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Reviewed: 03/30/10

Tekken 6 could've been better but its still not bad

Ah Tekken 6, a game that has been out in japanese arcade for several years before coming to consoles. I was so hyped up when I first saw gameplay footage but now that the game is out, was it worth the wait?

Graphics: 7/10

The came out 6 months before this review so when comparing it to other games, it looks pretty average. Even at the time of its release, the graphics were underwhelming but this is simply due to the fact that the arcade game has been out since 2007. Some character's faces lack detail and some textures are underwhelming but on the other hand, some of the stages look great. There is a stage in particular that features rain and lightning as the fighters battle on top of a rooftop. It really shows off the game's lighting and makes the fight seem more epic. Also to note are the game's animations. The developers seemed to have overhauled every move to make them flow more smoothly and look more deadly. The addition of motion blur make the moves look even better.

Presentation: 6/10

This is where Namco dropped the ball. First, the load times are long. You can install the entire game onto your hard drive which will eat up over 4 gigs but the load times will still seem longer than any other fighter you've played. Besides load times, the game took out the option for a 2nd player to customize characters. It is disappointing since Tekken 5 DR allowed you to have multiple profiles and each profile was able to customize characters. This means if you are playing with friends or family by your side, expect them to only use the game's default costumes. Speaking of default costumes, you'd swear you were playing Tekken 5 all over again if you don't customize your character because the majority of the characters have the exact same default costumes from Tekken 5.

Customizing characters is fun but it is a very tedious process. The developers have made the game more difficult to buy costumes by playing the ghost battle mode (mode where you fight the CPU until you get bored) or vs modes because the accessories have gotten more expensive. The easiest and shortest way to obtain accessories is by playing the horrid Scenario mode. This is a mode where the game tries to play like a beat em up but the mechanics just do not work. Your character has the exact same moves as the regular vs modes which works well enough for 1 on 1 battles but you are rarely fighting just one person. You are fighting groups of people! If Namco simplified the game and made it play out like a Final Fight clone or even Urban Reign, the game could've been fun. The mode could've worked if your character only moved on a 2d plane similar to the Tekken Force from Tekken 3. The mode will grow on you though because you will find yourself wanting to customize your character as fast as possible and this is the best mode to play to obtain money and items in a timely manner.

What Namco could've done in this iteration was improve the practice mode. You still have to pause and go to the move list to practice moves. It would've been nice if you could scroll through the move list in real time while you are practicing or if the game gave you hints if you weren't performing a move correctly. The practice mode in this game and every fighting game in fact, pales in comparison to the in depth practice mode available in Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. A tutorial mode that teaches you the game mechanics as well as some simple combos would've been beneficial for newcomers but sadly VF4 EVO is the only fighting game I know of that features such an in depth tutorial.

Similar to Tekken 5 DR, Tekken 6 also features an online mode. Unfortunately it is a rare feat to have a lag free match. The is playable online but like most online fighters, there is lag and it can get irritating.

Gameplay: 8/10

This is the tekken you know and love but with some tweaks. First thing you will notice are the new characters. There are 6 new characters and each one of them play differently enough so you may find someone you may like. My personal favorite is Bob, who plays like the Caucasian Sammo Hung. A new addition to the fighting system is a Rage mode, which makes your character stronger when your health is very low. I actually find it as a nice addition to the series since it can help turn the tide of a fight if you're good enough. There is also a new bound system which allows more combo possibilities when your opponent bounces off the ground. There's also item specific moves now depending what your character has equipped but they aren't really effective in a fight and is mainly used just for fun. Speaking of fun and useless moves, ten hit combos are still in. Overall, its the same old tekken you know and love with a few tweaks and more characters. You can't really expect more from a sequel.

Replayability: varies

If you enjoy customization by going through a horrid beat em up mode, your single player experience will go far but it will go even farther if you obtain items by getting money from the ghost battle mode. If you enjoy offline multiplayer, you will be playing this until the next iteration, and if you enjoy online fighters, you may get some mileage off this if you can stand the lag issues. For me, I find the game enjoyable but I can't tolerate playing online and I don't play offline multiplayer much when the people I play with learned they couldn't customize characters so I find myself playing the ghost battle mode a lot, which is addicting.

Overall: 7/10

Despite its flaws, the actual 1 on 1 fighting is top notch entertainment. The fighting system is offense heavy but still relatively deep considering each character has dozens of moves. If you're a fan of the series, you'll enjoy it, but if you're not a fan, nothing will change your opinion. If you've never played the series before, there is a high learning curve with no tutorial so you may feel overwhelmed at first but practice some moves, and look for tutorials online and this may be one of your favorite fighting games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Tekken 6 (US, 10/27/09)

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