Combine some directions and more buttons and you've got yourself an awesome move to show off! Grabs, Strikes, even parries and counters! let's not forget the sidestep-and-attack pattern. The possibilities are too many to count! Not to mention the numerous characters to choose from; all having their own unique moveset (Kuma and Panda are an exception since Panda is merely the 2P costume of Kuma)...

...And what I've stated is for those who are NOT familiar with the Tekken franchise. To those who are, Tekken 6 has SO much more to offer; the most important note is the 'bound' system where players can get their opponents to crash HARD onto the ground to the point of actually (slightly) bouncing off the floor, enabling you to follow up your combo. Also, there's the new 'rage' system that activates when your HP is almost down to 1-2 hits. this mode increases your damage, enabling a possible comeback.

To add more to this, There's the new 'scenario campaign' which is pretty much what you'd call "Story Mode." If you're familiar with 'Tekken 3' you KNOW what it is.

Of course, there's the famous 'arcade mode'... But let's not forget, this is TEKKEN 6 we're talking about. There's the new 'bonus round' at the 7th fight at arcade mode. you get to fight Nancy... who is Nancy? Oh Nancy is just THAT HUGE BULKING ROBOT THAT IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD TO BEAT THAT I HAVEN'T EVEN BEAT HIM MYSELF!!! How tough? you can't combo or grab him. the damage you deal is VERY small. And he has attacks that 1-hit you. Yep, he's that difficult.And if you fail to beat him, you'll have to go through the whole arcade mode again just to get a whack at him. At the 8th Stage, you get to face off with Tekken 5's own champion... JIN KAZAMA. Think he's no big deal? Well, you're right if you can handle him BEING IN RAGE MODE AT THE START OF THE ROUND! And no, choosing jin won't cause him to go on rage mode like the computer does. Side note, you get to fight Jin as a 'ghost' (A players file that the AI tries to mimic), making it more fun and worthwhile... And lastly, There's the famous 'LAST BOSS'. And the last boss is called AZAZEL, a BIG monster with Devil properties. you can't grab him and the damage you deal to him is small, much like Nancy. But don't let that discourage you, Compared to Nancy, Azazel is a LOT easier. youcan combo him like you could any player. To make it better, he is so big, you can combo him much more than you could a normal human-sized opponent. the hard part is getting trough his shield; he can attack while his shield is on. All you have to do is guard against his attacks once you see it. But be careful though, he has Devil Jin's laser, grabs, low attacks, Jinpachi's stun (His palm attack) and an attack that deals guard damage. once you knock him down, he has a tendency to teleport above and deal some damage to you from below Not to mention he literally makes a winning animation every round that makes you look weak whenever you lose to him.

Ok...I've said a lot... ALL IN ALL, Tekken 6 is the pinnacle to fighting games.

Graphics: 10/10

It's slick, it's smooth, it's awesome. it's everything I've dreamed it would be... and more if you own an HD TV.

Others: 10/10

Just like Tekken 5, you can customize you characters in many ways, such as Jack into a fullmetal robot, Lars to look like Sephiroth (woot!) and much more... But wait... the most fun part is... the usable items...yep...USABLE ITEMS!!! You can give Bryan his signature gatling gun OF ASSORTED COLORS to use! yes, they deal damage; unblockable too! of course, to make it fair, it's easy to dodge if they react fast enough. There are even items that work passively, such as the 'effects' when you hit your opponents, or the aura, or even the effects of your 'rage mode'.


Online play: 7/10

Yes, you read right... YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY ONLINE!!! challenge players to battle you for fun... or for glory... Unfortunately, you'll have the LAG problem. how big? VERY BIG! Imagine inputting a command... and your character does it 1-2 seconds later!!! yep, that bad; bad to the point of not feeling the usually awesome impact of the game. Of course, you could take advantage of the Lag by inputting your commands earlier. Like me, I'm even able to string Bryan's basic combo utilizing the lag... Talk about using what's on the battlefield...


OK... here's the sad part...

There's always a price for everything you ask for... And for good quality graphics and gameplay, there's always the LOAD TIME. If you've played the arcade version and think it was slow, imagine the console version...But personally, This is no problem for me. As a fan who waited for months, waiting for less than a minute for the load time is no problem.

Overall: 9/10

Down by a point due to the sluggish Online play. But to heck with that! Tekken 6 is still a must-have game for TRUE fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/05/09

Game Release: Tekken 6 (US, 10/27/09)

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