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    FAQ by Whiner89

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                          (thx MicroProject for the ASCII)
    | Table of Contents                                                         |
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Game Basics
        a) Game Information
        b) Controls
        c) Online Play
        d) Game Modes
        e) Online Rankings
        f) Online Medals
        g) Online Ribbons
    4. The Story
    5. Weapons
        a) Auger
        b) BullsEye
        c) L23 Far Eye
        d) XR-003 Sapper
        e) Hailstorm
        f) LAARK
        g) M5A2 Carbine
        h) Rossmore 236
        i) Reaper
        j) L11-2 Dragon
        k) Arc Charger
        l) Grenade
        m) Hedgehog
        n) Backlash Grenade
        o) Air-Fuel Grenade   
        p) Splitter
    6. Vehicles
        a) M-12 Sabertooth
        b) Jeep
        c) Stalker
        d) UH-17 Atlas VTOL
    7. Characters
        a) Nathan Hale
        b) Rachel Parker
        c) Menial
        d) Hybrid
        e) Robo-Hybrid
        f) Chimera Elite
        g) Gray Jack
        h) Titans
        i) Angel
        j) Leapers
        k) Howler
        l) Widowmaker
        m) The Burrower
        n) SlipSkulls
    8. Reviews
        a) IGN's Latest Review
    9. Cheats and Codes
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Credits
    12. Contact
    13. Closing
    | 1. Introduction                                                           |
    Welcome to the guide.  Just a reminder this is not a walkthrough, it is an 
    information guide to many of the aspects of Resistance: Fall of Man.  If you 
    see anything missing or would like to add a new part to the FAQ or even a 
    simple review, please feel free to send your information, idea etc to 
    Slackr89@gmail.com.  Please ensure that your GFAQS username, for proper 
    credit, and a quick note, aka information, is included on the message header 
    or it will NOT be opened.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions and 
    remember to Play B3yond. =D
    | 2. Version History                                                        |
    1.10 - Added ASCII art, looks great =D.Added Backlash Grenade, Air-Fuel 
    grenades.  Added new section Online Medals and Online Ribbons.
    1.05 - Added a user review, one question has been added.
    1.0 – Uploaded the guide. Yay! This is a complete version. More information 
    will gladly be accepted and added with proper credits. I intent for this FAQ 
    to grow much larger so expect the version number to increase. Thanks for 
    reading and enjoy Resistance. Play B3yond!
    | 3. General Basics                                                         |
    a) Game Information
    Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Developed by: Insomniac Games
    Genre: First-Person Shooter
    Number of Players: 1-40
    Release Dates:    
       US: November 17, 2006   
       Japan: November 19, 2006
       Europe: March 23, 2007
    ESRB Rating: M – Mature 17+
                              - Blood and Gore, 
                              - Intense Violence, 
                              - Strong Language
    Supports:   16:9, 
    b) Controls
    Tilt – Shake the controller to break an enemy’s grasp on you.
           Shake the SIXAXIS back and forth to extinguish yourself if on fire.
    Move ---------------- Left analog stick
    Aim ----------------- Right analog stick
    Zoom ---------------- R3, Aim through weapon sights
    Primary fire -------- R1
    Secondary fire ------ L1
    Cycle weapon -------- R2 (Left analog to choose)
    Throw grenade ------- O
    Crouch -------------- L2
    Jump ---------------- X
    D-Pad Up or Down ---- Cycle through available grenades
    Exit the Game – Hold the PS button for a couple of seconds.
    Assign Controllers to ports – Hold the PS button for a couple of seconds.
    c) Online Play
    Ranked - Up to 40 players can play in competitive matchtypes. Resistance's 
    multiplayer will be highly customizable and competitive with progressive 
    rewards for hardcore gamers while remaining accessible and inviting for 
    newbie’s. Ranked matches will have very limited configurations to keep the 
    playing field level and fair for everyone.
    Smart Matchmaking - New players who buy Resistance a year after launch will 
    be able to play without having to get torn apart by the guys who bought the 
    game on day one.
    Unranked - There will also be the option to play unranked matches where the 
    player will be able to configure the game however he wants by tweaking areas 
    such as hit points, weapon sets, and much more. 
    FPS - The game will run locked at 30 frames-per-second online and off, no 
    matter how much action is going on. 60 FPS had been the plan, but the 
    developers decided to add much more environmental destruction and special 
    effects, so the tradeoff was made. However, the game runs very smooth online.
    d) Game Modes
    Deathmatch - Kill as many people as you can. The person who reaches the frag 
    limit first (or the person with the most kills when the time limit ends) 
    wins. Team deathmatch is also available.
