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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by naraku2099

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       |                                 |
            Corinth River.........(CRN)
            Blood Meridian........(BLD)
            Visari Square.........(VSR)
            Salamun District......(SLM)
            Salamun Bridge........(BRG)
            Suljeva Village.......(SUL)
            Tharsis Refinery......(THR)
            The Cruiser...........(CRS)
            Maelstra Barrens......(MBN)
    	Visari Palace.........(PLC)
    Introduction                  (INT)
    	I'll be keeping this intro short because I'm sure you want to get to
    the guide. This is my second guide, and I have decided to write it because
    Killzone 2 is awesome and I want to help others enjoy it as much as I did.
    That's all for the introduction, and now for the Walkthrough.
    Controls                      (CTR)
    Please note that this is the default control setting.
    Left Analog Stick: Movement
    L3: Sprint
    Right Analog Stick: Look/Aim
    R3: Zoom
    D-Pad Up: Objective marker, Zoom Scope with Sniper Rifle
    D-Pad Down: Switch to grenade (this is not necessary to throw a Grenade)
    D-Pad Left: 
    D-Pad Right: Switch to Knife
    Select: Objectives Menu, remaining Intel and Helghast Symbols
    Start: Pause Menu
    Square: Reload weapon, hold to pick up weapons
    Triangle: Switch between Primary Weapon and Side Arm (Revolver)
    O: Interact, use emplaced weapon, enter/exit vehicle
    X: Jump
    L1: Melee attack (tap repeatedly for multiple attacks)
    L2: Hold to crouch or stick to cover
    R1: Fire weapon, attack with knife
    R2: Throw grenade or hold to cook then release to throw grenade
    Walkthrough                   (WLK)
    Alright, time to get cracking with the Walkthrough.
    Make sure that while you play the game, you make use of the Objective
    button. Many games have visual markers to help locate where you need to go,
    but Killzone 2 does not - until you press the D-Pad Up button. This button
    brings up such a marker when you press it at any point in the game, and
    is very useful if you get lost or become confused at where you need to go.
    Corinth River                 (CRN)
    After the game's interesting first cutscene, follow Garza. Head
    through the first door after Garza opens it and follow him until a cutscene
    begins. Follow Garza, Natko and Rico and kill the Helghast you run into after
    going around a corner. Proceed onward, moving from cover to cover towards 
    the bridge and go under the overpass to where some ISA soldiers are. Grab the
    VC9 Missile Launcher from here. Zoom and aim for the large stack of explosives
    on the bridge between two emplaced machine guns and fire a missile to take out
    the bridge.
    Pick up the M82 Assault Rifle and take out a few Helghast soldiers on
    the building to your left, one of whom has a VC9 Missile Launcher. Move on
    and over a small barricade near the collapsed bridge. Move toward the
    riverbank and use the delapidated shack for cover as you shoot down the
    Helghast on and around the two tanks. Once the area is clear of all Helghast,
    follow Garza to the right and climb up onto the elevator here by facing him 
    and pressing O. Once up there, press the elevator button to ride it up.
    You can get some ammo for the M82 or swap it for an StA52 Assault
    Rifle at the weapon rack left of the stairs. Head up the stairs and you'll
    see two Helghast speaking. Cook a grenade and toss it at their feet to
    abruptly end their conversation. Kill off the Helghast on the warehouse's
    floor and a platform to the left before moving along the platform and down
    the stairs to go down there yourself. Kill all the Helghast when they come
    out into view, then walk to the side of the floor directly opposite of the
    stairs you came down from. Go up the stairs and through the room to the
    You'll have to cover Garza while he gets the door open, so take
    care of all the Helghast out on the warehouse floor. You may be low
    (or out) of ammo for the M82 by the time you finish with the Helghast, so pick
    up an StA52 from a weapon rack in the nearby room. Head left through the door
    and in to the control room for the flood gates. Kill off the two Helghast in
    the opposite control room.
    Open the flood gates by pressing O in front of the Valve. To turn it,
    turn your controller right as if it is a car's steering wheel, press and hold
    L1 and R1 turn it left to turn the valve, then release L1 and R1. Do this 
    three times and the flood gates will open up. Head back out of the room and
    kill the Helghast, then follow Garza. Kill the charging Helghast and proceed
    in to the next room.
    Continue to follow Garza until you come out to a rooftop with fenced
    ledges. Stay behind the side of the building on the left and step out briefly
    to fire at the Helghast. Be careful you do not stand in the open for long,
    as some of the Helghast have VC9s, and a direct hit will be an instant death.
    Once you have cleared out the nearby Helghast at the machine gun nests,
    proceed carefully and kill the rest of them, careful of Helghast with VC9s.
    A visual cue to which ones have a VC9, I have discovered, is when you can 
    see the large weapon over their shoulder on their back.
    If you sneak up on the Helghast on the last machine gun, you can
    get yourself a melee or knife kill to save the ammo. Get on the machine gun
    and shoot down the rest of the Helghast on the ground. Follow Garza down a
    short drop onto a platform and down the staircase. In the next room, more
    Helghast attack. Take them out, making use of cover, and proceed through the
    Follow Garza through and up the stairwell, then out onto a rooftop.
    Go through the small room and get onto the machine gun on the left behind a
    small metal wall. When on the machine gun, press and hold L2 to take cover
    behind it's armor without having to get off the machine gun. Shoot up all
    the Helghast in the building across from your location and the building
    eventually collapses. Move along, following Garza up a staircase and on
    some catwalks.
