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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

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    Resistance: Fall of Man
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba 
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: Playstation 3
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba
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    Instruction Manual Introduction
    The Chimeran threat began in Russia. The origin of the virus is unknown, but
    its effects were devastating and swift. In the 1930's reports of biological
    experiments began leaking out of Russia, then reports of villages destroyed
    overnight, then entire cities. We feared the Russians had developed a weapon of
    unparalleled power. The truth was far worse. The Chimera stayed sealed within
    Russia for over a decade. Then, in 1949, they launhed an attack that over-
    whelmed all of Europe in a matter of weeks. For seveal months we thought 
    England was safe. But in October of 1950 the Chimera burrowed under the 
    channel. We had prepared for them, but in three months time the war was lost.
    We abandoned the cities to the Chimera and retreated to scattered military
    bases and outposts. The Chimera had won.
    On July the 11th, 1951, the Americans launched an assault on the Eastern coast
    of England. On the second wave of that assault was a Sergeant named Nathan
    Hale. The actions of that Ranger have become a matter of both scrunity and
    myth. What follows are the known events of his life from July 11th to July the
    14th, the day he was last seen.
    1 - Update History
    2 - About This FAQ
    3 - Controls
      3.1 - Player Controls
      3.2 - Vehicle Controls
    4 - Weapons
    5 - Enemies
    6 - Walkthrough
      6.01 - York
        6.01.01 - Operation Deliverance
        6.01.02 - A Lone Survivor
        6.01.03 - Spires
      6.02 - Grimsby
        6.02.01 - Fates Worse Than Death
        6.02.02 - Conversion
        6.02.03 - Hunted Down
      6.03 - Manchester
        6.03.01 - Path of Least Resistance
        6.03.02 - Cathedral
        6.03.03 - Outgunned
      6.04 - Nottingham
        6.04.01 - Into the Fire
        6.04.02 - Conduits
        6.04.03 - Viper's Nest
      6.05 - Cheshire
        6.05.01 - No Way Out
        6.05.02 - Secrets
        6.05.03 - Angel
      6.06 - Somerset
        6.06.01 - Search and Rescue
        6.06.02 - Common Ground
        6.06.03 - A Disturbing Discovery
      6.07 - Bristol
        6.07.01 - Devil at the Door
        6.07.02 - Evacuation
        6.07.03 - Parting Ways
      6.08 - Bracknell
        6.08.01 - Into The Depths
        6.08.02 - In A Darker Place
      6.09 - London: Outskirts
        6.09.01 - A Desperate Gamble
        6.09.02 - Ice and Iron
      6.10 - London: River Thames
        6.01.01 - Burning Bridges
        6.10.02 - On the Ice
        6.10.03 - Giant Slayer
      6.11 - London: Chimeran Tower
        6.11.01 - Angel's Lair
        6.11.02 - Last Hope
        6.11.03 - The Core
    7 - Skill Points
    8 - Intel Locations
    9 - Online Information
      9.01 - General Information
      9.02 - Weapons in Online
      9.03 - Game Modes
      9.04 - Ranks / Rewards
    10 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    V. 1.0 - 3/16/2007 - First uploaded, skill points to be added soon.
    v. 1.2 - 3/18/2007 - Skill points added, re-uploaded with updating this section
    v. 2.0 - 4/04/2007 - Added an Intel specific area where I can catalog all of
    the intel that me and my friend found that wasnt in the walkthrough. Also have
    begun work on detailing the online portion of this as I just started playing
    there. I have also organized the walkthrough a bit better.
    2. About This FAQ
    Im honestly surprised that there isnt already a FAQ for this game. Since I am
    about to embark on my fourth playthrough, I figured I may as well write a FAQ
    for this game along the way.
    FAQ Introduction
    Resistance: Fall of Man is the Playstation 3's flagship title. As its only
    really good launch title, Resistance is a FPS of high quality. While not an
    incredibly innovative game, it has some really cool things going on for it, the
    most notable of these are the weapons. Sure, the enemies get a tad repetitive
    by the time the game is over, but the chaos of this game more than makes up for
    it in my mind.
    3. Controls
    3.1 - Player Controls
    Left Analog Stick - Move character / Strafe
    Right Analog Stick - Turn character / Look up or down
    Select - Intelligence Menu / Also lists mission name and objective.
    Start - Game Menu
    Square - Reload
    Triangle - Action button / Melee attack
    Circle - Throw Grenade
    X - Jump
    L1 - Alternate Weapon Fire
    L2 - Crouch (While held)
    R1 - Primary Weapon Fire
    R2 - Tap for quick weapon change, hold for weapon select
    L3 - Not used / Voice chat (online only)
    R3 - Zoom in (certain weapons only)
    Directional Pad
    Up / Down - Switch grenade up or down
    Left - Activate partner marker
    Right - Weapon spotlight
    Sixaxis note - Shaking the controller from side to side will dislodge enemies.
    These can all be changed via the in game menu.
    3.2 - Vehicle Controls
    M12 Sabertooth - Tank
    Left Analog Stick - Move Forward / Backward
    Right Analog Stick - Aim / Turn Turret
    Triangle - Enter / Exit Tank
    Circle - Enter Turret
    L1 - Fire Machine Gun
    R1 - Fire Main Cannon / Fire Turret
    Co-Op Controls
    Right Analog Stick - Aim Turret
    R1 - Fire Turret
    LU-P Lynx - Jeep
    Left Analog Stick - Steer Vehicle
    Right Analog Stick - Look Around (has no effect on direction travelled)
    Square - Brake / Reverse
    Triangle - Enter / Exit Lynx
    Circle - Enter Passenger Seat
    X - Accelerate
    L1 - Emergency Brake
    R1 - Fire Gun (passenger seat only)
    R2 - Accelerate
    Co-Op Controls
    Right Analog Stick - Aim Turret
    R1 - Fire Turret
    Stalker - Chimeran Tank
    Left Analog Stick - Move Stalker
    Right Analog Stick - Look Around / Aim Weapons
    Triangle - Enter / Exit Stalker
    Circle - Enter Gun Turret
    X - Dash (Temporary burst of speed)
    L1 - Launch Missle
    R1 - Fire Machine Gun
    Co-Op Controls
    Right Analog Stick - Aim Turret
    R1 - Fire Turret
    4. Weapons
    M5A2 Carbine - This is the standard issue rifle of the U.S. Army Rangers and it
    is going to be your main weapon throughout most of the game. It does decent
    damage, fires very quickly and it has good accuracy, even across long distances
    (especially when zoomed in). As you get better at the game, you will use this
    more and the Bullseye less, ammo allowing, due to this accuracy.
    R1 - Fires carbine (hold it down for sustained fire)
    L1 - Fires the underslung grenade launcher - This is like a frag grenade, but
    it doesnt fly as far and it explodes on contact. This is great for clearing out
    a small group of enemies that are getting in your face.
    Bullseye - And this is the standard issue weapon for Chimera Hybrids. It fires
    rapidly, moreso than the Carbine even. However, this comes at the cost of it
    not firing anywhere near as accurately as the Carbine. Even when you are zoomed
    in you are likely going to miss as much as you hit. It makes up for this by
    having a great alternate fire. You will likely use this alot as you get used to
    the game and the controls, especially since ammo for it is usually quite
    plentiful, what with the hybrids being everywhere.
    R1 - Fires Bullseye (hold it down for sustained fire)
    L1 - Fire a tag - Once this tag has made contact with an enemy all further
    shots will go straight to this enemy, even turning corners to do so. This does
    have limits and it will only turn once so learn how to use it well.
    * Special note - You will hear of something called a Bullseye trap. This is a  
    special way to use the Bullseye, more of a novelty than anything else. What you
    do is fire a tag at the floor or some other inanimate object and then continue
    to hold down the L1 button. After a few moments you will hear the beep of the
    tag connecting, even though it would normally count as a miss if it didnt hit
    a living enemy. Now all shots you fire will go at this place causing any of the
    bullets you fired to swirl around, almost like an atom. If you then fire a
    second tag at an enemy, the trap will fly towards them and do some pretty heavy
    damage. Like I said, more of a novelty, but it does get you a skillpoint in one
    of the areas.
    Rossmore 236 Shotgun - The standard fare shotgun in a FPS game, the Rossmore
    will come in quite handy at several points in the game. It does alot of damage
    but only up close so make use of that. Also, take note that you cannot carry
    alot of ammo for it, so use it sparingly. I myself prefer to save it for when I
    will have to fight off a Greyjack or Howler, or when I am expecting to be in
    tight quarters with hybrids or steelheads. It also does work wonders at getting
    rid of large groups of Leapers and Rollers.
    Although it can be fun to drop a large group of menials with the alt-fire...
    R1 - Fire a single barrel
    L1 - Fire both barrels at once - This causes you to go through the six shot
    clip quicker, and it kills the weapon accuracy, but if you are in an enemies
    face its a guaranteed kill against many enemies and the best way to fight the
    super fast Greyjacks.
    Augur - This rifle does alot of damage and it shoots through walls. How cool is
    that? When aiming the gun through a wall, your targetting reticule will turn
    red when it is lined up with an enemy so start shooting. I suggest waving it
    side to side when you do this as the enemy will likely move after being hit
    once. Something to note is that it does more damage with each object it passes
    through, so if someone is only half visible due to them standing behind a wall,
    shoot the wall with the Augur and you get bonus damage.
    R1 - Fires the Augur
    L1 - Creates a force barrier - This barrier stops all enemy bullets except for
    Augur shots, so you can shoot through it at enemies while having cover. Beware
    that enemy Augur shots can go through as well. If an enemy moves through the
    barrier, they will take light damage.
    L23 Fareye - The staple sniper rifle is here, but it has a few tricks up its
    sleeve in this game. The only use for this is to snipe, and you dont get alot
    of ammo, so dont ever use it in close range. When you zoom in with this gun by
    hitting R3, you look through the scope. Press up or down on the d-pad to zoom
    in or out at a slow pace. Tap right to fully zoom in at once or left to fully
    zoom out. Make judicious use of the alternate fire as well.
    R1 - Fire a single shot
    L1 - Enter concentration mode - By holding down R1 you character will focus and
    all time will slow down except for your aiming. This allows you to make head-
    shots on the Chimera that would normally be impossible due to how fast they
    move at times. Only go for headshots or you are wasting ammo, since it takes
    one headshot to kill a hybrid, but two body shots. Since you can only carry 
    about 20 shots or so, dont waste any.
    XR - OO5 Hailstorm - The hailstorm is the Resistance equivalent of a chaingun
    but with a key differences. The shots will ricochet off of walls and bounce
    around off of inanimate objects for a limited time or until they hit something
    organic. This isnt actually very useful in all reality and you are better off
    using one of the rifles (carbine or bullseye). The secondary fire is the best
    part of this one, so make good use of it.
    R1 - Fire shards continuously as long as the button is held down.
    L1 - Fire off the remaining shots as an auto-turret - This is actually the only
    good part of the weapon. This will fire off the rest of your current clip a
    short distance from you as a ball before it hovers in the air and acts as a
    turret. It isnt the smartest attack, as it will shoot the closest enemy rather
    than the most easily struck target. But when there are a bunch of enemies that
    are closing in on your position it can seriously damage the enemies and cut a
    few of them down.
    IR - 003 Sapper - The Sapper should really be called "Leaper slayer" because
    that is the single best use of this weapon. When fired it produces a large ball
    of... goo(?) that explodes when an enemy comes into contact with it. It doesnt
    do all that much damage, but when you fire a bunch of them they fuse together
    and do quite a bit more damage. However, since it only takes one to kill a
    Leaper you will find that it is the best way to take out the hordes of them
    that pour out at you.
