Review by dcy4pres

Reviewed: 12/17/07

Epic Does It Again!

For me, this game makes this the first UT on a console that I have played. I have heard that Epic wanted to make its mark on the console business so I was initially excited to hear that this title was coming. I started playing Unreal Tournament back in 2004 when it came out for PC. Since this a PC game converted to console, I thought it would be different, but I was wrong. As this is just as fast paced and intense as the PC game was in UT2004. For some of the people I see on forum boards asking if this game has strategy and saying that this game is just a run and gun shooter, yes it is, but with WARFARE mode, and a couple other modes that make this game a strong game for people that want a little more strategy to their shooting games. People will always be running and gunning in the UT games, yes, but with the addition to story mode, warfare mode, and vehicles, more strategy is needed to help your teammates out in UT3.


Outstanding Online matches are something that the UT series is known for. The online matches in UT2004 were FAST paced and FUN! Every match is exciting, since we have MANY game modes to choose from, it gives variety instead of just regular Deathwatches like other PS3 shooters out already. People can play the Single Player Campaign using the public game feature, with up to 3 people online can join up with you and help you out during your Campaign mode.


The graphics quality in EVERY UT game is SUPERB! I am still noticing little graphical aspects that BLOW my mind. The single player campaign offers a story mode with CG movies that look OUTSTANDING! There hasn't been a single player mode since UC2. The story itself brings a new light into the UT universe. Malcolm is back, leading the way through the story mode. My only gripe with this title is that we cannot unlock Malcolm for use in ONLINE matches.


The announcer for UT3 is back and better than ever! The music for UT3 has the same UT feel to it but much more intense than previous UT games. The taunts are funny and add a great feel to the matches. Taunts have been in previous UT games, but they are better and there are more of them!


This game deserves a 9/10. The story mode was outstanding! It left me wanting more which is why I bought the game, the online matches are intense and exciting which is why I bought the game, in my opinion, this game is a GREAT start for people new to the UT universe! I hope there are more UT games in the future and I will continue to enjoy UT3 for a long time! THANK YOU EPIC!!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Unreal Tournament III (US, 12/11/07)

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