    Kill the Helghast in the area, then grab the VC9 near the soldier
    Garza examines. Shoot the symbol painted on the weakened metal doors on the
    left to get it open. Swap the VC9 for one of the nearby Assault Rifles (StA52
    or M82, your choice) and continue through the blasted open doorway. Head up
    the stairs and towards the building. As soon as the sliding doors of the
    building open, be prepared to shoot down a Helghast. If you're quick enough,
    he won't have time to react.
    Move along the platform on the right and kill the Helghast. If there are a few
    close together, you can use a well cooked grenade to kill them before they can
    escape its blast. Be careful of the machine gun as you kill the Helghast on
    the catwalk heading toward the building. Go around the building to it's right
    and clear out any remaining Helghast inside to get the machine guns off your
    allies. Head to the next building on the catwalks and clear it out as well.
    Be careful of Helghast with VC9s. The Helghast on the second floor of the
    building can be shot from the catwalk, as there appears to be no way up.
    When the building is clear, climb down the ladder Garza points out.
    Outside the small area at the base of the ladder, turn right, kill the
    Helghast and head to the convoy. Grab the nearby VC9 and use it on the tank.
    After taking out the Helghast tank, get in the ISA tank.
    Kill the Helghast on the building and destroy the enemy tank with the tank's
    rockets. After you take out the enemy tank, get out of the tank and head to
    where the other ISA tanks are to take cover from an ISA rocket strike.
    The rocket strike will clear out the rest of the enemies in the area, so
    just stay behind cover.
    Blood Meridian                (BLD)
    Make your way over to stone wall where two soldiers are crouching behind a
    stone wall to rendevous with Captain Narville and receive orders. Go over to
    the door on the right where Garza goes and press O on the door to set a
    D-Charge. Hold down R1 and turn your controller left and right so both sets of
    red lights light up, then press O to arm the charge. Back off a good distance
    and press R1 to remote detonate the charges.
    Head through the blasted open doorway and jump over the flaming rubble.
    Follow Garza through the alley and prepare to run into some Helghast. Take
    care of the enemies and move up, but stop at the corner on the right.
    More Helghast past the corner, so take them out. Move through the alley and in
    the building to the right, taking out the Higs along the way. Head up the
    stairs and follow the catwalk around. Kill the resistance and keep moving.
    When you get back outside, you meet a new and tough type of Helghast foe:
    a Heavy. The best strategy for these guys is to cook a grenade and throw
    it near the Heavy. When the Heavy turns around, stunned, fire at
    the red tanks on his lower back. You may have to repeat this one or two
    more times, but he'll go down when the tanks explode. If you finish him
    in under one minute, you'll get the "Giantslayer" trophy. After
    finishing the rest of the baddies, follow Garza and turn the valve on
    the left to open the door. 
    Move through the tunnel and head up the stairs on the right to assist the
    soldiers fighting here. Kill off the enemies, makins sure to take advantage of
    the pillars here for cover. If you like, take one of the StA11 Submachine Guns
    from a dead Helghast, and collect ammo littered about the area. I personally
    love this gun. Either way, move to the other side of the building, head
    right and upstairs.
    At the top of the staircase, you will hear Helghast demanding you identify
    yourself. Why not answer by tossing a grenade in to the room from the
    top of the stairs? Kill any survivors and move through the room. Cross the
    catwalk outside and enter the doorway with a green light on it's left.
    Head down the stairs here and outside, but be prepared for a tough fight.
    You may want to make use of the VC9 in the corner just inside the doorway to
    soften some of the Helghast up. Make your way, killing the resilient enemies 
    here as you go. Be sure to stay near good cover, there are more than
    a few Helghast here, and they all have StA11 Submachine Guns. Once you have
    cleared out most of the enemies, head up the stairs and take out the rest.
    Follow the path upstairs and enter the building.
    Get into the elevator and take it up. Follow the walkway, and ignore the
    enemies down below for now. From the walkway, you may not be able to get
    a very good shot. Look to the right at the end of the walkway and head down
    the stairs here. Move forward to new cover when the enemies closest to you
    are dead and keep taking them out.
    Two enemies are hiding behind containers on both sides at the end of the
    small, fenced-in walkway, so cook a grenade and throw it right at the end
    of the walkway to kill them. Head inside the building near the other side of
    the walkway and head up the stairs. Follow Garza, and get the grenades from 
    the weapon rack if you need them. 
    Take out the enemies in the area before moving to the Arc defense weapon. 
    Press the button on the nearby platform, and when the Arc defense weapon opens
    to fire, fire at the power cells. You probably will not be able to destroy
    both power cells before it closes again, and Helghast will start attacking. 
    Focus on shooting down the Helghast until someone calls out for you to shoot
    it again. Destroy the second power cell when they do and the Arc Tower will be
    Visari Square                 (VSR)
    Follow Garza through the building and drop down off the building on the right
    side, and continue to carefully descend until you reach street level. Take out
    the enemies in the building across the street at ground level by moving up and
    using the unmanned tank for cover. Jump over the sandbags by the large
    white van and look for a door along the left wall. Enter here in to the
    building and jump through the open window. Helghast will come from the right,
    so make use of the small explosive canister left of the cover they're using.
    Head up the stone stairs and you'll be attacked by more Helghast. Enter the
    locker room on the right, and put them all down. As always, use cover to stay
    alive. Exit the locker room through the other door, and enter the next door
    on the left. Kill any enemies who are still alive in here and then leave the
    room through the door by an overturned desk. Follow the hallway left, past
    two corners, then drop down the hole in the floor.