    R1 - Launch a mine ball
    L1 - Explode targetted mine / Hold to detonate all of your mines - This is 
    basically useless. If you have any unexploded ones you dont need, just let them
    blow up on their own.
    L209 LAARK - This is the requisite rocket launcher, except that in this case it
    has a few surprises that make it better than normal. When fired, a rocket will
    go at whatever you have it aimed it and it does a huge amount of damage. The
    big drawback against rocket launchers has always been the problem of missing
    with them. They solve this by giving you the ability to use its alternate fire
    to re-aim it or you can split the rocket into a bunch of mini-rockets that will
    devastate an area.
    R1 - Fire a rocket (be careful as there are only two per clip) / If you double
    tap the R1 button, the rocket will split into mortars and explode over an area.
    L1 - Handbrake - By holding this you can halt your rockets forward movement and
    aim the rocket again. When you let go of R1 it will speed off in the new place
    where it is aimed at.
    Bullseye Mk II - And right here we have the Bullseyes big brother and boy is he
    the better one. After you get this, most other guns are no longer of any real
    importance. This essentially an overclocked Bullseye, that does quite a bit
    more damage. If you dont believe me, wait till you get hit by one. But other
    than the damage, its the same weapon.
    R1 - Fires Bullseye (hold it down for sustained fire)
    L1 - Fire a tag - Once this tag has made contact with an enemy all further
    shots will go straight to this enemy, even turning corners to do so. This does
    have limits and it will only turn once so learn how to use it well.
    * Special note - You will hear of something called a Bullseye trap. This is a  
    special way to use the Bullseye, more of a novelty than anything else. What you
    do is fire a tag at the floor or some other inanimate object and then continue
    to hold down the L1 button. After a few moments you will hear the beep of the
    tag connecting, even though it would normally count as a miss if it didnt hit
    a living enemy. Now all shots you fire will go at this place causing any of the
    bullets you fired to swirl around, almost like an atom. If you then fire a
    second tag at an enemy, the trap will fly towards them and do some pretty heavy
    damage. Like I said, more of a novelty, but it does get you a skillpoint in one
    of the areas.
    Frag Grenade - Standard issue grenade you find in most games. You throw it and
    it bounces around when it lands. After a short delay it explodes. When you are
    throwing it, make sure you know where it is going so that it doesnt bounce past
    the enemy you are trying to hit. I usually aim for the ground and throw there,
    trying to make it bounce near the enemies.
    Hedgehog Grenade - Id have to say that this is probably the most reliable of 
    the grenades in this game. When thrown, it goes a short distance before it will
    hover in mid-air for a moment and then explode. This sends spikes flying in all
    directions and does some pretty wicked damage. It will hurt you too, so just be
    sure you have cover or it is going far enough away where it doesnt matter.
    Air-Fuel Grenade - This is probably the most damaging of the grenades, but it
    is also the hardest to use. When thrown, it stays where it lands and begins to
    release a greenish gas cloud. After a few moments this flammable gas will be
    ignited causing a huge fireball to erupt in the area. This kills most enemies
    with ease, but due to its delay, how fast enemeis can move and how hard it can
    be to aim, this is mostly an indoors weapon. 
    Second Playthrough
    Reapers - This is one of the oddest and most damaging weapons in the whole game
    as far as I can tell. This is a pair of pistol sized carbines that can be used
    wholly independantly of each other. When you start to fire the gun at a target
    it will lock onto them and turn the gun to keep aiming all consecutive shots at
    said target. Since each gun can be used independantly, this allows you to do
    this to two different people. Also note that the melee attack for this weapon
    is incredible. Its a one, two hit that leaves most enemies dead.
    R1 - Fire right gun
    L1 - Fire left gun
    Arc Charger - This gun is kind of weird. It is fairly strong and it can hit a
    large group of enemies, but at the same time it overheats quickly when used and
    that makes it a liability. You can use this to lay waste to small groups of
    enemies that are close together, but overall this weapon is more of a diversion
    than a serious weapon.
    R1 - Fire a charge, repeated presses increase the charge strength
    L1 - Causes a charge to arc from your target to the nearest enemy. This is not
    a good idea to use when you are fighting most enemies as it causes it to heat
    up super fast. Honestly, I prefer using this on leapers when Im low on Rossmore
    and Sapper rounds. It also works well on large groups of menials.
    L12 Dragoon - In case the name didnt give it away, this is your flamethrower.
    It is also my single favorite weapon in this game. I dislike the alt-fire but
    the regular attack is so powerful, and useful, that I use this whenever I can.
    When the attack button is held down a wave of blue flame pours forth, igniting
    any unfortunates that get in its way, and it does so pretty quickly too. Most
    Hybrids and Steelheads will get downed pretty fast by this. The range is also a
    fair bit better than the intel you get on this gun would lead you to believe.
    This gun shoots in a parabola of sorts, so aim upwards if you need more range
    to hit a target.
    R1 - Fires a stream of flame as long as the button is held down.
    L1 - Launches a burst of flame that will stick to whatever it hits. The longer
    you hold the button down, the more ammo that is used in the burst, which causes
    it to last longer. Any enemies that pass through the cloud get burned fairly
    badly for as long as they are in it.
    Splitter - As far as inventive weapons go, this one sure takes the cake. Not
    only is it weird, but it is also very powerful and useful. When you fire this
    weapon, a weird looking block is shot from the gun. This can be moved around,
    aimed and then launched at enemies. While it flies at the enemies it can be
    split into smaller, fairly damaging, projectiles. It can even go from one very
    big block to about 16 smaller darts. When used on a Titan, this can level him
    in only two or three shots.
    R1 - Fire a block. If button is held down, then the block will float in front
    of you and it can be moved and aimed.
    L1 - After a shot is fired, each press of this button breaks the block down
    into smaller blocks. It goes from 2 to 4, 8 and then 16 smaller shards. It isnt
    a good idea to go down to 16 as the spread is too large to actually hit most
    enemies and do any decent damage. I suggest aiming at enemies and breaking it
    down to the 4 or 8 point.
    Backlash Grenades - These things are so awesome as well as powerful. When one
    is thrown it will give off an energy shield where it lands. This shield will
    reflect any attacks that touch the barrier it, not grenades, and send them back
    at the person who fired it. Also, any chimera in it take damage slowly. I have
    used this to attack enemies and as a defense by covering myself with one when
    I just really needed to heal and there was no cover nearby. 
    5. Enemies
    Hybrid - This is the meat of the enemies attack force so get used to fighting
    them quite alot. They do take a surprising amount of damage, so dont expect to
    simply rush them and fight them face to face. Use cover, fight intelligently
    and keep your eyes open for their grenades. They only use the Bullseye but they
    will throw hedgehogs if you are hiding behind cover too much. Keep your eyes
    open and go for head shots when you can.
    Preferred Weapon: Any, but I favor the Bullseye as they drop the ammo for it.
    Leaper - These guys are chumps who die in a shot or two but they usually come
    from hordes of ten plus and you will usually find yourself being attacked from
    several sides if you arent careful. Your best bet is to back up and use the
    shotgun to thin them out, or if you have the sapper just use that and flood an
    area with the shots. This will keep the lot of them dying as fast as they can
    try to approach you.
    Preferred Weapon: Shotgun until you get the Sapper, then that.
    Menial - These guys are basically a joke and should cause you no problem for
    most of their appearances. They will be a big problem when you initially face
    them as they come from all sides. Just take it slow when you notice they are in
    the area and melee them to death. Otherwise, just use whatever ammo you have
    alot of. Take note that if they grab you, shake the controller violently from
    side to side to dislodge them.
    Preferred Weapon: Melee strikes
    Carrier - These arent actual enemies although they will show up in one stage
    and they will be red like targets. Just ignore them.
    Preferred Weapon: Nil
    Howler - I hate these dog creatures. They are very fast and they do alot of
    damage when they hit you. Sometimes they will also knock you back when they hit
    you which can trap you near a wall. In either case, the best way to fight these
    guys is to back up, possibly circle strafe backwards a bit, and fire away with
    the shotgun. This lets you slow him down and keep distance between you two.
    Preferred Weapon: Shotgun
    Steelhead - I. Hate. These. Guys. They are probably some of the most annoying
    enemies in this game and its because theyre so damnably smart. These are the
    Chimera who carry the Augur around and they use it to good effect. You will
    need to jump and duck if you try to run from one as he will follow your moves
    and shoot through walls with his Augur at you. Even charging him isnt a great
    idea since he has alot of health and each Augur shot can take an entire box of
    your health. Move carefully and pick your shots.
    Preferred Weapon: Hedgehog grenade or the Grenade Launcher on the Carbine
    Titan - While huge, these big guys actually arent particularly hard. The major
    threat when fighting them is getting caught up on the scenery. If you ever stop
    moving, you will either get pasted by the fireballs from their canon or they
    will move up to you and crack you with it. Both of these are bad news and can
    take up to half your health in one shot. Keep moving and aim for their head
    with any weapon of your choice. The LAARK does the best damage, but they are
    easy enough without wasting that beauty on them.
    Preferred Weapon: Any, except shotgun, but use headshots.
    Slipskull - While fast and agile, these little buggers actually arent that hard
    to fight. Its a bad idea to actually go into a room that is populated by them
    since they come in groups of three to five, but they also will not leave the
    small area set up for them. The best strategy is to hide just outside the room
    that they are in, lean out a bit with the sniper rifle and watch their spastic
    movements. Find a place that they jump onto that you can shoot at comfortably
    and aim the sniper rifle there. Once they jump there, focus and then pop them
    in the head. Easy kill.
    Preferred Weapon: Fareye
    Grey Jack - Some enemies are strong, but not fast. Others are fast, but not all
    that strong. The Greyjack doesnt follow this rule and is both very fast and
    very strong. They are easily recognizable, but by the time you see them they
    are likely barreling down on you at top speed. They hit for alot of damage so
    it is key to find a way to stagger them. This is easily done by shooting at
    their head area with the alternate fire on the shotgun. This will stagger them
    allowing you to do it again, hopefully killing them.
    Preferred Weapon: Shotgun
    Hard Fang - I would have to say that these are some of the hardest enemies that
    you will come across in this game. They have no sense of self-preservation and
    will flat out bum rush you with the Arc Charger weapon. This can kill you very
    fast, so you must react quickly and decisively. Your best bet is probably going
    for a headshot with the shotgun. Their weapon can hit you through solid objects
    so dont rely on cover, instead try to move backwards rapidly and keep your
    distance from him. As a note, if you can see him coming from far enough, snipe
    him off before he gets anywhere near you. 
    Preferred Weapon: Shotgun
    Roller - Rollers are essentially Leapers, except they are faster and a bit
    stronger. They roll up into balls and roll after you rather quickly. However it
    doesnt make them any harder to take out than the Leapers. Use the same tricks
    you used on them.
    Preferred Weapon: Shotgun until you get the Sapper, then that.
    Widowmaker - One of the weirdest looking creatures in the bgame, but also one
    of the hardest. They are basically a giant spider like creature, with an almost
    Hybrid looking face where the body should be. As they move around, they hurl
    sapper blasts about. These do alot of damage and can kill you immediately due
    to how many they throw out. Your best chance to fight them is to keep your
    distance as much as possible and use your LAARK on them. Aim for the head, but
    be careful as they move rather fast. If that fails, try hitting the head with
    a Bullseye tag and then letting loose.
    Preferred Weapon: LAARK or Bullseye
    Stalker - While these guys do a whole lot of damage, they are actually very
    easy to take out most of the time. There are only two places in the game where
    they will prove to be hard, but those areas have special strategies. The best
    way to handle these guys is to take cover somewhere and simply hide until they
    loose interest in you. They will start to move around and look for more targets
    to kill. Now poke out with your carbine and aim at the small orb in their back.