    Meltdown - The goal is to take out the opposing team's base. This is, of 
    course, easier said than done, as you'll be able to collect items that 
    upgrade your team's base up to five times. The upgrades start off being low 
    key, but they ramp up to extremely useful. Your first upgrade bumps up your 
    radar to show enemies. The second spawns extra weapons. The third activates 
    turrets in the corridors leading to your base. The fourth activates mine 
    launchers. The final upgrade strengthens the core of your base, making it 
    invulnerable to attack and forcing would-be destroyers to take out nearby 
    rods before they're able to focus on the core.
    Node - This mode is an extension of Meltdown, in which two teams race to 
    take over as many nodes as possible. Nodes are large chambers that contain 
    several cylinders, you can re-configure the nodes for your team. Once you 
    control a node, you can choose to re-spawn there after you die, adding 
    strategy to the order in which your team goes after them. Meltdowns adds the 
    twist that these nodes are actually coolants for each team's base, so by taking 
    them over, you're overheating the enemy's headquaters. At certain heat levels 
    a base's defenses will temporarily go down, allowing the opposing team to get 
    inside and deal major damage.
    Breach - Breach pits two teams against each other, with both trying to 
    capturing the other's base, but features various nodes on the battlefield 
    that add complexity to the fight. As a team captures a node -- by shooting 
    out posts to make them regenerate in its team color -- part of its base 
    becomes more secure against invaders. For players who want to try to Rambo 
    through these added defenses, they can ignore the nodes, though it will make 
    things much more difficult, and if the other team captures all the nodes, 
    e) Online Rankings
    The game has a full-featured online ranking system with 60 levels of 
    experience, so that a new player who buys Resistance a year after launch will 
    be able to play without having to get torn apart by the guys who bought the 
    game on day one.
    Level 1 - Private
    Level 4 - Private First Class
    Level 7 - Corporal
    Level 10 - Sergeant
    Level 13 - Gunnery Sergeant
    Level 16 - Staff Sergeant
    Level 19 - 1st Sergeant
    Level 22 - Sergeant Major
    Level 25 - Sergeant Major
    Level 28 - SGT Major of The Army
    Level 31 - Lieutenant
    Level 34 - Captain
    Lever 37 - Major
    Level 40 - LT Colonel
    Level 43 - Colonel
    Level 46 - Brigadier General
    Level 49 - Major General
    Level 52 - Lt General
    Level 55 - General
    Level 58 - Supreme Commander
    Level 60 - Supreme Commander Plus 2 PIPs
    f) Online Medals
    Elite Soldier - Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying
    Assassin - Kill 20 enemies in a row without dying
    Fanatic - Compete in 1,000 online matches
    "Unknown" - Compete in 5,000 online matches
    Precise shot - Complete 10 matches with an accuracy of at least 85%
    Unerring aim - Complete 20 matches with an accuracy of at least 85%
    Savant - Play 100 ranked matches and finish first at least 30 times
    Hero - Play 200 ranked matches and finish first at least 60 times
    Legend - Play 300 ranked matches and finish first at least 100 times
    Martial Artist - Get 30 melee kills
    Ninja - Get 60 stealth kills
    Base defender - Get 2000 defensive kills
    Going Commando - Get 100 node or flag captures
    Reclaimer - Get 200 node or flag recaptures
    Helping Hand - Get 100 assists
    Professional - Get 100 headshots
    Nathan Hale - Complete the single player mode
    Ghost - Get 100 stealth kills
    Up Your Arsenal - Get at least 100 kills with every weapon
    Marksman - Get 100 kills with the M5A2 Carbine
    Grenadier - Get 100 kills with grenades
    Shotgunner - Get 100 kills with the Rossmore 236
    Tagger - Get 100 kills with the Bullseye
    Auger Marksman - Get 100 kills with the Auger
    Sharpshooter - Get 100 kills with the L23 Fareye
    BBQ Chef - Get 100 kills with the L11-2 Dragon
    Heavy Weapons Expert - Get 100 kills with the LAARK
    Fry Cook - Get 100 kills with the Arc Charger
    g) Online Ribbons
    3 kills - Kill 3 people in a row without dying
    5 kills - Kill 5 people in a row without dying
    7 kills - Kill 7 people in  a row without dying
    Multiple Kills - Kill 2 or more enemies within a few seconds time
    Melee Kill - Go up to an enemy and kill him by punching him (Triangle)
    Headshot - Kill someone by doing most damage to the head
    Node Recaptures - Kill OR ward off someone who is attacking a node already 
                      captured by your team, then let all the node's reactor 
                      tubes regenerate your teams color.