    Kill the Helghast hiding outside the room and go through the alley. When you
    get up the stairs, and kill the Helghast here. You'll see a door blocked by
    flowing electricity. The door is locked due to an electrical malfunction
    that this caused. Shoot the glowing part of an electric panel to the left
    to cut off the electricity and open the door. Head through the door, then
    another, down the stairs and kill all the Helghast here.
    Cross the small catwalk surrounded by barbed wire once they're dead, and
    follow the hallway until you come out onto a fire escape with a ladder.
    Climb down the ladder and kill the Helghast that attack (I suggest a cooked
    grenade, because there is little cover at the bottom of the ladder).
    Head down into the square surrounded by buildings where Rico and Natko are
    waiting. Follow Rico when you get down there, and stay nearby.
    Helghast mount an assault, and you have to fight them off. Another group of
    enemies will come in a dropship after Rico attempts to shoot the lock on a
    door to open it. They will be in a nearby building. Shoot them all down
    careful not to leave your cover too long. A third wave comes from both the
    smoky stairs in the alley and upstairs from the building behind you.
    Go upstairs and take the fight up there so they do not sneak up on and
    melee kill you. Rico and Natko should be able to take care of the Helghast
    on the ground.
    A fourth wave comes when a tank drives through a wall, out into the square.
    Take advantage of your heightened position and pick them off. Head back down
    when it's all over and left into the building near the smoke-filled alley.
    Follow Rico, Natko and Garza back out to Visari Square and some Helghast
    will begin attacking. Kill them all and check inside a small shack once
    they're gone. Grab grenades at the front of the shack, underneath the window
    if you can carry them. 
    A group of Helghast soldiers come out to attack. There are two mounted machine
    guns left and right of the shack, at the walls, so make use of their own
    weapons against them. When you finish them, another wave of enemies comes.
    Keep using the machine gun and it shouldn't be difficult to suppress the
    assault. A third wave from a dropship comes, keep using the machine gun and
    you'll mop the floor with them.
    The fourth wave of enemies comes from the cable cars, which are behind you,
    so you'll have to get off the machine gun to deal with it. The fifth,
    and final, wave comes from behind. Get back on one of the machine guns
    and use it to take out the infantry. When a heavy gets close enough, unload
    the machine gun on his head, then the tanks on his back until they explode.
    With the powerful mounted machine guns, the heavies should go down the first
    time you shoot their tanks.
    Salamun District              (SLM)
    Follow the canal bank forward a bit and you will see a large open drain, the
    entrace electrified. Shoot the glowing conduit over it, and the electricity
    will be shut off. Head forward here, walk in the dark for a few moments and
    you'll see light from a gaping hole in the right side of the drain pipe.
    There are two Helghast soldiers opposite the hole in the drain pipe, on a
    platform near stairs. Take them by surprise with M82 fire. 
    When they're down, get out of the pipe and head right. Be cautious of the
    trap just past the corner of the platform. There are explosives with a motion
    detector tripwire. Shoot the explosives so you don't get the blast up close.
    Climb down the ladder and shoot the soldier hiding just past the left corner
    at the base of the ladder. You can find a few grenades if you need them near
    a chair and a stack of old newspapers.
    Climb the other ladder in the area, then another to get up to the platform
    where the Helghast were. Head up the stairs, and looking into the room you
    should see Garza up on a higher level. A dropship comes in and brings Helghast
    troops on the higher levels of the building, so shoot them from below using
    what cover you have in the room. When it's clear on your level, move in to
    the staircase and go up.
    Move over the platform between cover and kill the Helghast one at a time. Head
    left, through one room and back onto the platform through the other, heading
    left. Clear the Helghast from the room on the left carefully, so they don't
    swarm you. When you enter the room after killing its occupants, explosives
    blow a hole in the right wall, where more Helghast come in. Back out of the
    room here so they don't make you look like swiss cheese. Pick them off then
    go through the hole they came in.
    Take the VC1 Flamethrower from this room if you wish, then proceed upstairs
    and around the platform to rendevous with Garza. Follow Garza down a flight of
    stairs that are broken at the bottom. You can smash the boxes here for some
    Flamethrower ammo and grenades. There's also a weapon rack if you prefer a
    choice between an StA14 Rifle, StA52 Assault Rifle and an StA11 SMG. 
    Follow Garza out and you'll find an enemy Artillery Battery manned by Helghast,
    firing at Narville's convoy. Take out the crew carefully, because there's a
    machine gunner watching over the crew who'd like nothing more than to shoot
    you to ribbons. Plant the D-Charge once you've got the machine gunner taken
    care of, and detonate it from a safe distance.
    Move along the left wall and you shouldn't have to be concerned about the
    other machine gun on the high platform. Head down the hallway after killing
    any Helghast who were in it, and others in the room at its end. Head up the
    stairs and shut down the attack of a few Helghast. A small, dark room to the 
    right just past the broken wall here contains a smashable box with a few 
    Follow Garza through the wide-open door and get on the machine gun to the
    left to use it against some attacking Helghast. After the quickly suppressed
    attack, Garza opens up a door, and is attacked. Kill the shotgun-wielding
    attackers and revive Garza. Step up to the first door on the left and there's
    a Helghast soldier to kill. The room behind the second door on the left has a
    few more, and a weapon rack for ammo and grenades.
    Head back and up the stairs to the next floor, where the other Artillery is.
    The Helghast up here will try to kill you from behind, on a platform behind
    direction you will be facing (if you go up the stairs forward, hint hint).