    You will know when you are targetting it as this is the only time your reticule
    will turn red. Now unload as much of a clip into them as you can. Repeat this
    once more to kill them.
    Preferred Weapon: Carbine
    Advanced Hybrid - These guys will be fought in the last few levels and once you
    start fighting them, this game goes from hard to very tough. They use the
    Bullseye Mk II and when they come in groups they can kill you very fast. There
    will be areas where there is alot of LAARK ammo, so use if if you have spares.
    Otherwise, the fareye is your next best choice. Keep your distance and snipe.
    Preferred Weapon: Fareye or LAARK
    Angel - Here we have the bad boy of the entire Chimera legion. While not the
    hardest enemy, the Angel is incredibly dangerous. It stays flying in the air at
    all times, which makes hitting it somewhat tricky. However, its attacks are not
    all that hard to dodge, but they can be tricky due to other enemies interfering
    with your fight. The most damaging thing you can do to them involves using the
    LAARK, but this can be tricky to hit with. I would suggest using the Bullseye
    Mk II and tagging them before unloading on them.
    Preferred Weapon: Bullseye Mk II
    6. Walkthrough
    General Tips
    - I may have missed the location of some of the hidden caches of equipment as
    well as some of the enemies. Always be alert and dont expect this to do all of
    your work for you.
    - You need to use cover judiciously. If you are hurt, hide behind cover until
    you regain your health bar. You cant just charge these enemies and hope to live
    through it.
    - When I list where chimera are, remember that sometimes they will be killed by
    friendlies and other times they wont. So it gets hard to say for sure where 
    they are and how many there are in the areas where you have assistance.
    6.01 - York
    6.01.01 - Operation Deliverance
    Be ready because the game doesnt really give you a chance to get your bearings
    before you are thrust into a fight. Get used the controls as quickly as you
    can and follow the other troops. You will encounter three Chimera who attack
    you and your buddies. Most of them will die, theres nothing you can do. As a
    note, there is no way to heal at this point in the game, so be as careful as
    you need to. Should you die,  you simply go back to the last checkpoint, so in
    this case dying is beneficial. This is a tutorial area, so the game will give
    you some prompts explaining what your buttons do. Pay attention.
    Continue moving forward after killing these guys and when you reach the flames
    turn around and look behind you. Follow this path and you will see some more
    friendlies drop down in front of you. Follow them down the hill, watching them
    die and you will see a building that the chimera are using as a base of sorts.
    You can try to snipe off the enemy on the balcony, but dont rely on your fellow
    army dudes to save you for too long. They will get cut down quickly. Take the
    left side and move for the door, taking out the two chimera hiding behind the
    cover over here.
    Once they are all dead, head inside of the house.
    **SECOND PLAYTHROUGH ALERT: This is where you will find the Reaper carbine.
    Explore the first floor for some frag grenades and a piece of intel. Now head
    upstairs. Kill off all the hybrids up here, including the ones on the balcony
    if you didnt get to him before. Once they are all done, head into the alleyway
    behind the house. You can either head towards the dead end of the alleyway or
    towards the cars. If you head to the dead end, there are some carbine rounds
    and carbine grenades in a small alcove. Head back towards the cars now and you
    will find the Bullseye. Practice with it a bit if you like to get a feel for
    how it fires. 
    Now continue down the street and you will fight some more chimera, waste them
    and move on. This is a good place to test out your bullseye and how its tags 
    work. Continue heading down the street but watch your left side to find an
    alleyway where you can get some more ammo and another piece of intel.
    Continue forward carefully because as soon as you near the small courtyard
    ahead of you Chimera will pop out to shoot. I suggest using the stone wall as
    cover and using either the carbins grenade launcher or some frag grenades to 
    clear them out a bit. If there are any stragglers get them with the bullseye.
    Head down the stairs and to the left and you will fight two more chimera. Kill
    them off and you will hear someone talking to you. Look on the right wall for
    a break where you can drop down to a lower level. Do so and follow the soldier
    to end the level.
    6.01.02 - A Lone Survivor
    After that yummy little cutscene you will now have the ability to regenerate
    damage. So long as you still have some health in one of your four boxes, and
    can avoid taking damage for a short time, you will refill that box. This is a
    very needed thing so make use of it all the time. Also, you will find yellow
    containers on the floor that heal one box worth of damage. Yay for chimeran
    healing abilities!
    Keeping moving forward and you will be attacked by Leapers. Try to keep your
    distance but also work to keep your soldier escort alive. They show you where
    you need to go. Make your way past them and you will eventually be fired at by
    two hybrids. Return fire, trying to kill at least one before they flee. Head up
    to where they were. You will gain an intel about your regeneration at this
    point. Continue upstairs, grabbing whatever ammo you need and then head into
    the building. Explore the first floor for some more ammo and another intel.
    Now head upstairs and kill of all of the hybrids you encounter. Keep moving
    forward killing the hybrids as you must and you will eventually see a street
    with a tank parked. Hop on into it. 
    Now just because youre in a tank doesnt mean youre invulnerable, only nearly so
    as a matter of fact. You can fire the main cannon with the R1 button, but it
    has a reload time. During that time you can use L1 to fire a mini-turret at the
    enemies who get too close or you simply wish to waste with machine gun fire.
    Follow the path laid before you, using your cannon to take out the small...
    buildings I suppose, that the hybrids will use for cover. It is also very good
    for taking out the anit-tank turrets that the chimera have set up. Make your
    way through this area to end this level.
    6.01.03 - Spires
    You will be attacked from both sides as this level starts, first from the
    staircase in front of you and then one last hybrid from behind you. Kill them
    and then head towards where the hybrid tried to get at you from behind. Follow
    this path to retrive another intel document. 
    Now it is hard to give strategy for this area as it is so wide open and you can
    take whatever route you choose. Your goal here is to wipe out all of the 
    hybrids, but this is complicated by all of the turrets they have. There are
    about four of them to take out, two in the open area near the rear of the level
    and two in the gas station building.
    Use whatever approach you need to, to get close to them for an attack. I prefer
    to use the buses as cover but they can explode on you if they take enough
    damage from enemy gunfire. The best way to fight them is to use the carbine for
    its grenades and then bullseye tag them. Shoot from behind cover as much as you
    can or the turrets will tear you up. When it comes time to take out the guys in
    the small gas station building, tossing in a grenade can loosen them up before
    you go in guns blazing.
    After some peace and quiet the enemies will attack you once more. I suggest
    that you run back towards the main area where you started and let the nameless
    soldiers take all the fire while you snipe them with the bullseye. Tag them
    from a distance and just shoot your head off. After they are dead, run to the
    small gas station building and use this as cover. The next group of enemies are
    going to scale a wall near the station and attack from there. You can get the
    drop on them with your grenades if you move quick enough. Once this is done,
    the level ends.
    6.02 - Grimsby
    6.02.01 - Fates Worse Than Death
    After the cutscene, you can move around. Those little zombie like guys that are
    lumbering around are Menials. They are not dangerous but they can do some fair
    damage to you if you arent careful. I suggest you melee them to death to save
    ammo, it only takes one hit to killl them. But if they grab you they are going
    to bite the crap out of you.
    Kill these two and then move on. Search the areas thoroughly to make sure you
    dont miss any ammo and then flip the switch> Watch the cutscene. Parker is a
    regular in this game, and if you hvaent noticed already, she is the narrator.
    Another thing to note is that this is where the electric balls and mines are
    introduced. The balls will be either carried by menials or inserted into some
    of the machines in the area. If you hit these with enough shots they are going
    to explode in a pretty big radius, so be careful. They are great for killing
    enemies, but they can also kill you if you arent careful. Take note that they
    are sometimes batched together, so wait until ALL of the explosions are over
    before you move in.
    Fight the four menials after the cutscene and keep moving forward. Be mindful
    of the one hidden in a small room to the right side of you. He can catch you by
    total surprise. Break through the wooden slats barring the doorway to you and
    keep on heading forward.
    Keep moving and you will enter a room that has a conveyor belt along one wall
    that has crates on it. The first room will be empty, with some health near the
    doorway into the second conveyor belt room. In the second room there are a few
    menials and a bunch of hybrids, as well as two corridors that lead to the left.
    If you take the first one, you will find yourself going into a bathroom that
    has some intel in it. Then exit and head forward towards the next hallway. Here
    you can go left to find some ammo in a kitchen area or right to take the
    elevator to the next area.
    Once the door opens, move forward until you see a grassy outdoors area. You are
    going to get your first taste of the sentry mines. When you get close enough to
    one of the silver circles on the floor, the sentry will pop out and float in 
    the air. You will hear a very noticeable sound and then it will fire a white
    laser at you. It is hard to dodge this, but dont worry about that, just shoot
    them with either of your guns to destroy them. If you cant get them before they
    get you, hide behind a wall and wait for it to shoot, then pop out and kill
    them with a few well placed shots.
    Once you get the first one, there are a few more to be fought here so move as
    slowly as you need to and shoot them when they appear. If you head towards the
    cement area in the middle of this room you will find three hedgehog grenades in
    a grenade case on the floor. Also, there is a shotgun behind the stairs. If you
    miss it here, you can get another one a bit later on so dont stress over it.
    Continue forward and you will have to jump down an area after killing off a
    hybrid. Drop down but quickly turn around and you will have to kill a menial
    before he grabs you. Keep moving and you will have to destroy two more sentry
    Head upstairs and continue forward until you reach a break in the floor where
    you should jump down. Dont do it and instead jump across to the walkway across
    from you. You should hear the sounds of sentry turrets firing at you when you
    do this. Toss a frag grenade down there and it should kill the two sentry mines
    for you. Now head down and continue onward. The rest of this level is fairly
    straightforward though. Snipe off enenmies before charging into rooms and dont
    forget to use the explosive balls where it is advantageous for you to do so.
    When you get to the last room, be especially careful due to the fact that the
    hybrids will be on the floor with you and on the upper level shooting down at
    you. There are about 6 or so in there, with about 2 or three menials. If you
    find yourself having problems dealing with them, retreat back two rooms. This
    will encourage some of them to come after you and you can blow them to pieces.
    The shotgun can help with doing it this way.
    Head up onto the upper walkway and flip the switch there to open a door to the
    next area. Now go through the next area and destroy the mines that attack you.
    Keep on moving across this wooden walkway until you reach two crates. Break
    them and then drop down, grabbing the health and ammo there before dropping all
    the way down to the floor. Head forward and you will end the level.
    6.0.0 - Conversion
    Head straight from where you start and kill the four hybrids in that room and
    then head for the ramp. Go up it and across the narrow platforms. You will see
    an area to drop down to your right. There are a bunch of enemies down here and
    you are going to want to try and snipe them off from the upper level as much
    as you can before you drop down to fight the remainders. Search this area as
    thoroughly as you can for health and ammo before you head on to your right.
    Kill the enemy over here and the others that emerge from the doorway. Head
    forward and you will get another cutscene. After that, go through the door in
    front of you and go around the crates. See that staircase? A bunch of the
    leapers are going to come down the stairs as soon as you get too close to it.
    Get out the shotgun and start killing the leapers.
    Head up the stairs and you will be attacked by a few more leapers so knock them
    off and then flip the switch. Go into the next room and pass by he cocoons. Be
    careful as there are enemies down the stairs in front of you. There are a bunch
    of menials and hybrids in this big area. I would suggest that you poke out a
    bit and shoot at any of the electric balls that you see. Blow them up and this
    will hopefully clear out some enemies or at least weaken them. Zoom in on them
    with either the carbine or bullseye and start sniping off those you can. Then
    make your way down the stairs and use the bullseye to cut down the enemies that
    are in your path.