    Sniper Kill - Kill someone with the L23 Fareye
    Stealth Kill - Sneak up behind an enemy without them seeing you and kill 
                   then with a melee
    Kill A Flag Carrier - Kill an enemy who has possession of your teams flag
    Capture a Flag - Take the other teams flag and return it to your teams 
                     flagpole at your base
    Defender - Kill someone who is attempting to capture a flag, take a node, 
               or shoot out your base node.
    Capture a Node - Shoot, blow out, or nade out all of the node's reactor 
                     tubes, then let it generate its tubes to your teams color
    Return a Flag - Walk or run over your team's flag if is anywhere other than 
                    its base
    Auger Master - Use the Auger gun to kill an enemy through an object such as 
                   a wall, tank, helicopter, floor, (etc), or the auger's 
                   shield (L1)
    Target Bomber - Kill someone with a Hedgehog or frag grenade
    | 4. The Story                                                              |
    Resistance: Fall of Man follows an alternate history where the world did not 
    experience World War II, the Great Depression, or the rise of Communism in 
    Russia. A relative era of peace ensues following the Great War, ending with 
    the revelation of a ruthless and destructive race dubbed the Chimera. In 
    1951, the year in which the game takes place, England finds itself under 
    invasion. Little is known about the Chimera and their origins remain unclear. 
    Both Asia and Europe appear to have already fallen to the Chimera in short 
    order by this time.
    The game follows U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Nathan Hale who is operating in 
    England alongside the British Army. During one particular assault, Hale's 
    unit becomes infected with a Chimeran virus and the soldiers fall into a coma 
    shortly after. Hale appears to be spared as he is the only one that manages 
    to awaken and becomes aware of the Chimeran plot due to the infection inside 
    of him. As a result, he becomes the key figure in a desperate operation that 
    is launched to try and halt the invasion. The next three days are chronicled 
    in the game as the U.S. and British forces band together in a last-ditch 
    effort to save what is left.
    | 5. Weapons                                                                |
    a) Auger 
    A Chimeran developed weapon that fires a bolt of energy. This energy bolt can 
    burrow through solid objects, to impact those behind cover, thus negating 
    cover. The bolts slow down as they move through objects, and a spark of light 
    can be seen, warning potential victims that their cover has been breached. 
    The alternate fire of the Auger is an energy shield that is impenetrable 
    except to other Auger shots.
    b) BullsEye
    A standard assault weapon developed by Chimera. The twist of the weapon is 
    its alternate fire: the tag. By firing a tag, bullets now home in on the tag. 
    This allows smart players to hit the enemy, then hide in cover, bending their 
    bullets around cover to still hit enemies. Firing the Bullseye into a wall or 
    object, however, creates a potential 'Bullseye-Bomb'. Bullets will home into 
    the target, and swarm about to form a sphere of bullets. You can then fire it 
    at an enemy, and the swarm of bullets will track down the locked-on enemy. If 
    bullets remain in the swarm when the enemy dies, the swarm will hover in the 
    air, until the Bullseye is fired again.
    c) L23 Far Eye 
    Another human weapon, the Far Eye is a sniper rifle. While aiming through the 
    scope, the game simulates heightened reflexes by slowing down time while the 
    player can aim normally. The Far Eye will be available for multiplayer, but 
    the ability to slow down time will not be included.
    d) XR-003 Sapper 
    The Sapper is a unique weapon which is said to be reverse-engineered from 
    Chimeran technology, and produced by humans. It fires unstable sticky 'goo-
    balls', which explode when someone moves nearby. The balls can stick 
    together, even creating chains that dangle from the roof. The alternate fire 
    is used for manual detonation.
    e) Hailstorm 
    The Hailstorm is Resistance's take on the minigun. Its rapid storm of fire 
    can ricochet from walls, increasing its lethality in confined combat. It's 
    alternate fire converts the remaining contents of the clip into a turret that 
    auto-targets and fires at enemies.
    f) LAARK 
    The LAARK rocket launcher is unique in that its primary fire releases a 
    singular powerful rocket, but its secondary fire is able to spread its 
    contents into a number of miniature rockets. The weapon can also be slowed 
    down, and even stopped midflight. And whilst paused, its trajectory can be 
    modified, to fire around corners, or over barricades. This weapon has been 
    confirmed for online play.
    g) M5A2 Carbine 
    The M5A2 Carbine is the standard issue human machine gun with a 40 mm grenade 
    launcher attachment.
    h) Rossmore 236 
    The Rossmore 236 is the basic shotgun. It can be fired single barrel or 
    double barrel.