    Plant the D-Charge on the Artillery and detonate at safe distance. Head for
    the door with the glowing orange light, and cook a grenade. Throw it into the
    room as soon as the door opens, because there are about five Helghast in
    there, waiting to ambush you.
    Kill any survivors and head through the room, following Garza into a building
    with a huge hole in the floor. Follow Garza down into the hole, then drop down
    the next one. Head down a few flights of stairs and into the sewage. The
    smashable crates here have a few grenades for you. Follow Garza down the hall
    and drain tunnel out into shallow water under a large platform. Make your way
    up on to the platform with Garza and stay behind the wall.
    A dropship comes in, bringing plenty of deadly Helghast with it. Make use of
    cover often, and be wary of enemies who will try to shoot down at you from
    nearby high-up platforms that make it difficult to get a clear shot. You may
    need to get a grenade on the platform to take any such devious enemy out.
    When the area is a little clearer, step around the corner and move forward,
    then into the opening in the structure on the left. Head up the ramps to the
    upper level of the left side of the platform, carefully. Helghast will try
    to catch you off guard, and there are also some with VC9s and on machine
    guns up here. You can find an M82 Assault Rifle in a corner outside of
    the structure at the top of the ramps. Watch for enemies sneaking up
    from behind coming up the ramp when the second dropship flies in.
    Make the fight with VC9-wielding Helghast close range. They hesitate to use
    their VC9s at close range, knowing it will kill them, and giving you a big
    advantage over them. Once you clear the left side of enemies, cook a grenade
    near the corner by the stairs leading to the machine gun nest on the upper
    platform, and throw it right in the middle of the cluster of baddies.
    Kill any remaining enemies and get over to Garza by the wall to boost up.
    There is a smashable crate in the small warehouse directly in front of you
    with some grenades, so be sure to grab them. Go up the stairs with Garza and
    inside the building. Follow the narrow hallway right until it opens on the
    Drop down here and back in to the recession in the wall. From here, shoot the
    explosives in the obvious trap. The explosives on the second trap are hidden
    behind the small concrete wall of two small drains. Jump on the small concrete
    structure, walk on the top edge and hop diagonally left toward the middle of
    the tunnel, over the motion detector. Step back a few steps and shoot the
    explosives so Garza can get through. The third trap is simple enough, just
    maintain a safe distance and shoot it.
    Climb the ladder, turn right and climb the next ladder. The alley to the right
    from the top of the ladder has two explosive traps. Shoot one and both will be
    set off. Helghast, as usual. Kill them. Some are up on the building, some are
    down on your level in the alley, coming from the left. 
    There's a mounted machine gun on the ground on the left just past the
    corner, so take advantage when it's clear enough to get on it without dying.
    Hammer them with machine gun fire, and watch for any red eyes on the roof using
    the mounted MG up there.
    When it's relatively clear (more enemies will slowly spawn), plant a D-Charge
    on the heavy door and blow it. Inside the power station, work on filling the
    Helghast on the second floor with bullets. Don't go up yet - they outnumber
    you too heavily. Stay on the first floor until you've nearly cleared the upper
    level. Some may still be alive on the roof and fire down, so use caution.
    Once on the second level, take out any remaining Helghast on the third,
    and check for other Helghast who may enter the power station from the
    alley on the first floor. When it's clear enough, set D-Charges on all four
    pillars, then leave the building before detonating them or you will die.
    Salamun Bridge                (BRG)
    Heavy resistance on the bridge. There are a few trigger happy Helghast with
    M327 Grenade Launchers, too. Take advantage of the M82's better range and pick
    them off. If an ally is downed too far up, ignore him. It's very dangerous to
    get too close, and he'll get back up when you reach a checkpoint anyways.
    Keep killing and pushing, and when you (almost inevitably) run low on ammo,
    look for ammo boxes laying around ISA APCs. Eventually the Helghast will raise
    the bridge to keep you from reaching the other side.
    Now you'll need to take out the machine gunners. Kill off the Helghast who
    aren't on machine guns while you make your way along the left side of the
    bridge. Sprint behind the ruined van left of the machine gunner's nest. Pop
    out, shoot him and get behind the nest. Kill any other Helghast not on one
    of the machine guns, and flank the other machine gunner.
    Behind the left machine gun nest, there is a path leading underneath the
    bridge on the left side. Follow Garza down to begin searching for a way to
    lower the bridge. Keep following the ISA soldiers and they shout about
    having been spotted by AA Gunners. Great.
    Carefully pick off Helghast around the AA Gun, but don't stick your head out
    for too long or you risk getting your face blown off by the AA. Move up when
    you drop the Helghast little by little. Move too fast and you'll likely be
    overrun. When you get close enough to get a clean shot on the AA Gunner,
    kill him to get rid of that annoyance.
    Up on the structure where the AA gun is, head to the left and there are a
    few smashable boxes with grenades and grenade chains for an M327 Grenade
    Launcher. Climb up the stairs and get on the AA gun. Turn the AA gun around
    and fire on the Helghast around the area. Once it's all clear get off the AA
    gun and head through the area you just to the left. 
    Head up the stairs and in to the building, then up either set of stairs inside
    (they lead to the same place). Head up to the third floor from there are turn
    the valve up there. Shoot a few Helghast from inside while Garza gets the door
    open, then grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle. 
    Use the VC32 to pick off enemies from long range. If you wish, you can stand
    in one place and snipe the respawning machine gunners in the head until you
    get the "Melonpopper" trophy. Chest shots will do the job for most enemies,
    but the machine gunners are covered by the MG's armor. Focus on closer
    enemies, then look for the Helghast who have VC9s. There are some both on the
    ground and in the buildings.