    In the next area that is connected to this one there are enemies on the upper
    levels as well as on the floor. Cut your way through them and you will reach
    another doorway. Hit the switch and continue forward. While in this area you
    must fight off hybrids and sentry mines while being careful not to fall off
    the edge or off of one of the narrow platforms. Fight your way to the other end
    of the area and then destroy the last two sentry turrets. Take the elevator up
    and the level is over.
    6.02.03 - Hunted Down
    Watch the cutscene and then head through this passage and out the doorway on
    the other end of the area. Follow this path and take the elevator.
    After you get out of the elevator head for the doorway that leads into the bar
    looking building. You are going to have to destroy a bunch of sentry mines in
    this bar before you go and retrieve the ammo and intel. Keep searching for ammo
    and taking out mines until you hear the sound of a bunch of hybrids. Theyre
    gunning for you, so duck into a doorway and wait for them to come to you before
    you wipe them out with the shotgun.
    As a note, if you go into the room with the mechanical apperatus in it, destroy
    the two mines and then head out and turn right, you will see shotgun ammo. Jump
    onto that crate and you can get on top of the big crates and get the ammo up on
    top of it.
    Head into the next area, with the six mechanical things in the middle of the
    room and kill off the hybrids in here. Continue into the second part of the
    warehouse looking building and try to snipe the guy on the upper level before
    you go after the ones on the ground floor. Head outside and go up the staircase
    in front of you. Now from here, leap on top of the forklift and then grab the
    stuff up here. Drop down and make your way up the stairs and turn to the left
    towards the doorway. Step in and you will set off a leaper attack. Back out of
    the room and use the shotgun to wipe them out. Now enter the room and go to the
    staircase and this will set off leaper attack round two. Run back to the door
    and bottleneck them again to wipe them out.
    Get to the elevator and listen to the bad news. When you reach the doorway you
    are going to see some of the hybrids you are going to need to fight. I suggest
    you snipe as many as you can from the doorway while being mindful of them 
    tossing in hedgehog grenades. Once they are done, run for the right side of the
    area. There is a little alcove with some carbine bullets and ammo for the 
    grenade launcher. There are also about 6 hybrids over here, so use the rest of
    your grenades to thin them out before finishing them off with the carbine.
    Head forward and take out the two standing on the flat bed. Now jump up on top
    of the second flat bed and follow the path up on top of the large crates. You
    can now shoot down onto the two guys at the sentry guns. Kill them off and head
    forward before turning to the left. There are about three guys left to kill
    before you can head up the stairs, across the platforms and end the level.
    6.3 - Manchester
    6.03.01 - Path of Least Resistance
    This level is insane, so you are going to need to let you friendly soldiers do
    alot of the fighting. They will come in such numbers in this level that they
    will actually do some damage to the enemies, if they dont actually kill them.
    Make your way along the left side of the area, sniping off the enemies with the
    carbine or the bullseye. Keep your distance from the enemies and let all the
    chimera attack your nameless soldiers. Stay along the left side of the area to
    make this a bit easier. You might even be able to flank some of the enemies
    altogether and toss grenades into the midst of the enemies to kill off the lot
    of them in one shot.
    After you head down the first hill you will actuallly come across some leapers
    in addition to hybrids. This level is actually very straightforward so move
    forward and use cover when needed to wipe out the enemies. Soon enough you will
    come across a bridge. Ignore that for the moment and head to the left. You can
    find a stairway that goes beneath the bridge. There is some ammo and intel to
    be found down here. Now backtrack up and go across the bridge.
    Crossing this bridge is a serious pain in the rear end. As you try to move over
    it, you will pass a bus. As soon as you do this, a bunch of hybrids are going
    to run out and man the turret as well as taking up defensive positions. They
    are hard to root out and they will cut down your allies very quickly. I suggest
    running behind a car on the left side and then bolting straight across the
    bridge along the left side of the bridge. Take out the enemies, ducking behind
    whatever you need to for cover when it becomes necessary to heal.
    When you get to the other side of the bridge you will see a cathedral. As you
    make your way towards it you will see a Howler climbing over the cathedral wall
    and attack you. Allow the other friendlies that will spawn in to take the major
    brunt of his attack and then use the shotgun to take him out. A few shots to
    the head should kill this guy off.
    6.03.02 - Cathedral
    Yeah, that cutscene is bad news. As soon as this level starts, RUN from the
    leaper horde. Go backwards from where you started and make your way into the
    small alcove area in here. This bottlenecks the leapers into coming through the
    doorway. Take out the shotgun and blast away at the leapers as they pour on
    through the doorway. You are going to likely need to reload so be very careful
    and dont get caught with a bunch of them on your face while you reload.
    Once they are done rush forward towards the boarded up doorway in front of you.
    The boards are going to get knocked off in a moment by the Steelheads that will
    charge through Augurs blazing. Id suggest that you shoot them with a grenade
    from the carbine. This will stagger them letting you shoot them to death. If
    you still have hedgehogs then they work better because one well placed grenade
    will cut down both of them.
    Hold on though, no time to breathe yet. Pick up one of the augurs, but quickly
    switch to the shotgun. A howler will come barreling in at you so use the double
    barrel alternate fire to take him out while you back up away from it. It should
    go down fairly quickly.
    But there is yet more to fight! Now there will be some hybrids in the next room
    so fight them how you choose, either by augur or one of the rifles. Clear out
    the next room and search it to find ammo and health. There is also an intel in
    this room so grab that.
    6.03.03 - Outgunned
    This level is so incredibly hellish it isnt even funny. The only way to really
    describe this area is a giant non-stop fight. The best thing to do in this area
    is to hide behind cover and make your way close to the chimera entrenched near
    the fountain. Kill off the enemies that make their way towards you and then lob
    grenades into the midst of the enemies and kill as many as you can while you
    weaken the rest. It wont take much after that to take them out, but be ready to
    die at least once in this area.
    Now the Stalker is going to march in on you, so get behind some high cover like
    one of the busted up walls. All you need to do is hide behind this cover and
    poke out occasionally to see if the Stalker is attacking your allies. Once it
    turns its back to you open up on the power core, where your reticule turns red.
    After you hit it enough it will turn to shoot at you, so dive back behind the
    wall and wait for it to finish lobbing them at you. Once it is paying attention
    to someone else, shoot the power core again. Ta-da! Fight over. No muss, no
    fuss. If by some chance you didnt kill it, simply hide again and do it a third
    time or fourth if it is necessary for some reason. It is very simple though.
    6.04 - Nottingham
    6.04.01 - Into the Fire
    This level is alot easier than it initially seems. All of the chaos going on
    can make you think that this is hard, but trust me, dont get worried. It is
    actually pretty easy to handle this level. Make your way slowly up the right
    side of this area and then you will find yourself on the side of one of the
    first enemy bunker. Either the shotgun or bullseye makes this one pretty easy
    to handle. Make your way from bunker to bunker until you find your way into the
    Soon enough you will come across a sentry gun in the trenches themselves. Head
    down into the doorway near you and you will come up behind him, enabling you to 
    flank him pretty effortlessly. Take him out and continue forward scouring the
    trenches as you move. You will find a small bunker with some ammo and another
    intel document in it. Continue forward until you reach the house. Lob a few
    frag grenades in there at various angles so that you can hopefully kill a bunch
    of enemies, or set off the explosive barrel inside the first floor area.
    Go upstairs and kill off the hybrids up here as well. Grab the intel that is on
    a table in the downstairs area before going back upstairs and use whatever gun
    you need to so that you can destroy them. This ends the level.
    6.04.02 - Conduits
    Make your way down the corridor and you will see a big grate, so head towards
    it. See that big guy barreling down on you? These guys really do stink to fight
    and now you will see why. They are called Titans and they are really hard to
    hurt. The best way to fight them is to bullseye tag their heads and then run
    around, avoiding his attacks and pumping rounds into him. If you have space,
    zoom in on his head with the carbine and shoot him that way. It is imperative
    that you make sure he doesnt hit you with the blast from his cannon or you will
    likely be killed. Strafing works to dodge most of his attacks, so go with that.
    Keep moving forward and you will meet a british soldier. Follow him until you
    end up in a building with a few friendly snipers. You can pick up a L23 fareye
    in here. Go to the windows and use it to zoom in on the enemies across the way.
    Ignore the ones on the ground running across the bridge as they are basically
    infinite in number. What you want to do is aim at the ones standing on the 
    upper levels. Snipe these guys off and you will make what you need to do next
    infinitely easier.
    Skill Points Alert!!!
    If you are still trying to get the Gasping for Air skill point, this is one of
    the best areas to get it in. As soon as you get the Fareye, toss a hedgehog at
    the two snipers in the room with you. This gets rid of them. Now go to the
    windows and take out the fareye. From here you can safely snipe off the tubes
    that are on the back of the stationary hybrids. If they get killed prematurely
    then simply kill yourself and you will respawn in this same room. So do so and
    give it another try.
    Head down into the trench and you can make your way through the enemies in your
    path. When you get through the trench you will see an area that is basically
    overrun by chimera. The best thing to do is to lob a few grenades up here so
    that you can buy yourself some space. Now run up the ramp and then turn right.
    Sprint that way ignoring the bridge that the chimera are coming across. There
    is another bridge over here so run across it. Now that you are across the
    bridge the chimera will sopt being infinite.
    Kill the chimera on the street and make your way towards the building down the
    street. After you take out the enemies in here as well, search around until you
    find another intel piece and then move on to end the level.
    6.04.03 - Viper's Nest
    This level starts with you standing on a dirt ramp overlooking a bunch of the
    british soldiers fighting a titan. Hunker down up here and use the cover that 
    the ramp provides and tag him with the bullseye in the head before you start to
    unload on him. Avoid his shots as best as you can and keep firing. When he is
    close to dying, a bunch of hybrids will come out to attack you and your allies.
    Keep your distance and snipe them off if you have any fareye shots to spare but
    get rid of that Titan first.
    Once they are all dead, search the area for ammo and then take the elevator of
    sorts up to the next level. Grab the fareye ammo but keep the shotgun in hand.
    Knock off the enemies that you come across on this platform with you. Then take
    the fareye ammo and use it to snipe any of the people on the upper levels with
    you that you can see. When that is done head across to the second platform by
    using the narrow ledges. Take out the last enemies up here and flip the switch.
    As usual this triggers another wave of monsters, so take them out and make your
    way to the third platform. Take the elevator down and you will have to fight a
    Titan and some cronies. Keep moving and try to use the cover to keep him from
    having a clear target while you unload on him. Any hedgehogs will definitely
    help you out against him. Once he is dead, the level is over.
    6.05 - Cheshire
    6.05.01 - No Way Out
    You are in trouble as soon as this level starts, so switch to the Augur and 
    drop a couple of the force fields as soon as this level starts. You are going
    to want to face them towards where the gunfire is coming from. Now fire on down
    the corridor through your force fields and hopefully you will cut down some of
    these bad boys. There is also a small niche to your left that has some ammo and
    health in it if you need it.
    I found it best to use the Augur strategy and then creep down the corridor. 
    When you are close enough to the enemies, lob a grenade down towards where the
    hybrids are hiding. Kill them off and then head further down the corridor. At
    the end there is some carbine grenades. Now go through the door into the mess
    hall where you will fight a horde of leapers. Get rid of them and then head for
    the door into the tunnels. Follow them and you will be ambushed after a bit.
    The hedgehog works wonders here but take note that they will come from nearly
    all sides here so be quick with your shots.
    Go into the next tunnels and grab up the ammo there before continuing onward.