    i) Reaper 
    A weapon that is a new twist on an old standby: dual-wielding pistols. While 
    most games have both pistols aimed in the same direction, the Reapers are 
    capable of independent firing. Consider R1 the right hand and L1 the left 
    hand. When you hold down both buttons, the reticule splits off into two 
    individual reticules. Your hands sweep the area, and a modest auto-lock from 
    each pistol will then latch onto whatever enemy crosses its path. This is 
    great for taking on lots of small Chimera.
    j) L11-2 Dragon 
    The L11-2 Dragon is a standard flamethrower. Its alternate fire has been 
    labeled as a vapor cloud. No further information exists at the moment.
    k) Arc Charger 
    The Arc Charger is a high-powered gun used by elite Chimeran soldiers. It 
    shoots a bolt of lightning. The alternate fire allows said lightning to arc 
    to nearby enemies.
    l) Grenade 
    Well...It’s a grenade, nothing fancy.
    m) Hedgehog  
    The Hedgehog is a Chimeran take on a grenade. When deployed the Hedgehog will 
    launch upwards and explode, hurling spikes in every direction.
    n) Backlash Grenade
    Submitted by: khan00, and Eric
    Found in the Manchester Cathedral level. This grenade releases an energy 
    ‘bubble’ around where it lands. This bubble constantly damages any enemies 
    caught inside and repels their shots back at them. Players use this grenade as 
    a form of cover by going into the bubble and firing with human weapons at 
    enemies, as only Chimeran weapons are repelled by the bubble. They can also use 
    them quite effectively in singleplayer by throwing them at a group of Chimera, 
    enveloping the Chimera in the shield, and letting the Chimera kill themselves.
    o) Air-Fuel Grenade
    Submitted by: Khan00, and Ben
    found in one of the Northern Command levels. This grenade is a type of fuel
    air explosive that releases and ignites a cloud of flammable vapor to 
    burn enemies. The grenade also has the ability to stick to surfaces and 
    p) Splitter
    Main fire: Press: Fire; Hold: stops bullets
    Alt fire: Splits each bullet into 3 bullets, can be done many times (around 
    4) resulting in a wall of fire (around 81 bullets spread out firing in one 
    direction)  This gun has quickly become a favorite for taking down the elites 
    in the last two levels (you can take out 5-6 of them with one shot.)
    | 6. The Vehicles                                                           |
    a) M-12 Sabertooth
    This is a human tank little has been known about it until the release of the 
    “Close Quarters Combat” video on IGN. Seems to be like a M12 Abrams tank of 
    our day and age. When firing the main cannon you will have to wait a small 
    period of time before you are able to fire indicated by a small bar in the 
    bottom left of the screen. As with the passenger’s seat and its 50 cal. 
    (presumably) turret if you fire it for to long it seems it will overheat also 
    indicated by a small bar in the bottom right hand corner.
    b) Jeep
    Human jeep very similar to the one in the actual timeline, no footage has 
    been released to this date of anyone driving it however reporters say it is 
    very Halo-ish to drive. This is speculation but I think the same turret is on 
    both vehicles thereby same overheat feature and destruction.
    c) Stalker
    A large hydraulic vehicle with four main legs which appear to be double if to 
    triple jointed. Sporting frontal based torrent which seems to shoot the same 
    type of munitions as the bullseye however with much more power. There are 
    more or less 3 main ways to take a stalker out 1) heavy weaponry and quick 
    frontal assaults 2) jumping around constantly and letting out short bursts 3) 
    there is a weak point on the back of a stalker where its power cells are 
    placed which is easily destructible.
    d) UH-17 Atlas VTOL
    VTOL Stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing. First patented by Nikola Tesla 
    in 1928 it was originally invented as a transportation aircraft. In 1925 WPA 
    accelerates production and development of this aircraft. However the UH-17 
    gains a reputation of being very hard to fly and flips many times during test 
    flights. In 1937 the problem with the UH-17 are resolved, as a result the 
    flight safety record of the craft instantly increases and it is finally 
    deemed safe and reliable.
    | 7. Characters                                                             |
    a) Nathan Hale
    Hale was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in November 1922. Shortly after 
    his birth, his parents succumbed to lingering complications from the 
    influenza epidemic of 1918. Without nearby relatives, he was declared a ward 
    of the state. After drifting through a series of odd jobs, Hale enlisted in 
    the U.S. Army where he was elected to the Inaugural Ranger Orientation Program.