    Move up using cover once you've shot them all down (and swap weapons if you
    like). The small building on the left side of the bridge can provide cover
    from Helghast fire, and a better view to shoot them. Pick off a few Helghast,
    then move forward to new cover and repeat until you finish them all off.
    Once they're all gone, go to the buggy Garza is near and wait for a cutscene.
    Head upstairs and inside the palace. Follow Rico, Garza and Natko, but don't
    enter the room they do. Go up the staircase to the left of the doorway. Stand
    in front of the double-doors here, and when Natko says 
    "Yeah, something's fishy.", start cooking a grenade. 
    When the door opens, throw the grenade next to the two Helghast in front of
    you. They should be dead, but there are plenty of others, so kill them all off
    too. Be careful, because some of them have VC9s. When the left balconies are
    clear, take the stairs at the end down and head across to the stairs up to the
    right-side balconies. Finish off the enemies over there then head downstairs
    in the room towards the door there. Follow the guys into Radec's office.
    You're trapped on the roof with the ATAC, so you'll just have to take it out.
    Head to the left to draw the ATAC towards the glowing power cells. When the
    ATAC flies near them, shoot one of them, and the electricity will stun it.
    Turn around and swap the VC9 Missile Launcher for your M82, but don't shoot
    the ATAC with it yet.
    Get down the nearby stairs and in to the underpass to the right past the
    huge power cords at the bottom of the stairs. This are provides half-decent
    cover from the ATAC, so you can survive. If you're injured, Wait until your
    health recovers by hiding from the ATAC. Switch to your revolver and stun the
    ATAC the same way as before, by luring it near the power cells and then
    shooting one. Then switch to the VC9 Missile Launcher and hit the ATAC with a
    missile. Repeat this several times and the ATAC will be destroyed.
    Suljeva Village               (SUL)
    Follow Rico, Garza and Natko, enjoying their pleasant conversation as I'm sure
    you will, and you'll come into a communications room. Take the elevator down
    with Rico when he decides on the plan. Follow Rico and you'll find a crashed
    intruder. Grab an M82 if you want and continue to follow Rico until you get to
    a building where he finds blood in front of a door. Pull the lever inside the
    room to unlock the door to antenna control. After pulling the lever, some
    Helghast will attack from outside. Head out there and show 'em who's boss.
    Head left from the small platform outside the building and right after the
    metal wall. Move from cover to cover as you progress through the somewhat open
    area of a destroyed building, with metallic pillars and a few boxes. Many of
    the Helghast out here are armed with StA3 Light Machine Guns, so be very
    careful not to stay in their sights for too long.
    Use the rusty, broken up bus for cover and kill more Helghast. Once it's clear,
    move past the bus in the direction the Helghast came from towards the antenna
    control room. When the Helghast come from inside, shoot them down and head in.
    Follow Rico when inside the building. You'll see some large canisters of
    petrusite in here. When shot, petrusite canisters will explode into a deadly
    electrical pulse.
    Head down the stairs and straight to find a weapon rack. Turn around and head
    downward on the ramp leading outside. There are snipers out here, so you'll
    need to find a way to get closer to them without getting shot. If you see their
    laser sights coming close to you, get to cover as soon as possible. One shot
    will inflict very heavy damage, and two will be fatal.
    You should be able to see the first sniper ahead of you up on a catwalk that
    is broken and bent downward. Kill him if you can before he gets a shot. Take
    the path to the left between a rock formation and one of the buildings. If you
    couldn't kill the sniper, he'll hide on the platform here, so kill him there.
    Follow the path alongside the cliff until you see stairs by a destroyed
    Slowly head up the stairs and you should be able to spot one of the snipers
    facing out one of the windows of the building. If you go slowly, you should
    be able to spot him, and kill him completely unaware. I've also seen him
    hiding underneath the building itself a few times.
    Two snipers should be in the building across from the one you're in, so spot
    them, and kill them, using the wall by the far left window for cover. That's
    all for the snipers, so drop out of the building from the window here, and
    head up the steep hill into the building across. Kill the Helghast and when
    you need cover, take a few steps back from the edge to conceal yourself from
    their aim.
    Move up when it appears clear, but be prepared for more. Kill some of the
    Helghast in the building, then move up to it cautiously to finish the rest.
    Follow Rico in the building when the Helghast are all dead (the music stopping
    is your cue) and kill any petrusite spiders that attack you with a melee or
    knife attack. Get upstairs and kill the Helghast outside before you go out.
    Head into the structure outside and head down the path. You'll be attacked
    by Sentry Bots on the walkway here. Shoot them down with whatever you have,
    they're not as tough as ATACs. Climb the ladder at the end and turn the valve.
    Start backtracking to rendevous with the rest of Alpha Squad. Kill the
    attacking Helghast and continue backtracking to rendevous with Alpha Squad.
    When you get back to the crashed (and now burning) intruder, another group
    of Helghast attack. There isn't very much cover here, so push through slowly
    to survive. If you charge straight up to them, you will die. Head in to the
    building in the direction the Helghast were and make your way through. It
    leads to a metal walkway, so follow that to its end and there is a weapon
    rack and some grenades. Watch out for more petrusite spiders around here.
    Head up a flight of stairs and two Helghast will ambush you. Another two are
    on a walkway to your left. Kill them and sentry bots attack. Destroy it
    and more Helghast attack from the other door on the walkway. Head left
    through the door and down into a room with a smashable crate. The exit
    is right around the corner from where you came down. Take the
    grenades from the crate before heading out. 