    You will be attacked by steelheads with their augurs, so use a hedgehog if you
    have it to take them out. Keep following the tunnels and you will find yourself
    in a railyard looking room with bunkbeds. Use your fareye if you can to snipe
    off any enemies that you see before charging in. Bullseye shots and frag
    grenades can do wonders here. There are some carbine grenades in one of the
    boxcars if you need it.
    Make your way into the long bunkbed tunnel and take out the enemies that are in
    the shower room. It may be of benefit to you to throw some grenades into the
    shower stall area to take out the steelhead when he appears.
    Keep following the tunnels, being mindful of where the enemies attack you and
    soon enough a small creature will dart across your path and into a large room.
    This corridor is very long and you should see doors lining both of its walls.
    You will see a few of these little guys jumping all over the walls in here.
    These little runts are called Slipskulls and they are easy to fight, but quite
    a pain if you dont notice them. However, they jump only to specific points in
    the room they are in and they will never leave said room. So what is best for
    you to do is simply lean out a bit and try to tag one, or use the fareye to pop
    one in the head.
    Check all of the rooms once you have knocked off all of the slipskulls. You
    can find a bunch of ammo and health, as well as some intel so be as thorough as
    you possibly can. The biggest thing of note to find is the air-fuel grenades.
    These are some of the best grenades in the game so be sparing with them.
    *SECOND PLAYTHROUGH ALERT: You will find the arc charger here.
    Now go back into the main corridor and walk towards the dead end and prepare to
    be surprised. Enter the tunnel that is left after the chaos and make your way
    through it. Always be mindful of leapers when in these burrowed tunnels as they
    are a freaking epidemic in them, not in this one though, but bear it in mind
    for future tunnels.
    When you reach the end of the tunnel, you will fight a steelhead and a few 
    hybrids so take them out and then go into the room. Flip the switch on the top
    level to open the door so that you can head through. 
    You will find your way into a large open generator  room. Its nice and dark in 
    here, all creepy and stuff. It is empty until you  head downstairs and once you
    do, be ready to be attacked by up two howlers. They will usually come at you
    one at a time, but I suggest backing up towards  the stairs and using the
    carbines grenade launcher to stagger them. Once they are bottlenecked by the
    stairs, switch to the shotgun and use the alternate fire to beat them.
    Head into the next corridors to find the main generator room. The level ends as
    you approach the power switches.
    6.05.02 - Secrets
    You are going to be attacked here by two hybrids, so take them out and then
    head either to the left or right. The large generator room will have two or
    three hybrids on the lower level, as well as a steelhead. Defeat them and once
    you make your way to the upper level another hybrid will attack you. Take them
    out and continue along.
    Keep on going along the path until you find yourself locked into a room with a
    bunch of hybrids running down the stairs all the way at the end of the corridor
    as they bumrush you. Snipe off those you can as they run down the stairs, but
    if they get down onto the floor, aim at the explosive barrels up on the wall.
    It will usually take any nearby baddies with it when it explodes.
    Head into the room that is open and you will have to navigate your way through
    the vents here. Fight your way through the leapers who come out for you and
    continue into the third room. You will find fareye rounds and health. Go
    through the corridors in front of you and defeat the two steelheads that attack
    you. Now take the next door and you will find yourself going into another
    burrowed tunnel. This one has leapers so be ready. Take them out and continue
    forward. You will see some pulsating pods on the wall. You need to walk past
    them to make the leapers inside burst forth.
    I suggest rushing past them all the way to the end of the corridor and then 
    turn around to attack them with the shotgun. There is some health at the end,
    grab it or not and then enter the map room to end the level.
    6.05.03 - Angel
    Exit the map room into the next room and you will find yourself in some sort of
    morgue type of room. Kill the menials in here, but take note that the door will
    close behind you so make sure you dont lock yourself in with little space to
    dodge them in. There is some intel on one of the tables here so grab that. Bust
    the glass here and then make your way up the stairs, but be ready for enemies
    to start shooting at you.
    Hide in the corner near and toss an air fuel grenade into the room and then
    step out and toss a second one into the wall across the room. If you kill the
    enemies quick enough with the flames, you will gain a hard to get skill point.
    Head further into these rooms and fight off the steelhead who attacks you.
    Now go into the next room and look down the huge staircase. Kill the two 
    hybrids at the bottom however you choose. Head down the stairs a bit and a
    leaper horde will chage you. Go back to the barrels on the cart and bump into
    it to make them go down the stairs and blow up the army. Now continue forward
    until you see a leaper run from you. Chimera will shoot you through the glass
    windows of these autopsy rooms so do the same, or better yet toss grenades in
    after them. Hedgehogs or air fuel grenades work wonders here. There are three
    of these rooms, both with chimera and ammo in them so clear them out.
    The only thing of note is that the first autopsy room has intel in it.
    Keep moving through the corridors but take note that even the outsides of these
    autopsy rooms have some hybrids in them so they arent simple cake walks. Once
    you get through this area, you are going to have what amounts to an area fight
    with some Grey Jacks so have fun. You will have to fight first one, then two
    and so forth. Use your shotgun to stop them, preferably with headshots. I would
    suggest that you use the alt-fire and reload between waves where possible. If
    you feel you wont be able to reload, use either the grenades from the carbine
    or, if you are on your second playthrough, the arc charger.
    The next room is the big fight of this level so get your fareye ready. The
    british are trying to stop the hybrids from getting to the cell in the room so
    start shooting enemies in the head where possible. This is merely the first
    round, but the second round usually requires more grenades than finesse so feel
    free to use up your fareye rounds here. Kill them all and then that big worm
    thing will blow through the wall and let some more of them come out into the
    room. If you have air fuel grenades, you can lay them down near the worm and 
    any who get out will be roasted, but if not, retreat and use the buslleye or
    carbine to take them all out. If you dont have air-fuel grenades, toss a frag
    grenade into it and then use the carbine to take them out.
    Once youre done, stage over so watch the cutscene and huzzah.
    6.06 - Somerset
    6.06.01 - Search and Rescue
    Now you are looking for Cartwright that bugger. Head forward from where the
    stage starts to pick up the Hailstorm. Put it away and take out the carbine and
    keep moving forward. You will see a bunch of hybrids and a steelhead go running
    past you. Try to take them out with a carbine grenade if you can, but if not
    you are going to have to fight them now.
    Once you head out into the streets, there is going to be a veritable horde of
    hybrids and a steelhead. Use your fareye if you have to, but otherwise I would
    suggest you make good use of your grenades to thin them out and get rid of them
    as fast as possible. The steelhead is going to be your main problem so get rid
    of him however you have to. Now a howler is going to come after you with a few
    reinforcements. Ues the shotgun to kill it and then take out the hybrids before
    moving on.
    Head to the right of where the howler came from and go up the stairs. Kill the
    enemies up here and use the hailstorm, by shooting the alt-fire over the fence
    to take out some of the enemies on the street level. Now run across the level
    you are on to the other end and down those stairs and turn around. Do what you
    have to taking out these hybrids. I prefer bullseye sniping but to each his own
    I suppose. When they die, a few slipskullfs are going to attack, so back up and
    watch them. Try to take them out from a distance, using a destroyed car as
    cover (if you use a non-blown up one, they may blow it up on you).
    Lastly, when they die, a door near the stairs you took down to the street level
    is going to open with about five chimera inside. So go take them out, its best
    if you can bottleneck them in the doorway, but do it however you need to. Kill
    them and then its level over.
    6.06.02 - Common Ground
    Time to drive the jeep! I actually find this level to be alot of fun so try to
    enjoy it. It gets tough, but nothing all that bad if you are prepared for it.
    Get used to the jeep controls quickly: X is gas, square is brake, circle gets
    you out of the vehicle and L1 is hand brake. Try it out a bit and then start
    moving on. Cartwright is actually a pretty reliable helper here, as he will gun
    down a fair share of enemies for you so be mindful of him. Ive never seen him
    die though, so he may be unkillable.
    Drive along for a bit and you will see a natural bridge leading to two bunkers.
    You can either drive straight in and seige them or do a little stunt driving. I
    like to swerve around them and run over any stragglers I can to cut down on the
    numbers there. Cartwright helps out alot with this method. When you take too
    much damage, leap off the nearby ledge with the jeep, drive off, heal and then
    come back. I like to do this to both bunkers, using each as cover from the
    other ones turret if necessary. Then I will park Cartwright just outside and
    go inside. I prefer to use an air-fuel or hedgehog grenade to thin out the
    first floor and take out the second with the bullseye. Once you take out the
    enemies inside, flip the switches and exit the bunkers.
    Now drive on forward and through the gate. You will have to drive through a
    narrow canyon infested with leapers, so go through it as fast as possible. They
    dont seem to stop spawning in, so run over those you can and keep moving. You
    will soon see two more bunkers, so clear those out, as well as anyone on the
    ground outside. After this gate you will see an aircraft dropping a container
    into your path. This has hybrids in it so either take the time to kill them or
    drive past it.
    Keep driving onward and you will see some metal bunkers and a small hut. There
    is ammo in the hut and enemies in the bunkers so clear this area out. When you
    move forward you will encounter two more large bunkers with switches to flip,
    so get to clearing them out. Go through the now open doorway and you have a 
    clear path to the end of the level.
    NOTE - After you clear the last bunkers, if you look to your left as you drive
    along the road, you will see a stone ramp that curves upwards. If you hit this
    fast enough you will get the "I can see my house from here" skill point.
    6.06.03 - A Disturbing Discovery
    Bah, taking Cartwright from me. Punks. As soon as the level starts you will
    need to hit the switch to go through and pick up the fareye rounds. There are
    a bunch of enemies in front of the gate in front of you and when they notice
    you, or you attack them, the big gate will open sending out menials. There will
    also be some hybrids to deal with when that opens up as well. I like using the
    fareye to thin out the hybrids and melee kill the menials. Once they are all
    dead search the room thoroughly for ammo, health and to find the new weapon,
    the Sapper. This is a cool weapon, but mostly only for killing menials, leapers
    and rollers.
    Now head over to the small door on the left and prepare for a fight with some
    hybrids and a steelhead. Kill them and you will find intel in this area. Now
    double back to the main room and kill the slipskulls who are infesting this
    room now. Open the large gate when you are done.
    Kill the menials outside the door and head to the left. You need to get to the
    back door of this storage building. When it opens you will have to deal with
    some hybrids and a steelhead. Kill them and be wary when you go inside as there
    is a mix of menials and sentry mines in here to make your life difficult.
    Open the next door and you will be attacked by a grey jack and some hybrids.
    Take them out and continue forward until you see a bridge. You need to get
    across it to reunite with Cartwright. I suggest using the fareye to snipe off
    the ones on the bridge before you rush across it. Clear out the enemies here
    and listen to what Cartwright tells you to do. Watch the cutscene.
    From this point on the level is fairly straightforward, but I will give you a
    couple of tips. Now that you have Cartwright, USE HIM. Dont waste good ammo if
    you dont have to, he can kill hybrids fairly easily. He will not be of much use
    against leapers or greyjacks to get out the sapper and shotgun respectively and
    do the dirty work. Take note that that there is a point where you will open a
    very large door and it will lead into an outside area with a large conduit that
    leads to an upper level. You are going to be assaulted by hybrids and a
    steelhead or two. I suggest hanging back and letting Cartwright fight them off,
    but if you have a fareye round or two, take out any steelheads you see. Their
    Augurs make finding cover near impossible.
    Make your way up the conduit and to the jeep to end the level.
    6.07 - Bristol
    6.07.01 - Devil At The Door
    This level is kind of annoying. Its basically an exercise in everything you 
    have learned from the beginning of the game. Quick sniping of enemies, good use
    of cover, dodging hedgehog and seismic mines, fighting off big enemies... yeah
    expect to do it all here.