    During a live-fire exercise, he led an unconventional gambit against a mock 
    target, which resulted in the deaths of most of his candidate group as well 
    as several Army observers. Hale himself sustained grievous injuries. The 
    incident was attributed to faulty munitions. Hale's rehabilitation was 
    conducted at the Army's Higgins Trauma Center in Montana. After dozens of 
    intensive operations and exhaustive physical therapy, he finally returned to 
    active duty. After-action reports consistently described Hale as fearless in 
    combat, an inventive tactician, and an able squad leader. Commanding officers 
    rewarded him with increasingly higher-risk missions. Despite his successes, 
    Army psychologists expressed concern over what they perceived as Hale's 
    growing death wish.
    The U.S. Army deployed in Britain to face the Chimeran threat. No sooner had 
    they landed than thousands of soldiers were incapecitated by the Chimeran 
    virus. Hale was the only victim to recover.
    b) Rachel Parker
    The daughter of a three-star general, Rachel Parker was restationed too often 
    to ever know what a home was. The lifestyle was too much for her mother to 
    bear; she left when Parker was six. Parker became inseperable from her 
    father. Despite her desire to join him in the military, he steered her 
    instead toward a university education. Her eagerness to impress him led her 
    all the way to the theoretical physics department at Oxford. Before Parker 
    could graduate, her father offered her the job she always wanted with British 
    Army Intelligence. The Chimeran threat was just becoming known in British 
    Intelligence circles and he needed someone he could trust to be a liaison for 
    the military.
    Parker and her father worked closely together at British Central Command 
    until the Chimera invaded England and attacked the base. Parker's father died 
    helping her escape. She has continued to serve on the front lines in the war 
    against the Chimera. Her brilliance at collecting and interpreting strategic 
    intelligence is the only weapon that hasn't failed against them. Parker has 
    long since become accustomed to losing everything she's ever cared for. 
    Still, she feels it might be different with Hale. She wants to believe the 
    war against the Chimera can still be won. She finds herself willing to 
    support long shots, even if they are American.
    c) Menial
    These worker Chimera are not a pleasent sight, but are mainly harmless. 
    However if they gang up they can be deadly. They are slaves to the other 
    chimeras and work in workshops that have been set up around England by the 
    Chimera. They often transport items around on their back, and most of these 
    are explosive. (So have fun)
    d) Hybrid
    The Hybrid is the standard fighting force for the Chimera, they have guns and 
    survive with the lit tubes on their backs that apperantly contain an unknown 
    Gas essential for Chimera life, this can be found in many discriptions of the 
    tubes flying off and giving off a voilent hiss, and the Chimera Dieing. They 
    attack either with gunfire or violent blows with the butt of their gun. Their 
    name 'Hybrid' Prokes many questions. What are they a Hybrid of? The Most 
    likely answer is that these are the Chimera that are mentioned as human 
    mutations from the Chimera mutagen. In a video interveiw a sony rep said 
    'There will also be bigger Hybrids...' is he refering to Grey jacks (It would 
    Appear not as he refers to Grey jacks as Grey jacks later in the video) or 
    are there variations within this group.
    e) Robo-Hybrid
    As you can guess by the name ive given it, i dont know an awfull lot about 
    this guy, he sports the fancy new weapon 'Arc-Charger'. These will be fought 
    mainly towards the end of the game.
    f) Chimera Elite
    Just like the Hybrid, however they feature various body armour including an 
    advanced headset connected to his life-pack. Possibly this increases 
    accuracy. The Pack on his back now isnt as vunerable as the regular grunts 
    and is compressed into a single stalk. Their Skin is a more yellow pigment, 
    suggesting unlike the Hybrids these are 100% Chimera?
    g) Gray Jack 
    These appear alot less common than the two above, and have some startling 
    abilitys. The main difference is the lack on a open 'Life-Pack' due to the 
    fact they appear to have grown a skin over them, eliminating a possible 
    Vunerability. They Also Posses, Dispite their 'Lanky' appearence, Incredible 
    strength. Gamespot Described them as being able to tear a man in half with 
    relative ease. They Also vary in size. Ina screenshot found here you can see 
    Gray Jacks that are quite alot shorter than the one strangling the soldier. 