    In the train yard outside the next room, Helghast attack from both sides.
    From far right with LMGs and VC9s and closer left with LMGs. Step out of the
    room to fire a little at the closer enemies on the left, but go back in for
    cover. Kill all the closer Helghast, then grab the VC32 from the
    weapon rack in the room you came from. Snipe all the enemies attacking from 
    the right (when leaving the room). When they're dead, head over there and 
    grab some VC32 ammo from the weapon rack and head up the stairs.
    Snipe the two Helghast on the far end of the walkway straight from the top of
    the stairs, then make your way over the walkways and kill the rest with a
    closer ranged weapon. Head to the end of the catwalk marked when you press the
    objective button.
    Tharsis Refinery              (THR)
    You need to get to the engine room of the train, so follow Rico. You've only
    got your Revolver for now, so you're going to need to find a better weapon,
    since this obviously will not cut it. After passing the rear car of the train,
    look left of a tank on board with a canvas flapping in the wind to find a
    VC21 Bolt Gun on a weapon rack. Some Helghast should start attacking shortly,
    so you'll need it. If you don't like the gun too awfully much, swap it for one
    of the red eyes' StA11 SMGs after killing them. Move to the next car and keep
    pushing forward. 
    At the next car, head into the structure on the train and there's a weapon
    rack from which you can get ammo for an StA11 SMG, LS13 Shotgun and VC21 Bolt
    Gun. Move up one of the ramps to the upper level and follow the catwalk on
    either side. Watch out for the SMG-wielding Helghast on the lower level, take
    them out carefully. Follow Rico back outside once you kill the few Helghast
    and move to a car with what appear to be jet engines on both sides near where
    you come out on to the car.
    Move forward to another car with a tank covered by a canvas. There's an
    obvious weapon rack on the right to resupply you with ammo. An unmanned
    Helghast tank is there to provide you with hot lead amusement, so get on its
    machine gun and cut down all the Helghast attackers. You'll want to cause
    plenty of explosions to near enough Higs, so shoot at glowing canisters of
    petrusite too.
    Once you've cleard the car, which shouldn't take too long, get off the MG and
    head across it. Kill the few Helghast who were hiding because they didn't want
    be part of the fun and move on to the next car. A group of enemies down by a
    tank will be waiting to attack, so be prepared and kill them carefully with
    At least one of them will have a VC9, so be sure to be extra cautious.
    Once the soldiers on foot are out of the picture, grab a VC9 from the nearby
    weapon rack on the left and make scrap metal out of the tank.
    Cross the car and kill a few helghast near the building at the front of the
    train. Enter the building and follow it forward into the train's control
    A few Helghast facing the other direction will be having a brief conversation
    about the miner who was operating the train. Even more brief if you decide to
    cut it short with a surprise grenade. You should be able to make short work of
    them. Help Rico up over the chain-link fence on the left side of the room and
    head forward. Kill the enemies who attack and head into the path on the left
    with the pipeline running along it. Crouch to get under the pipe and move
    The unavoidable hole will place you in front of a passage obstructed by deadly
    amounts of flowing electricity. Shoot the the glowing electrical panel on the
    wall straight ahead to get it shut off. Follow the hallway to the corner, and
    when you come close to the doorway, some Helghast should spot you. Kill the
    nuisances and get some ammo from the weapon rack. Head up the short stairs to
    the right just past the containers here and shoot the electric panel on
    the wall.That shuts off the electricity making the ground near the elevator
    dangerous, so get on the elevator and press the button to go down.
    Head out once at the bottom and the Helghast soldiers will release an 
    Arc Trooper. Think a heavy, only this guy has a VC5 Electricity Gun,
    so his lightning will do heavier damage than a heavy's machine gun.
    Use the same strategy as you would for a heavy - with a little more emphasis 
    on taking cover - and once he's down, snatch his VC5 Electricity Gun. I love
    this weapon. It's a lightning gun.... with self-sustaining charge.
    All you have to do to refill your charge for the weapon is press the reload
    button to recharge the power cells. The charge before you have to recharge the
    weapon lasts longer than any other weapon if you hold down the fire button,
    but it's reload time is also the slowest. It shouldn't be a problem if you
    recharge it every time there aren't enemies around.
    Head to the left and climb the ladder up to the platform. Press the button up
    here to open the door on the lower platform, and take advantage of an
    opportunity to try out the VC5 Electricity Gun. Recharge it once you've zapped
    the Helghast and head through the door on the lower platform.
    Another ladder in the left corner of this platform leads up to where some of
    the Helghast were, and the way you need to go. Climb a third ladder in the
    next room, then head right and follow the catwalk to the end. Jump into
    one of the buckets to catch a ride through the refinery. There are various
    places during the ride with attacking Helghast, but you can crouch in the
    bucket to take cover from their fire.
    Once you reach the end of the relatively short ride, you'll notice some
    electricity that's about to be very dangerous to you if you don't act
    quickly enough. Zap the electric panel on the outside wall of the building to
    the left to drop safely out of the bucket and out of harm's way. Kill the
    Helghast and grab some grenades from the weapon rack if you can carry them.
    Head left and follow the path around and in to the building.
    Go into the next room for some more target practice with the Electricity Gun,
    then exit the building. Head to the left to find another weapon rack (like
    you need that, with the Electricity Gun) and follow the walkway into the
    next area. You'll be attacked by some sentry bots, so zap 'em till they blow.
    More will come, so keep zapping them ad moving along the walkways. Take cover
    between the metal containers when you need it and you'll make it through.