    When the level starts, you will see a stalker and a bunch of hybrids. Ignore 
    the stalker as it is going to chase after Cartwright and turn your attention to
    the hybrids. Take them out however you need to and by all that is holy, ignore
    the carriers floating in the air. You cant kill them and dont waste ammo trying
    like I did. Kill the hybrids and move on.
    You will see a health pick up and two boxes of shotgun shells. Take note of all
    the cover in front of you. You are going to need to move carefully through this
    next area, using the cover to keep yourself safe from the hedgehog mines. Once
    past this, you will be attacked by two howlers. I suggest you kill one off and
    then use the fareye to kill the other. This nets you the "One eyed dog" skill
    point for this level.
    Moving forward you will see some hybrids have some humans pinned down near a 
    bunker. Help them kill the hybrids and then be ready for a titan to attack from
    the other end of the road you are on. The soldiers can be a distraction so let
    him kill them while you hurt him, preferably with the bullseye by tagging him.
    If you have the ammo for it, you can score a near auto kill by using the turret
    from the Hailstorm (the alt-fire) and then tagging him with the bullseye before
    you unload. If done right, he will be near dead in a matter of moments. Check
    the bunker for some health and ammo and then move on through the now destroyed
    gate the titan came through.
    Turn left and you will see two paths before you. The leftmost one will take you
    through some seismic mines (you will have to jump some and duck others) and it
    leads you to some ammo and health. It isnt worth going this way unless it is
    your second playthrough.
    *SECOND PLAYTHROUGH ALERT - This trapped path will net you the Dragoon. When
    you get it, a group of menials will ambush you on your way out. Obviously they
    are meant to be practice for your new flamethrower.
    Take the rightmost path and you will need to dodge some more hedgehog mines.
    Once more use the cover properly and you will be fine. Near the end of this,
    there are some seismic mines guarding some ammo so dodge those and pick it up
    before moving up the hill. You will have to fight a bunch of hybrids up here,
    in addition to destroy four mortars.
    Now pick up the fareye ammo and get to using it from the top of this hill. Dont
    go down there until you thin them out. It would be bad to die this close to the
    end of the stage. Once they are mostly dead, run down the hill and past the
    friendly soldiers all the way straight ahead. Then turn to your left and make
    your way over to the jeep in front of you.
    Huzzah! Level over.
    6.07.02 - Evacuation
    This level is kind of tough on your first playthrough, not so much on the
    second one. When the level begins, move forward and pick up the ammo in front
    of you. There will be slipskulls in the next room so take them out carefully.
    Once they are dead a bunch of hybrids and steelhead are going to assault your
    position, so be ready to take them out, preferably with grenades. If you are
    on your second playthrough, feel free to toast everything in sight with the
    Dragoon and make a mad dash down the stairs. You can kill everything fairly 
    easily with this strategy.
    Once down the stairs, kill the enemies here too and go to the right. Kill the
    leapers and you will find some ammo and an intel. Snatch it and head back the
    other way. Take out the hybrids in the bunk room and the recreation room. Once
    you go down the stairs in the rec room and partially across the floor, a black
    hybrid will leap into view. This is a Hard Fang. They use the Arc Charger and
    it will do alot of damage, so I advise taking him out from a distance with
    whatever you have and get rid of him ASAP. Scour the next room for ammo before
    you flip the switch.
    Get in the elevator and be ready for a rumble. The best way to take out the
    titan before he pastes you is with a bunch of air fuel grenades, or a hailstorm
    turret and the bullseye. Kill him and then take out the hybrids in the area.
    If you move forward you will see a circular depression in the floor. Go down
    into it and you will find some ammo and an intel document. This area is kind of
    simple once you get past that very first fight. Snipe off any chimera you see
    but save some fareye ammo for the three turrets on the other end of the hangar.
    Take out the guys manning those to end this fighting and allow the ship to get
    away. Search the area for health before going to the large platform that lowers
    near the turrets. Flip the switch and ride it to the top.
    You will find yourself inside of a war room with a bunch of hybrids and
    steelheads to fight. Take the out, using your fareye if you have to on the pain
    in the... I mean steelheads. Get rid of them and take out the leapers that are
    in the next room. Go up the elevator and take out the hybrids in the next room.
    There are some more in the generator looking room. 
    The next room however is a pain. You will see a red lighted room, run in there
    for some ammo and an intel document. Now when you look down the hallway between
    these two rooms you will see some slipskulls jumping around. Kill them, but the
    fun in here isnt over yet. When you get into the room itself, two steelheads
    will attack and THEN when you go up the stairs out of the room, a Hard Fang and
    some hybrids attack. I suggest extreme caution in this area. Its easy if you
    have the Dragoon, but otherwise use your carbine grenades and/or shotgun as
    effectively as you can.
    Move through and you will find yourself in a morgue with a group of four or so
    chimera. Get rid of them but be ready in the next room. Its a very narrow 
    corridor and it has a steelhead in it. I suggest you bumrush him and get rid of
    him quickly. Move on forward to end the level.
    6.07.03 - Parting Ways
    This level is very hard and very easy at the same time. You can die really fast
    if the Titans and mortars keep hitting you, but otherwise, its actually quite
    simple. I suggest that you hide behind one of the walls near the beginning of
    the area and step out just enough to let your gun arm poke out. Shoot at the
    titans and the mortars will ignore you. Your alt-fire can shoot over the wall
    so make sure you are doing both weapons at the same time. Kill all the titans
    and mortars and this level will end.
    6.08 - Bracknell
    6.08.01 - Into The Depths
    This level is another fairly straightforward one. Kill off the menials in this
    room and the other ones that come for you. Now head into the next room. I
    suggest that you use the sapper on the leaper pods from a distance so that when
    they emerge, they get blown up. Be cautious when you enter the room though,
    there is a greyjack in here. Kill him off and get rid of all the leapers before
    you continue forward.
    There are some menials and greyjacks in the next room, so make judicious use of
    your shotgun here. Once they are all dead, some hybrids and a steelhead will
    attack you. I suggest rushing them and using grenades or the hailstorm to take
    them out. If you get close enough, simply use the bullseye or carbine.
    Now head into the next tunnel area, taking out the hybrids as they attack you.
    Further down the tunnel, kill off the menials and then work your way up onto
    the upper ledge so that you can continue on. 
    This is the mining platform fight and it is one of the hardest areas in the
    game if you ask me. If you can kill the enemies fast enough, you can get a
    skill point here, but otherwise, just try to survive. The first wave consists
    of hybrids, while the second one has a hybrid and advanced hybrid, who is just
    a tougher one. Next comes a greyjack, then some menials followed up by yet 
    another greyjack. The last wave comes fast consisting of another greyjack, some
    hybrids and menials and then some hybrids.
    I suggest sticking to a corner, preferably across from where you dropped into
    the area and simply firing off into the lot of them with all weapons. When they
    are far, use the carbine, bullseye or the carbine grenade launcher. Heck, use a
    hailstorm turret if you like. But when they get close, use the shotgun to at
    least stagger them. Grab the intel here and move into the next area.
    As you head downhill you will be accosted by an army of rollers. The only real
    problem they present here is that they will sometimes stay on the walls for a
    long while. In either case, use the sapper to get rid of them. Drop down the
    hole and use the sapper to take out the leapers in their pods here before you
    continue on. 
    You will find yourself in a room full of weird tubes. Start walking up the one
    in front of you. When you reach the top and walk onto the platform three
    slipskulls will attack you. I suggest using a box as cover and taking them out
    with the bullseye. Now you will see two fans with gusts of wind coming out of
    them. Jump into it but be careful. Let the wind carry you before you try to go
    forward into the next one. If you need Augur ammo, stop on the tube and go down
    it to find some. Otherwise, get across the three fans and the tube.
    Walk onto the platform, up the ramp and gather up things before you go into the
    next fan. Now look up and to the right and you should see a gridded platform
    up above you. Well look around up there until you see those electric balls that
    explode when shot. Shoot one to set off a chain reaction that will kill off
    many of the enemies up there, saving you some trouble later on. Now walk up to
    the top of this tube and turn to the right with the fareye. If you look around
    very carefully you will see two hybrids to take out so snipe them and then make
    your way onto the platform via the fan. A steelhead will run out so kill him
    and then move on. Now go across the platform, up the next tube and jump to this
    Go up the hill but you will see menials as you near the top. I suggest throwing
    a air-fuel grenade up there, as well as a hailstorm turret. This will help with
    the two steelheads that are up there. Then run up there with your favorite gun
    and finish them off.
    Now go up the hill in this area and you will have to go through a narrow area
    with a bunch of enemies. I suggest using the shotgun or bullseye here and
    cutting a bloody swath through them. There will be a Hard Fang with an arc
    charger in here, so be ready for him. Keep going on and you will reach an
    elevator which ends the level.
    6.08.02 - In A Darker Place
    Time for a menial rumble! Use the sapper, frag grenades and melee attacks to
    thin out the enemies here. Once they are dead a bunch of hybrids come after you
    as back-up. Kill them off and search the floor for all sorts of ammo and you
    will even find the LAARK rocket launcher here. Put it away, do not use it now.
    You are going to need it in a bit. Grab health and ammo off the floor and then
    take the elevator up a level.
    Get off the elevator and move forward. You will be attacked by a group of
    steelheads so kill them before moving ahead. Mine the leaper pods and coax the
    leapers out. Do this two more times to make a circuit of this area. At the end
    of this platform is a doorway, take it into the dirt corridor. Kill off the two
    sets of leaper pods and the hybrids that come to attack you.
    Stand on the ledge, do not drop into the room yet. Use the bullseye to take out
    the two hybrids here and then drop down. You will have to kill the two grey
    jacks and the menials to clear out this area, so do so quickly. Gather up the
    LAARK ammo if necessary and then approach the big doors. Use the two switches
    and be ready for a fight.
    A stalker will come out at you and you will need to use your rockets to take it
    out. If you miss and/or run out of rockets, dash from him and go gather up the
    others on the floor in this area. It isnt too hard to kill him with rockets,
    but it can be near impossible to do it otherwise, so I hope you saved those
    LAARK shots like I said. The only real tip I can give is this, should you run
    out, try to use grenades or the carbine grenades on it. Just hit is body and
    you have a chance to destroy it.
    Once he is done, so is the level.
    6.09 - London: Outskirts
    6.09.01 - A Desperate Gamble
    Time for the train station from hell level. Search the immediate area and get
    any ammo you might need. When you head towards the doorway, you will be swarmed
    by some rollers so use the sapper to take them out. A steelhead will follow
    them to attack you, so knock take him out and move into the next area. When you
    go too far into it, you will face a huge group of hybrids along with a Hard
    Fang who charges your position suicidally. Once the area has been cleared of
    all enemies, gather up all the health and ammo in the area and then go up the
    This area is fairly straightforward, make your way across the upper level while
    taking out any and all opposition. When you reach the end of the first side,
    you will be attacked by rollers, so take them out and keep clearing the second
    side. At the end of this side you will be attacked by some hybrids and rollers.
    If you are careful you can snipe some of them through the huge window, but the
    rollers will mostly come to you if you simply run across the ledge and hide in
    the room there. SImply fill the room up with Sapper mines and wait. After you
    take out the rollers, go downstairs and take out the rest of the hybrids.
    You will pass through a downed helicopter and over here there are about four
    hybrids and a steelhead. I suggest using the fareye here to take them out from
    a far range. Then continue forward until you enter the ruined hotel.
