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The Killzone Series of first person shooter's by Guerrilla Games started back in November 2004 with a launch based In the battlefield war-zone area known as Vekta a typical setting for this game on the PlayStation 2, then in October 2006 saw the release of Killzone Liberation for the PSP still in southern Vekta and still under Helghast rule with the enemies in control leading up to this present version on the PS3. The story of Killzone 2 now follows on a planet called Helghan. The ISA (Inter-planet Strategic Alliance) and your squad which is a piece of the jigsaw in the Alliance, advances through a graphic masterpiece through streets and industrial area's in the Helghast home world two years after the assault on Vekta. You play as a war veteran Sargeant Thomas Sevchenco known as Sev, for short, a member of the elite forces also known as the legion. In this story your squad's objective is to capture the Helghast leader Emperor Scholar Visari and to stop the enemy's rule on their home planet. One of the main missions is to secure Pyrrhus the Capital City and Sev and his Squad behind enemy lines quickly discover that the Helghast Army are one of the strongest well equipped enemy's in this universe.

Gameplay: 8 out of 10.

The detailed character models within the game, you are the good guys, part of the ISA, Alpha Squad in fact. You play as Sergeant First Class Thomas Sevchenco, Lance Corperal Dante Garza who is Sev's best friend, Master Sargent Rico Valesquez, Corporal Shawn Natko are the regular squad, Evelyn Batton is the ISA Scientist and Colonel Jan Templar who is the leader of the battleship which travels the guys through Helghan. Two main high ranked enemies are Emperor Visari and Mael Radec the Colonel of the Helghast Army and a mass of gas mask type shooter bot soldiers. This all out action adventure through Sev's eyes provides an immense game play situation of realism and outstanding graphic content although some of the game is set in Grey scale dark hiding places. Weapons are typical of this sort of game giving good visual weapon appearance and fire rate ability for choice, but the manual reload on your weapons takes some working out at first. Your cover system in the game is used quite a lot behind walls and objects, there's an important need to do this because of the aggressive enemies shooting back. Lean out and shoot is popular with this game play in order to survive especially on the harder settings. Another feature of your game progress is to collect various wall plates or emblems usually hidden around the well laid out maps on the walls which have discreet hiding places on some, which in parts are difficult to find. This game is enjoyable and one of its own in first person shooter type scenarios, although the game play cannot be rushed. The game is set around 2357 when amongst some of the earth's colonies came to an end when the planet Vekta was invaded by the Helghast being overcome by the ISA for maintaining peace. Today in game play Scolar Visari remains firmly in power on the planet Helghan stealing a set of nuclear warheads. Missions and game play is very intense which adds to a well put together story very interesting and competitive title to this brief description.

Singleplayer: 7 out of 10.

The beginning of the game story starts with the ISA and your squad entering this Helghast enemy planet in the 8 battleship's, your ship being the New Sun being landed on the ground with explosive action and noise. As the game progressed quickly I found that taking cover and working out the controls was my main concerns, different to other shooter games this one as the aiming on some of the rifles was quite difficult, but a good weapon variety and selection all way through. Quite often Helghast soldiers would be waiting on there turret guns where having to take your time was the only option here, but the practice got better as the game went along. There is also no jump button for this game which I found odd and some of the map area's you encountered doors to get to the next checkpoints, these had to be opened using a tilt of the six-axis controller to activate a valve for the door release, quite different but very clever in a way. Attention must be payed to your squad who most of the time showed you the way or a quick push down on the direction pad indicated a yellow marker of where to go. At times also the Helghast soldiers would try to flank you and your squad from the side quite a surprise when not expected but enjoyable, staying in one place also doesn't work as the Helghast bots like throwing grenades looking at you with there orange glow eyes and gas mask type faces. Much of the same most of the way through the story but good graphics and well presented map chapters, there's your not so friendly snipers as well in parts so be aware, makes lots of use of the R2 button here. Completion of the game from research will take between 12-15 hours depending on experience and difficulty but quite a good layout of difference in combat and style scenery. Some parts of the maps colour is dark and the controls are at times hard to remember when making quick choices. Enemies need to be hit almost exactly before killing them off it seems as if your hitting them but nothing's happening sometimes annoying again difficult when there's more than a few around you on the harder settings, other than these few items I enjoyed playing the story, very challenging.

Multiplayer: 9 out of 10.

The multiplayer maps are based on the single player story being class based where the player has an option of 7 different characters to choose from where you can mix and match depending on player ability and preferred choice. The 15 weapons available online will unlock as you move up the ranks so playing the multiplayer gives an element of looking forward to the better weapon, and of course a choice of playing as ISA or Helghast is a main option. There are five different game types which include Search and Destroy, Search and Retrieve, Assassination, Capture and Body count with 8 different war zone type maps in total, a further 6 add on maps are available via down loadable content. Online matches can connect between 2 and 32 players if otherwise gaps being filled by bots to equal out the numbers, quite clever these gas mask type murderers and funny at times to watch the action unfold. Killzone 2 is big with Clan games which this system offers an impressive online Valor point currency reward for the amount of wins and bets on the different tournaments, up to 64 competitive players can be used. Players can also use the unranked bot skirmish option using Artificial Intelligence offline or the normal unranked play with your friends, no option for split screen but in my view due to the intensity of game play this would not be enjoyable. Very well thought out multiplayer you would not be out of place playing this section all the time if it was the only game you had, very impressive. Apart from the detailed description above this game has first class multiplayer assets which includes a very interesting pre game lobby showing an overview of players games, your character changes, which faction you fight for and you can also make your own squad of four when the corporal rank is reached a very well presented menu here.

Technical: 9 out of 10.

This game,s development cost over $20 million so the sales must be on the good side to profit this excellent game title. Havok was used to power Killzone 2 well known from other top game titles such as Halo and Assassins Creed for the main game engine, providing massive support to the motion and texture of the game. This overall look for graphic's on Killzone 2 was first class with detailed animation on each chapter. The game was developed and shared through artists which are from seven different countries who worked upon the game to make it a winner for the Best Shooter 2009 award at IGN. This game only has one minor fault on this subject which is a small amount of game lag whilst the story game check points loaded up, I'm not sure if this was due to game graphics or console condition but made no difference on my views about the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/26/10

Game Release: Killzone 2 (US, 02/27/09)

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