    When you get to the more open area with the elevator, get on and press the
    button to ride it up. Head through a few rooms in the building and you should
    come out to an area with elevated tracks with mine carts rolling over them.
    Head left along the ground level tracks, and melee any petrusite spiders,
    the Electricity Gun won't hurt them. Head up the stairs on the left at the
    end of the tracks to meet up with Rico.
    Follow Rico to the left, out of the control room where there are two smashable
    boxes with grenades. Follow Rico across the narrow catwalk and around towards
    a building. Head to the left up the ramps that wind upwards through the room
    and destroy the sentry bots and Helghast soldiers on the way up. Keep
    following the winding paths upward, killing all the Helghast and destroying
    the sentry bots. 
    When you reach the top, follow the walkway around to the middle. Take the
    stairs just to the left and press the button up there to send the elevator
    down. Natko opens up a door, so head through when it opens and the next one,
    and take the stairs on the left side of this room up. head left at the top of
    the stairs to get to the landing zone.
    Zap the Helghast out there and the ones on the higher platforms. You can't
    get up to them, so you'll just have to electrocute them from the ground.
    Take cover when you need to recharge and keep taking out the Helghast. When
    Evelyn comes up to the area, follow her to a locked door. Zap some more
    Helghast to kill time until Natko gets the door open, then head inside.
    Head to the right, the turn left to see the stairs. Head up the five flights
    of stairs and Evelyn will contact the ISA. Grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle by the
    window in the building and use it to snipe some Helghast while you're waiting
    for Raptor-Actual to arrive. Head all the way back down to the landing zone
    when they fly in on an intruder.
    The Cruiser                   (CRS)
    Get on the elevator nearby some ISA soldiers to begin making your way up to
    the bridge. Ride it up to the top and help your fellow soldiers with the
    enemies they're engaging. A cooked grenade is good if they cluster together.
    When you're finished with them, ride the other elevator up. Follow the walkway
    at the top of the elevator and enter the open doorway on the right to go to
    the bridge.
    Walk up and you'll trigger a cutscene. Colonel Templar will tell you to go to
    the gun deck. Head back out to the hall and turn right, take the elevator at
    end down. Follow the hall and go to the door on the right with a weapon rack
    next to it. You'll have to fight off Helghast in here once you get far enough
    into the room. You can go either way around the walkways, it ends up the same
    distance to get to the other side of the room and down the stairs.
    Sentry bots will attack, so shoot them down and continue. Head to the other
    side of the room for the stairs to go down once again (you can go either
    left or right again). There's a heavy on the bottom floor you'll have to take
    care of, so take advantage of your high position and cover to take him out
    from above.
    Head down to the bottom level and kill the two Helghast with Flamethrowers,
    then follow the soldier through a door and wait until the other doors open,
    then enter the gun deck. Go down the stairs to the right, right at the bottom
    and follow the walkway down the stairs to the AA gun.
    Get in the seat and shoot all the leech pods in the air. Offscreen leech pods'
    locations are revealed by red arrows pointing in their direction. Friendlies
    are marked with green arrows. Shoot as many of the leech pods as you can until
    you are automatically ejected from the AA Gun.
    Follow Natko until you reach a large elevator and press the button to ride it
    down. At the bottom, kill any Helghast that get in your way and continue to
    follow Natko. Head through the door after the platform where Helghast with
    Grenade Launchers were and follow the walkway down the stairs. Kill the
    Helghast and cross the catwalk in to the next room. 
    Get up the stairs on the right to the catwalks in the room. Kill the Helghast
    and make your way across. On the other end of the catwalks, head down the
    stairs and you can grab some ammo from a weapon rack. Another flight of stairs
    leads down toward where you need to go, followed by a third. Move through this
    dark room and over a catwalk in to another. Kill the Helghast, proceed
    downstairs and finish the others. Head through the next room, amd just keep
    following Natko.
    Maelstra Barrens              (MBN)
    This is the most straightforward, fun and (unfortunately) short of all the
    stages. I completed it the first time with a total play time of less than
    six minutes.
    Follow Rico and Natko to the crash site. There's no Helghast resistance before
    reaching some ISA soldiers. The fun part of this level is that you get to
    pilot a mech with with the destructive power of a tank and much better
    maneuverability. Move with the left analog stick, aim with the right, fire
    the machine gun with R1 and rockets with L1. The mech is also capable of
    Follow the pretty obvious path ahead of you until you trigger a cutscene.
    Move along with the buggy and shoot down all the Helghast. Keep going and
    you'll have to take on an APC, enemies with VC9s, and eventually tanks.
    Don't worry if you get hit by one VC9 shot, it isn't enough to destroy the
    mech, and the cues for heavy damage will fade as its damage regenerates just
    like your health does.
    When you reach the first tanks, use rockets on them. After taking out the
    first one, hitting the second one on the bridge over to the right causes
    the bridge to collapse on the tank. Head over the hill to meet up with an ISA
    convoy, and head in the direction they're driving. Take out the nearby tank,
    then the infantry on the ground nearby, then focus on the helghast with VC9s
    in the building behind the tanks, then finally the two tanks over the small
    hill. Be sure to use cover so your mech can recover before it explodes.
    Sadly, once you finish the tanks, this level is over.
    Visari Palace                 (PLC)
    Follow the soldiers up to the broken end of the bridge. Ignore the tank,
    because you don't have the firepower to take it down. Head to the right
    instead, down the stairs. Fight your way forward through the resistance here,
    slowly and carefully. The resistance is so tough on this level if you don't
    take it slow, it's suicide. Machine guns cover both sides of your way forward,
    and most enemies here are equipped with LMGs.