    Be very careful in here. With all the busted up walls, you can be shot from a
    number of sides at all times. I have found myself being shot from three cracks
    in the walls at the same time when I was being sloppy. So move very slowly 
    through this area and clear out all of the enemies in the area. You will reach
    a room with alot of junk in it. Look around inside of this room and you will
    see a triangle made out of garbage. Crouch down and go through it and you will
    find some ammo and intel here. Use the carbine and bullseye to make your way
    through the area.
    Soon yo uwill reach a large open room with a big staircase. There are a few
    slipskulls and a large number of hybrids in here. I suggest using the fareye,
    carbine and grenades to clear out the room of enemies. Go up the stairs and you
    will find yourself moving through another building. Kill the enemies in here
    and then go up the stairs to end the level.
    6.09.02 - Ice and Iron
    I really hate this freaking section of the game. To get that tank that they are
    trying to bring to you, you need to kill the enemies in this area. You will
    most likely not have enough LAARK or grenades to take this guy out. The best
    thing to do is to go into one of the bunkers and keep dodging around, avoiding
    his shots until he loses interest in you. When he finally looks away from you,
    zoom in with the carbine, looking at him from behind and aim at his power core.
    You should be able to unload on his exposed power core with most of a clip from
    your carbine before he turns to shoot at you again. This part of the fight is
    the most problematic since he will start firing off rockets at you. If you are
    not careful, he will be able to hit you through the roof with the explosions. I
    suggest that you keep on moving from side to side to avoid being hit by them.
    It should only take two clips of carbine ammo to take this guy out.
    Once the stalker is dead, the titan will burst out after you. Honestly, the 
    best way to deal with him is to lob a few air-fuel greandes at him, but barring
    this, you should resort to the hailstorm/bullseye combo to take him out. Once
    he is toast, they will drop the tank for you.
    Hop on into the tank and start moving. This area is actually fairly easy, the
    only hard part is the stalkers but even they are easy once you know what to do.
    Keep moving through the streets and when you are attacked by widowmakers, shoot
    them in the head and shoot any stalkers you come across in the body. But do not
    get oo close to them. If you get close, they can do serious damage by shooting
    the turret and missles at the same time. Keep your distance and keep firing the
    turret at the bodies. The only use for the machinegun of the tank here, is to 
    take out the regular enemies who run around this level, but even with them, I
    prefer to use the turret.
    Soon enough you will come to a Titan. Aim your cannon near his head area and
    fire away. He willl die soon enough. Keep driving the tank and you will hop out
    of it. You should see a doorway so go into it. There are no enemies on the
    first floor, so search it for ammo and an intel document. When you go up the
    stairs, the ceiling will collapse behind you locking you in. I suggest throwing
    any hedgehog grenades you have up the other staircase and taking out your
    shotgun and blasting away at them. Once they are dead, go upstairs and the
    level will finally end.
    6.10 - London: River Thames
    6.10.01 - Burning Bridges
    This level seems super hard at first, but when you learn the trick to it, this
    area is actually really easy to beat. As soon as the level starts, run to the 
    right and make your way to the building there. Go to the upper level and grab
    the LAARK ammo up here. Now quickly run back downstairs and run into the right
    most corner of the room where you can hide from all enemies. You will likely
    have to fight off a bunch of hybrids as you move around.
    After a short while a stalker will come out and march his way towards you, 
    blasting away at you. Normally he would be dangerous, but if you are hiding
    where I suggested you will be fine. Let him shoot until he loses interest in
    you and turns to shoot at some soldiers. Poke out with the carbine and then
    zoom in on his power core and unload. Duck behind the wall and wait for him to
    lose interest again and then shoot at his power core again. This should kill
    him off. You will have to repeat this a second time with a new stalker but if
    you stay hidden, this should be done pretty easily.
    Once they are both done with, step out of this building and look ahead and you
    should see a Widowmaker moving towards you. Blast away at its body with the
    LAARK and it should only take two blasts to kill it. If it starts coming after
    you, run back to your little hiding spot and wait a bit before you start
    shooting at him again. Once he dies, this portion of the level ends.
    Pick up all the health and ammo in this area before you move onward. Head into
    the alleyway and there will be an enemy attacking from your right side. Get him
    and then turn to your left. Go through the garden and you will be on a street
    with a few enemies kill them and then watch your right side as you walk down
    the street. You will find a small ammo cache and intel.
    Now double back to where you killed that first hybrid, go into the building and
    go onto the second floor. Make your way to the first rooftop and kill the two
    hybrids who attack you. Jump to the second one and kill the hybrids and rollers
    who come after you. There will be one or two steelheads on the street below, so
    be careful and use the fareye to snipe them dead. Now drop down.
    Head to your right and then take a left into a small garden. When you enter, 
    you will be accosted by a couple of hybrids and rollers. Take them out and go
    into the alleyway and go to the end of it to get ammo and intel. To get to them
    however, you will have to take out a bunch of rollers and a grey jack, which
    shouldnt be too hard at this point.
    Now go up the staircase and you will be attacked by two hybrids, a steelhead
    and two other hybrids who are standing on top of rooftop entries. Kill them and
    find your way into the next building. Dispose of the enemies inside and then
    drop down. When you are on the ground you will see a wall with a exit in it. Go
    through it and  a last group of enemies will come rushing out to attack you
    from the subway.
    I suggest using the fareye to take them out, it makes life easier. Then go down
    into the subway to end the level.
    6.10.02 - On The Ice
    As soon as this level starts, take out the fareye and start using it to take
    out the hybrids in here. It is best to go for headshots with all weapons in
    this area since advanced hybrids are interspersed in the middle of the regular
    ones every so often. Kill them and then gather up all the ammo you can. If you
    need augur rounds, go kill the leapers in their pods and you can get some.
    Go down the stairs and you will have to fight a few hybrids and steelheads.
    Kill them off and then go up the other staircase and folow it and you will see
    some ammo and a staircase going down. When you do go downstairs there are not
    only a bunch of hybrids and a few steelheads, but slipskulls so be careful.
    Kill them off and scour the room for ammunition and health. You can even find a
    few LAARK rounds in one of the rail cars.
    Once they are all dead, jump into the train that is sitting on the tracks and
    follow that until you reach the end of the tunnel. There are two steelheads 
    hiding in here, so toss a grenade or two in to kill them. Drop down to the 
    outside and pick up yet more ammo before you head to your right. You will have
    to kill a bunch of hybrids, so I advise using whatever weapon you have the most
    ammo for. At the top of the ramp a few more hybrids will attack so kill them
    and then head to the left, taking out the steelheads over here.
    Continue along the path and you will have to kill two Hard Fangs, I suggest the
    carbine grenade launcher to take them out quickly before they hurt you. Keep on
    moving forward and you will come across a bunch of hybrids and menials. One of
    the hybrids is quite fond of tossing grenades at you, so take him out as soon
    as you can. Keep moving forward and you will end the level.
    6.10.03 - Giant Slayer
    This level is actually fairly easy. You have to fight a stalker while driving
    the jeep. Or should I say Cartwright is going to fight said stalker while you
    drive him around. So the best way to handle this is to keep going at top speed
    and circle the large pillar of rock. Every time you come out Cartwright will
    unload on him and you should be going fast enough to avoid getting hit. If not
    then you will heal while behind the cover. Once it dies, head back over to the
    blue gate and you will see some hybrids there. If you arent sure of where it is
    just look for where you are being shot from. Head inside once they are dead.
    This is a tough little area with more than enough steelheads and hybrids to get
    you dead if you arent careful. Kill your way through it, making sure to keep
    picking up ammo and health as needed and then get into the stalker.
    Now you have to fight the Goliath but dont stress, this fight is easy. Well it
    is on easy and medium. Keep moving from side to side so that you can evade the
    goliaths rounds and then return fire at all times. Aim for his upper body and
    with this simple strategy he will fall dead pretty quickly. You do have to be
    mindful that you dont get caught on things though, you will die really fast if
    he gets a solid bead on you.
    Once he dies, you will have to fight two more stalkers, using much the same
    strategy and then you will finally get a checkpoint. Keep heading forward and
    you will have to fight two more stalkers, but with the checkpoint behid you
    they are nothing to worry about. A bunch of hybrids will run out of the base to
    attack you guys, so knock them off before heading towards the base entrance.
    You will hop out of the stalker, so head on inside.
    Once you are inside you will have to fight a widowmaker in pretty close
    quarters. If you have LAARK ammo, simply backpedal and shoot him in the face.
    If not, you are going to want to retreat and keep tagging him with the bullseye
    and pummeling him in the head. It shouldnt take too long either way.
    Watch the sad cutscene and then stage over.
    6.11 - London: Chimera Tower
    6.11.01 - Angel's Lair
    Gather up all the weapons in this area, including the Bullseye Mk II. This is a
    much more powerful version of the bullseye. But as is usual in this game, any
    of the hybrids you fight, well advanced hybrids really, are going to have this
    weapon as well. So be very careful about how you charge through this level, you
    can die pretty fast.
    Head towards the exit tube for a nice surprise. Now drop out and head up the
    hill. As you do this you will be attacked by a huge bunch of the advanced
    hybrids. As I said, they all have the bullseye mk II and they will gun you down
    so fast if you arent careful. I suggest that you shoot a LAARK round up there,
    as well as a grenade or two, to thin them out. Then hide behind one of the
    blocks here and you will be able to make them come to you. Keep your hedgehogs
    and shotgun ready and let them come to you. Use the alt-fire and keep cutting
    them down as they come, reloading when possible. Eventually they will all be
    done for.
    Head up the hill and be ready for there to be a few guys hiding up here. Snipe
    them off with the fareye and then go back downhill to recover any ammo. Hit the
    switch and move on. You will fight an Angel in this area, so dont panic as they
    can be fairly easy if you fight smart. Use the new and improved bullseye and
    tag it when it stops moving for a moment. Now continue dodging around to avoid
    the things it throws and its poisonous gasses while you continue to unload the
    bullseye on it. It will go down pretty quickly actually. Now search this area
    and gather up any ammo you find.
    Head into the small room, gather up stuff and open the door to the next bridge.
    As you cross it a steelhead will run at you while a second runs up the ramp.
    Get rid of them and then head across to find some more hybrids. Use the LAARK
    to get rid of them quickly. Now take one of the ramps to get onto the lower
    level of this bridge, grab the LAARK ammo as well as the intel document. Now
    take the elevator and continue ahead. When you see the shotgun ammo, stop! Turn
    around and fill the tunnel behind you with sapper rounds. As you pick up the
    ammo, a hybrid will drop down from one of the tunnels above you and he will get
    you from behind. The sapper rounds will slow him down if not outright kill him.
    Some others will likely charge you from ahead, so use the shotgun or bullseye
    to get rid of them. Now use the fareye to take out the enemies in the large
    room. There are slipskulls and steelheads in this room so search the room for
    any ammo once you use it killing them. Head up the ramp and continue on, being
    mindful that you dont run head first into enemies.
    You will soon find yourself in a large cocoon room. Ignore them and make your
    way through this area. You will have to fight some hybrids but they are no real
    threat. However, you will see a narrow bridge that you will have to cross to
    get across the pit. As you reach the end, some hybrids and steelheads will come
    after you. I used the LAARK because there was some ammo just before the bridge.
    Keep moving and knock off any resistance that you come across. You will see
    some slipskulls jumping around in the next room, so lean your self out a bit
    and use the fareye to snipe them off one at a time. Make your way to the
    elevator that is just beyond these nuisances to get out of this level finally. 
    6.11.02 - Last Hope
    This area is just one giant running fight, so be ready. You will be attacked by
    some rollers and leapers so use the sapper to get rid of them. Search the room
    thoroughly for ammo before continuing on. You will see a lone british soldier
    running from something, so take out the LAARK. A widowmaker comes out to kill
    him and while it is doing that hit him in the head with the LAARK a few times,
    killing it off before it turns its attention to you.