    Their origin may be closer to home than space. In an underground level you 
    see them emerging from tubes, It has been hinted at that certain levels will 
    be in Chimerian buildings/Ships. But the facts theres live soldiers in the 
    room with the Grey jack suggests its a human building. Did WE make Grey 
    h) Titans
    Titans are huge cumbersome foes. They are usually alone or with a small group 
    of hybrids, and they have a massive flamethrower grafted onto their arm.
    i) Angel
    Submitted by: khan00 
    All thats known about this guy is that he hangs around Chimerian strongholds 
    and shoots using one of his tenticles. These creatures haven't been shown to 
    attack in the collective five seconds we've seen them.  They appear to be a
    jellyfish looking creature.
    j) Leapers
    Smaller, But come in large numbers. These Chimera are more familiar in 
    appearance to Spiders. They swarm the player and fellow soldiers, often 
    climbing on their persons. Apart From jumping at the player, they appear to 
    also be able to impale ones head with their sharpened legs. Possible 
    Variations lie within this group, but yet unannounced.
    k) Howler
    These are alien-like-dogs. This twisted creature is big and deadly and had an 
    annoying penchant for ramming its targets. Worse still was its equally 
    troublesome ability to live up to its namesake and call in reinforcements.
    l) Widowmaker
    These stomp into battles decapitating, and dismembering anyone who gets in 
    their way. These are often taken down by the 'Stalker' a mechanical spider 
    like contraption riden by humans. This is the type that appeared in the E3 
    2005 Video.
    m) The Burrower
    This is only seen very breifly at the end of the Official Trailer Released By 
    Insomniac at E3 06. It obviously cant be stopped by solid walls, however the 
    only part visible was some sort of drill. Upon further investigation, just 
    before the trailer fades out you can see that there is a deffinate joint that 
    just sneaks in shot. Is it a giant robot? Only time will tell. There is an 
    argument it could be a Chimerian ship.
    n) SlipSkulls
    These Creepy looking Chimera can scuttle up walls and roofs shooting down 
    from above, often giving them a few seconds advantage before you find them. 
    Apperantly they appear in mainly dark areas. (Lucky us)
    | 8. Reviews                                                                |
    a) IGN's Latest Review
    November 10, 2006 - Owners of some gaming systems have to wait years 
    before they get a true "killer app," but PlayStation 3 users get theirs on 
    day one. Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man is far and away the most 
    impressive title on the console -- delivering on everything that it promised 
    with a strong single-player experience, plenty of kick-ass multiplayer 
    options, and stellar gameplay mechanics that equal those found in other elite 
    shooters. But being like "other elite shooters" isn't what makes Resistance 
    so compelling... it's what separates it from competitors that does.
    On the exterior, Fall of Man doesn't look all that different. Take a few 
    steps away from your television with squinted eyes and you could mistake it 
    for Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. But do yourself a favor, open those 
    peepers up and step towards the screen because Resistance doesn't pay homage 
    to World War II... it attempts something on a scale of much larger 
    It's July 1951, and the mysterious "Chimera" has overrun Europe. Originally 
    having conquered Russia in the '30s, the bizarre alien race has moved 
    westward to infect the entire European continent with a virus that transforms 
    its people into ugly gun-wielding monsters. Sure World War II never happened, 
    but humanity's cities still fell -- replaced by the rubble of what came 
    before it and giant tower-like structures of unknown origin. In the midst of 
    this mess players assume the role of Sergeant Nathan Hale, a tough-as-nails 
    American soldier that joined Britain's final defense effort. But what secrets 
    is Hale hiding and more importantly, what Chimeran secrets will he help the 
    British uncover?
    And so begins Fall of Man's overarching storyline; a narrative that benefits 
    from talented voice actors, multiple in-game cutscenes, and a series of old-
    school "freeze frame" transitions. Though there aren't too many surprises to 
    be found across the game's 20-plus chapters, the plot still plays out well 
    and has interesting, albeit few, main characters. It's likely that by the 
    time you get to the end of this 12-15 hour experience, it was because you 
    were compelled to find out what Hale and the Chimera were really all about... 
    even if the story's ending is a little unclear and open-ended.
    One of the primary reasons' that Resistance's plot works so well is because 
    of how effective its atmosphere is. The game is surprisingly creepy and has a 
    decent portion of cheap scares and explorations of dark, winding corridors. 
    Walking through a wasteland of human bodies, avoiding super-fast crawler-
    things, and reacting to hidden snipers keeps you on your toes at all times... 
    as does the realization that the farther into the game you get, the less 
    human the world becomes.
    Further enhancing the atmosphere are the visuals themselves. Though they're 
    certainly not the most impressive we've ever seen, they're still pretty 
    powerful and accomplish a number of remarkable technical feats. The framerate 
    is locked at 30 the whole way through and doesn't falter anywhere... ever. In 
    fact, regardless of how many enemies and moving objects were on the screen at 
    one time, there wasn't a single frame hitch the entire way through. Oh, and 
    since we're talking about enemies and objects, there are scores of them -- 
    Chimera, British soldiers, tanks, VTOLs, debris, tracers, explosions, and 
    plenty of other moving and stationary are everywhere with alarming frequency. 
    Each and every environment is noticeably different from one another as well, 
    and while the texture work isn't overly detailed, it still looks pretty good. 