    From the bottom of the stairs, hide behind the huge storage container for
    cover. Come out from behind to shoot, but not for long. Take then out one at
    a time until you can press foward, always behind cover when not firing.
    When it's clear enough, move up by the machine guns and take down the rest
    of the Helghast.
    Move into the building when it's all clear and make your way up the stairs.
    Fight your way through the building and a tank comes in. Grab the VC9 from
    the weapon rack and use it on the tank. When the tank's down, head outside and
    up the stairs. Your goal now is to take out the four towers in the area.
    Make your way carefully to each of the towers, using much cover. Kill the
    Helghast in each tower, plant the charges, get clear and destroy the towers
    one by one. This is not an easy task with fire all over the place. Use
    grenades to stun any heavies you run into and take them down by shooting
    their tanks. The Light Machine Gun destroys them quickly when firing at
    close range.
    When you have all four towers destroyed, follow the objective marker to take
    find the right direction to the elevator. Kill the Helghast defending it and
    then ride it up with Rico. Follow Rico out of the building, then sprint cross
    the walkways into the next building. There are ATACs, and little cover outside
    to protect you from them.
    Outside this small building is the courtyard of Visari Palace. You'll have to
    work your way through the heavy Helghast forces here to get to the palace
    itself. There are ATACs, but they won't focus on attacking you very often
    because there are so many ISA soldiers in the courtyard. Pick left or right,
    and start forcing your way through. You'll see heavy resistance that forces
    slow progress, so don't try to rush or you're guaranteed to be shot down.
    Take them out a little at a time and press on. Watch out for the machine
    gunners on the raised stone platfor in the middle of the courtyard. You'll
    have to watch out for them and take cover. When you move up some, the ISA
    soldiers will move up with you too, so they will provide some assistance.
    Keep pushing and be careful when pushing your way through up the stairs.
    The platform where the machine guns are has a pretty dense cluster of
    Helghast, so use caution. There are a lot of enemies you have to kill to be
    able to move past the top of the stairs, so make sure you use cover often
    when working on getting past there.
    Once you've gotten enough, you'll see fewer Helghast up there, so move up and
    clear out the area with the machine guns, carefully! You don't want these guys
    behind you when you continue pressing forward. Keep pressing forward through
    the courtyard and you'll have to get through some barricades. Work your way
    through more Helghast on either side and make it up to the barricade.
    You can get in from the right side of the left barricade and vise-versa.
    Use the ammo and cover to continue pressing forward toward the palace. Once
    you get up the first set of steps toward the palace, an ATAC flies in.
    Fortunately, it's not as tough as the one on Salamun Bridge, so shoot it
    down. It won't go down as quickly as a sentry bot, but it will. 
    Move to the left through the structure over to the stairs and keep pushing.
    Use the stone rails of the stairs for cover when you need it. This time you
    can't choose your side. The only opening in the barbed-wire barricades of
    the Helghast is on the left side. Fight your way up to the barricade and find
    the hole. Keep shooting and get in there. Force your way through the forces,
    killing them and get to the palace steps.
    Finish off the last enemies from the side or behind and you're clear to enter
    the palace. Inside the palace there are varius different short walls you can
    use for cover, but the best thing in my opinion is the large statue in the
    center. Move forward and you'll trigger a cutscene.
    Ignore Radec for now, but obviously take cover if he's shooting at you.
    Focus on killing the grunts he sends. Try to stay close to Rico, and use the
    statue for cover. Kill all the first wave and Radec sends more. The second
    wave will have SMGs, and they like to try to get you from behind, so watch
    your back.
    The third wave comes from both sides, flamethrowers from the direction of
    the entrance to the palace over the wall from door on the second floor,
    and from the usual direction more grunts. Take out the flamethrowers first,
    just as they drop down from the wall before they can attack. Take them out
    sooner rather than later or they will become an aggravating nuisance.
    After you get rid of the flamethrowers, kill off the rest of the attackers.
    After you get the last of them, try to keep safe from the chandeliers
    Radec has his men drop. Avoid standing out in the open and it isn't hard.
    Doors on both sides of the statue will swing open, and you get a checkpoint.
    Head over there as soon as you can, kill any Helghast who might be near
    and get up the stairs. Kill all the Helghast around the balconies, and down
    below on the palace floor. Find a point on the balcony where you can get a
    shot at Radec when he becomes visible to shoot at you. Using the sniper rifle
    on the weapon rack on the far opposite side of Radec's position works well.
    Take out his VC9 firing goons and keep damaging him until he decides to take
    you on by himself.
    Get a Submachine Gun when Radec finally does. Head back down to the bottom
    floor and take him on. Radec will use his invisibility to try and sneak
    attack kill you. Keep moving and don't let him sneak up on you. He will also
    appear and open fire at you and Rico. Shoot him when he appears either way.
    When you damage him enough, Radec will move back to his position where
    you can't reach him and fire at you. Head back up to the second floor,
    grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle and shoot him a few times to finish him.
    Congratulations on completing Killzone 2! I hope you enjoyed the game and my
    guide. Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to finish the guide,
    and thanks to everyone who reads it. I hope you appreciate the hard work I
    put into this guide, and I appreciate the show of support.
    Version 1.00
    Completed Corinth River, Blood Meridian & Visari Square (3/2/09)
    Completed Salamun District, Salamun Bridge & Suljeva Village (3/3/09)
    Completed Tharsis Refinery, The Cruiser, Maelstra Barrens & Visari Palace
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