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"HOLY Freakin Tekken!"

Its been a while since I honestly have played a Tekken game. I was never really a huge fan of the series, I am more of a Mortal Kombat kind of guy. I played Tekken 1-3 which were fun on the playstation and ps2. I never really felt like getting Tekken Tag Tournament or Tekken 5. But my girlfriend recommended I get Tekken 6 to play online with her. I saw it for $20 at Best Buy so I figured hey, why not....I needed a break from Call of Duty: Black Ops. So I bought it, brought it home and it wasn't long before I was online. And I must say....HOLY CRAP!

The graphics really have improved drastically since the first 3 Tekken games. Of course they should, being its on the PS3, but no seriously these graphics are wonderful. And the online play is what really sets it apart. I was playing with my girlfriend in 2 player online campaign and I couldn't believe how amazingly fun it was. It sometimes takes me a while to get into any game, but this game instantly grabbed me. A tournament style fighting game with an online 2 player mode where you can run the streets in different scenarios and fight people Double Dragon style? Heck yeah! And a VAST amount of characters to choose from, including all the old favorites and a few new people I am not familiar with, but I instantly grew to love. The music, the sounds, all excellent. And you can rack up money playing online to use to customize your characters and dress them however you like. So much to do, so many options. That in my opinion, is what helps make a game really enjoyable and adds to replay and fun factor. Now I will break the game down into separate categories.

Graphics: (out of 5) 5. I can't say anything bad about these graphics. They are gorgeous, the backgrounds are great, the characters look wonderful, they are shaded properly, everything looks really, really nice. As expected from a PS3 game, this game meets my standards in next-gen gaming.

Sound: 5. Again, no complaints. The music is great, has a nice soundtrack that you can sit back and enjoy while kicking the crap out of your opponents with. I play through a surround sound system and believe me, it sounds amazing.

Controls: 3. Ahhh, can't rate this perfectly. This was the only flaw I saw in the game, was the targeting system. It will become frustrating when you are trying to target an opponent right behind you thats kicking you in the back of the head when your character instead decides to target an opponent all the way on the other side of the screen. And furthermore, when also on 2 player online scenario, the screen wont move along with you and you will try to pick up health items that are mere inches from you, but your character and the screen itself wont move, so you wont get the health and your character dies so much quicker. Its pretty frustrating unless you are able to master the controls. But the fighting system is easy to master itself, so much easier than games like Soul Calibur 4.

Replay Value: 5. You will wanna play this one again and again. So much to do, so many outfits to choose from, so many ways to customize your favorite characters, so many characters to choose from, the online mode never gets old and team up with a friend online and hours will pass and you wont even realize it because you were having a ton of fun beating on your opponents. And now that the price is around $20 it is definitely worth picking up. Old Tekken fans and new fans to the series alike should check this title out, its highly unlikely that you will regret getting this game.

Buy it? Rent it? BUY IT! I think I said enough, what are you waiting for? Get up, go out and get this game NOW.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/11

Game Release: Tekken 6 (US, 10/27/09)

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