    Of course, being that Fall of Man is a first-person shooter, it's the 
    gameplay that matters most and thankfully, Resistance has that in spades.
    At its heart, Fall of Man feels a lot like TimeSplitters -- offering quick, 
    twitchy movement and high-speed targets that test your defensive reactions as 
    often as they test your trigger finger. The default control configuration and 
    its sensitivity work great too, and Insomniac has done a stellar job of 
    encapsulating the feeling of wielding heavy and light weapons via onscreen 
    responses. Part of the success here can also be attributed to the sheer 
    number of options that the developers have assigned to the SIXAXIS without 
    the need for menus. Switching weapons is a breeze (just tap R2), as is 
    bringing up the map (tilt the controller to the left) or checking the 
    multiplayer stat screen (tilt right). You can even rid yourself of targeting 
    tags, fan out fires that have caught your back, or wrestle yourself loose 
    from the grip of enemies by shaking the SIXAXIS like a maniac.
    The real stars of the show, however, are the weapons. As Insomniac has proven
     before with its Ratchet and Clank series, this team knows how to design 
    varied and interesting instruments of destruction and have done so again 
    here. Whether you're wielding the game's first weapon or its last, there's 
    always a new gun to shoot or a new tactic to try out (it's likely impossible 
    to finish the game using only one or two selections, you'll have to use most 
    if not all weapons at multiple points). Just a few examples of what players 
    can expect: A sniper rifle that can slow down time (L23 Fareye), cannons that 
    shoot needle-like subsonic bolts which bounce off surfaces (XR-005 
    Hailstorm), and a mine-launcher that shoots organic slime bombs that can be 
    detonated remotely as makeshift plastic explosives. There are more than a 
    dozen different weapons like these in all, including a hidden assortment that 
    won't unlock until you've beaten the game.
    As great as the weapons are, they wouldn't matter much if the enemies you 
    faced off against didn't provide any kind of resistance (ahem). The good news 
    is that the enemies ARE tough. In fact, the AI in Resistance is pretty decent 
    and it makes for quite a challenging time. Some Chimeran soldiers, for 
    example, are smart enough to take cover, change strategic positions, or team 
    up with other monsters in an effort to kill you dead. Granted, their level of 
    intelligence isn't going to blow you away (a large portion of the "first 
    half" enemies dawdle about just waiting to be shot after ambushing you), but 
    it's still good enough to offer surprises and should give even veterans of 
    the genre a thumb workout. Oh, and there's a huge variety of enemies too -- 
    from low-level grunts and Ghostbuster-like demon dogs to enormous cannon-
    wielding giants and towering spider-creatures.
    As strong as everything in Resistance is, the real standout factor in the 
    experience is its multiplayer. Simply put, it's incredible. Jacked in from 
    multiple locations (via broadband Internet connection) we were consistently 
    able to enjoy 30-40 player games with no noticeable lag whatsoever (Insomniac 
    did a fantastic job of hiding what little latency there appears to be). And 
    while all these opponents made for crazy all-out wars, the multiplayer 
    options are flexible enough to allow users to scale maps downward to 
    accommodate smaller parties (40, 32, 24, 16 map types), choose Chimeran or 
    Human sides (complete with unique abilities), and alter the rules to allow 
    for a multitude of possibilities.
    But match customization and excellent 40-person play isn't the only thing 
    that Resistance has going for it -- it also has strongly-designed maps, a 
    countless number of trackable stats, a Battlefield-like ranking system (60 
    ranks in total), clan creation support for up to 200 members, and several 
    different modes that include standard Deathmatch, Meltdown (aka "Battle of 
    the Node Control", Breach ("Destroy your opponent's Base", Capture the Flag, 
    Team Deathmatch, and Conversion ("Last Man Standing". Buddies can even team 
    up on the same machine and play through the single-player game via split-
    screen, or go head to head with three other users for four-player versions of 
    the online features.
    As you can tell, we found Resistance to be a heck of a good time, but it did 
    offer up a few disappointing moments. For example, players can and will find 
    several areas in the game that consist of just walking -- a sort of "do 
    nothing" jaunt to the next big action sequence. These are meant to be 
    breathers, sure, but midway through the story it comes across as an 
    unnecessary way to extend stage time longer than it had to be. It's also 
    disappointing that most user-controlled vehicles (which include tanks, jeeps, 
    and a few other surprises) are so incredibly powerful that, unless you're 
    playing on hard, will totally dominate an otherwise-challenging enemy. Throw 
    in the fact that co-op can only be enjoyed offline (online co-op is becoming 
    more and more common these days) and the ending disappointment I mentioned 
    earlier, and you have a less than perfect game. 
    Closing Comments
    But let's be honest, Resistance doesn't have to be perfect to be fun, and fun 
    is exactly what it is. From start to finish, Fall of Man is one hell of an 
    outstanding roller coaster ride that every last PS3 owner needs for day one. 
    Epic boss battles (the final few are crazy!), ever-changing scenery, 
    addictive weaponry, and a unique thematic are just a few of the reasons 
    Resistance stands out. But above all else, it's the multiplayer elements that 
    truly ascend this one to the next level. It's a must have for sure.
    b) User Reviews
         Submitted By: Yazu13
    Resistance: Fall of Man delivers on all fronts with a visceral and entertaining 
    experience like no other. 
    With the PS3 well on it's way to the households of the good old USA, it's first 
    killer app comes with it, and that killer app is Resistance: Fall of Man. With 
    it's great graphics, inventive weapons, and Insomniac's new sense of gravitas 
    mixed into it, this game is an experience that will last you quite awhile. 
    But, to put it right out there without using advanced words like "gravitas", 
    this game is downright fun with enough enjoyment to be derived for weeks at a 
    time, not to mention the neverending fun that online provides.
    The story revolves around Nathan Hale, a US sergeant who is brought into a 
    war that the British are having with an unknown and monstrous new species 
    known as the Chimera. The game is set in an alternate reality version of 1951 
    in Europe where World War II never happened, but a war of massive proportions 
    is still going on between all of mankind and the aforementioned Chimera, thus 
    setting the stage for Resistance's battles and overall feel and experience.
    Production values are through the roof on this one. With constant activity and 
    polished and well-thought out effects, this game creates the perfect ambiance 
    for it's story and sense of destruction. You really feel as though unknown 
    creatures have sprung up and destroyed Europe without mercy.
    While it's not the prettiest game out there, it provides the perfect atmosphere 
    that almost can't be beat, that is to say that a lot of things are done well, 
    and they look really good too. The texture work could use some improving, but 
    character models all look really good and freakishly detailed, the environment 
    is rich with the detail that could be found in the tattered remains of a city, 
    and overall, everything looks really, really good, save for looking at some 
    objects up close.
    This game was fine-tuned to the very last piece of data. It's framerate stays 
    at a nice 30 frames/second throughout the entire single-player campaign, 
    during all of the co-op levels (you can play through the entire single player 
    campaign cooperatively), and even online, giving Sony a nice foothold for 
    it's new online plan, and also giving us a taste of what it's capable of. 
    Also, it runs perfectly. With no flaws in the design whatsoever, this game 
    is truly a masterpiece. Good job Insomniac!
    A killer app isn't complete without sound, is it? Well, Resistance doesn't skip 
    on this. With realistic sound booming from every corner of the battlefield, 
    this game has a stellar sound design that will undoubtedly make you euphoric. 
    So, go out and get some surround sound speakers, because this game will put 
    them to the test.
    While nigh a first-person shooter has come out in awhile to really re-invent 
    the genre gameplay-wise, this game comes close with innovative and fun weapons, 
    a great feel, and perfect handling. The guys at Insomniac really went all out 
    on this one. Also, while the Chimeras aren't rocket scientists, they do provide 
    a good challenge and will occasionally surprise you by flanking and ambushing 
    you. As well as that, they all act believable and have some of the best physics 
    ever seen for enemies (or allies for that matter), so if you shoot, blow up, 
    or burn an enemy, they will act realistically and flail about in an incredibly 
    believeable way, adding that much more pleasure out of fragging the opposition.
    Lasting Appeal
    With online support for 40 people at a time, co-op play through the entire 
    single player game, and a lengthy campaign to boot, this is the gift that keeps 
    on giving. Also, on top of that, the story is intriguing and cryptic, giving 
    you incentive to play through the entire game to find out where everything ends 
    up, and even enough to play through it again since along with story snippets in 
    the form of documents and such, you also get some nice secret weapons after 
    beating the game on medium difficulty. So, believe me when I say this: This game
    will have you glued to your TV for quite awhile!
    So, in short, this game is the definitive FPS experience. With great production 
    values, a stellar sound design, an insane value with hours upon hours of 
    gameplay, this truly is the PS3's first killer app. If you can snag yourself 
    a PS3, then be sure to check this game out. You won't be disappointed. 
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    | 10. Frequently Asked Questions                                            |
    |Q| Can I save two single or co-op games on Resistance.
    |A| No, you can only save one single player and one co-op per account on the 
    PS3, if you want to save more than one game, open another XMB account to save
    another game.
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