    Now for the real fun, some hybrids are going to be coming down a ramp and going
    after you. Use cover and take them out carefully, being mindful of their 
    damnable bullseyes. Get rid of them and run up the ramp, making your way into
    the next room. Pick up anything you can find in this small room and then head
    for the exit. You will have to climb some more tubes, but these ones have a few
    steelheads on them so take out the fareye and snipe them off. Now climb up the
    tubes and out the doorway.
    Now comes one of the hardest parts of this game if you arent careful. Watch the
    little in-game cutscene that plays with the angel. As soon as this is over, the
    angel will attack you. As he does so, a group of hybrids will attack and play
    backup. Shortly after this a second angel is going to come after you. The best
    way to handle this is to use your LAARK to kill off the hybrids as they are the
    biggest threat here. Keep moving to dodge the poison that the angels throw and
    kill off most of the hybrids before you switch to your bullseye mk II. Now tag
    the angels and kill the them as quickly as you can. Using this strategy, and by
    strafing constantly, you should be able to get through this area with as little
    fuss, and stress, as possible.
    Two soldiers will come as back-up to help you take out any remaining hybrids,
    so let them do that while you search for health and ammo. Grab it and then look
    for the intel in this area. Now make your way to the elevator and use it. One
    last level to go.
    6.11.03 - The Core
    This area is freaking tough. As soon as the fight starts, you are going to want
    to hit the titan with a bunch of air-fuel grenades, or the bullseye/hailstorm
    combo that I am fond of. Now whip out your sniper rifle and move carefully,
    taking out any of the enemies that come out after you. You need to make your
    way towards the control room with the switch for the reactor core in it.
    However, it bears noting that there is a second titan to be fought just outside
    of the control room.
    Head up the ramp to the control room and kill of the hybrids there. Hit the
    switch here and you will lower the shields on the main reactor. Now your first
    instinct might be to use the LAARK on the reactor to take it out quicker but
    this isnt the best idea. You would actually do best to use the LAARK and fareye
    to take out the hybrid hordes that come after you. Heck, use your grenades here
    as the game is almost over, no reason to be stingy. Keep your rifle and
    bullseye rounds to take out the reactor.
    Now make your way out of the control room and shoot up the power rod to destroy
    it. Once you take it out, the shield for the next rod will start to open up. If
    you happen to miss that happening, a soldier will yell at you that another
    shield has lowered, so go after it.
    This is actually fairly simple once you learn where the enemies come from, so
    keep your eyes open and if you die, make sure to learn where the enemies came
    from. Use the bullseye when any angels come to make quick work of them. Keep
    moving about the inner ring, picking up ammo and health as you find it. If you
    end up needing more, you can look for the second control room looking area and
    you will find some more grenades, ammo and health.
    You will likely die a few times here, however so long as you learn where the
    chimera are coming from it's no big loss. Keep learning from each successive 
    death, you will be able to beat this with time.
    7. Skill Points
    Name                       || How to acquire it                       ||Value||
    Reading is Fun!            ||Pick up 10 intel documents               || 2   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Chicks Dig Eyestrain       ||Pick up 20 intel documents               || 3   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Too Many Secrets           ||Pick up all intel documents              || 7   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    In For A Penny...          ||Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade     || 1   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Fetch                      ||Kill a Howler with a grenade             || 2   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Acupuncture is Cheaper     ||Kill three Hybrids with a single Hedgehog|| 2   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Why Are These Candles      ||Kill 8 Hybrids with fire in 30 seconds   || 3   ||
     Screaming?                ||                                         ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Lovely Parting Gifts       ||Squat over 15 Hybrid corpses             || 2   ||
                               || - This... is nuts...                    ||     ||
    Tag, You’re It             ||Kill five Hybrids with the Bullseye in   || 2   ||
                               || 30 seconds                              ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Gasping For Air            ||Kill two Hybrids in a level only after   || 3   ||
                               || severing all of their hoses             ||     ||
                               || - Do this in Nottingham: Conduits       ||     ||
    Nowhere to Hide            ||Kill five Chimera in a level using the   || 3   ||
                               || Auger while firing through walls        ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Twirly-Whirly              ||Kill five Menials with a Bullseye trap   || 3   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Turrets                    ||Use the Chimeran sentry gun to kill six  || 3   ||
                               || enemies                                 ||     ||
    		              ||                                         ||     ||
    Mechanical Thumbs          || Beat game on Hard difficult             || 5   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** York ***** 
    Supersonic Meat Cubes      ||Kill three Leapers with one frag grenade || 3   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Homing Beacons             ||Tag 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye          || 3   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Chimera Pate               ||Run over 10 enemies with the tank        || 3   ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Grimsby ***** 
    Don’t Worry, Insurance Has ||Break at least five Chimeran boxes in the|| 3   ||
     It Covered                || conversion center                       ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    20th Sentry                ||Do not get hit at all by a Lancer mines  || 3   || 
                               || in the Chimera Conversion Center        ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Personal Space Bubble      ||Escape the Grimsby Conversion Center     || 4   ||
                               || without being grappled by a Menial      ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Manchester ***** 
    Lightfoot                  ||Take no damage from mines in Manchester  ||  4  || 
                               || -My friend wrote this as I cant do it   ||     ||
    This Is My Rifle, This Is  ||Kill the Stalker in the Manchester       ||  2  ||
     My Gun                    ||  traffic circle with the Carbine alone  ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Nottingham ***** 
    In One Ear, Out The Other  ||Kill 5 Hybrids with headshots from the   ||  2  ||
                               || L23 Fareye                              ||     ||
                               || - Do this right after you get the gun   ||     ||
    ***** Cheshire ***** 
    Passive Aggressive         ||Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-      ||  3  ||
                               || weapon damage.                          ||     ||
                               || - Exploding barrels work for this.      ||     ||
    We’ve Lost The Security    || Break 10 medical lamps in North Command ||  2  ||
     Deposit Anyway            ||                                         ||     ||
    Mirror, Mirror             ||Destroy all glass in the windows of      ||  3  || 
                               || Northern Command                        ||     ||
                               || - Almost all located in the morgue area ||     ||
    ***** Somerset ***** 
    Next Speed Trap, 50 Miles  ||Use the jeep to make it through Cheddar  ||  3  ||
                               || Gorge in eight minutes or fewer         ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    I Can See My House From    ||Jump at least 50 meters with the LU-P    ||  2  ||
     Here!                     ||  in Cheddar Gorge                       ||     ||
                               || -Do this after opening the last gate    ||     ||
    Misplaced Aggression       ||Blow up all cars in the town of          ||  2  ||
                               || Cheddar Gorge                           ||     ||
                               || -One is outside the level boundaries    ||     ||
    They Came From Behind      ||Run over 3 Hybrids while driving reverse ||  3  ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    I Believe This Is Yours    ||Use only Chimeran weapons during the     ||  3  ||
                               || final approach to the Tower             ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Bristol ***** 
    One Eye Dog!               ||Kill a Howler with the Fareye            ||  3  ||
                               || -I suggest weakening it with other guns ||     ||
    A New Kind of Sourdough    ||Kill all enemies in the cafeteria with   ||  4  ||
                               ||    the Sapper                           ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    Pint In One Hand, Darts In ||In Southern Command, bullseye the four   ||  2  ||
     The Other                 || dartboards with the Fareye              ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Bracknell ***** 
    Karma’s A Bitch            ||Kill all enemies in the tunnel with only ||  3  ||
                               || their native weapons                    ||     ||
    This is MY House           ||Don’t let any Chimera stand on the mining||  4  ||
                               || platform  for more than 10 seconds      ||     ||
                               || - Set diff. to easy and use backlashes. ||     ||
    ***** London ***** 
    Leapin’ Lizards            ||Take no damage from Rollers in the       ||  3  ||
                               || outskirts of London                     ||     ||
    Fast Like The Tortoise     ||Take no damage from Slipskulls in the    ||  2  ||
                               || outskirts of London                     ||     ||
    ***** Thames ***** 
    Le Parkour                 ||Finish the first level of Thames within  ||  4  ||
                               || five minutes                            ||     ||
                               ||                                         ||     ||
    ***** Tower ***** 
    Breakin’ The Law           ||Destroy the Reactor without using the    || 3   ||
                               || L209 LAARK                              ||     ||
                               || - Use the LAARK to instead kill hybrids ||     ||
    Vanilla Only, Please       ||Reach the reactor without using secondary|| 4   ||
                               || fire or grenades                        ||     ||
                               || - This is alot easier than it sounds    ||     ||
    What Would Hale Do         ||Kill an Angel using only the Rossmore    || 2   ||
                               || - Move back, let it come at you and     ||     ||
                               ||    then use the double shot             ||     ||
    Return To Sender           ||Shoot five objects thrown at you by the  || 3   ||
                               || Angel before they reach you             ||     ||
                               || -If you have problems, use the Fareye   ||     ||
    8. Intel
    - I have the names for all of the intel in the game, but Im going to need to
    create a new Playstation ID and then fully play through the game again to find
    them all so that I can write directions on how to find them.
    - I will also add in descriptions of each intel when I get the chance to go
    ahead and type them up.
    1 - Guidelines   / Gauntlet
    2 - Infection    / Gauntlet
    3 - Regeneration / A Lone Survivor
    4 - Isolationism / A Lone Survivor
    5 - Landing      / Spires
    1 - Conversion  / Fates Worse Than Death
    2 - Captured    / Hunted Down
    3 - York Set Up / Hunted Down
    1 - Of Howlers   / Path of Least Resistance
    2 - Crawlers     / Cathedral
    3 - Stalker Hunt / Cathedral
    1 - Harbinger        / Into the Fire
    2 - Tunnels          / Into the Fire
    3 - Regarding Cloven / Conduits
    1 - Invasion      / No Way Out
    2 - Specimen Tank / No Way Out
    3 - Post Mortem   / Angel
    4 - Autopsy       / Angel
    1 - Field Guide 1 / Search and Rescue
    2 - Spires        / Common Ground
    3 - Field Guide 2 / A Disturbing Discovery
    4 - Tower Notes   / A Disturbing Discovery
    1 - Crates          / Evacuation
    2 - Preparations    / Evacuation
    3 - Broadcast Guide / Evacuation
    1 - Conduits   / Into the Depths
    2 - Surrounded / Into the Depths
    3 - Stranger   / Into the Depths
    London: Outskirts
    1 - Weather / A Desperate Gamble
    2 - Drowned / A Desperate Gamble
    3 - Goliath / Ice and Iron
    London: River Thames
    1 - Construction / Burning Bridges
    2 - Demolitions  / Burning Bridges
    3 - Loved Ones   / On the Ice
    London: Chimeran Tower
    1 - Power Source / Angel's Lair
    2 - Observations / Last Hope
    3 - Angels       / Last Hope
    9. Online Information
    9.01 - General Information
     - When you are playing online, you have to enable the voice chat using the L3
    button. Just be ready for the people on it, theyre no better here than on Halo.
     - Be aware that there are a number of glitches that enable people to do some
    things that make little sense, like escaping from stages or going under them.
    Do not ask how to do this as it is against the TOS of the online mode and can
    get you punished for doing it.
     - You will get sniper-shotgunned by people. Get used to it. Yes its cheesy,
    but its the punishment you get for having a life and not knowing all the tricks
    and exploits. Balance it out in your head. ;-)
     - You will be able to customize your human avatar by going into your profile
    once you are logged on. Once there, you will be shown all the skins you have
    unlocked and you can mix and match them to a degree to make a custom avatar. I
    myself prefer the Cloven skins, but thats just me.
     - The skins and objects to customize your avatar with are unlocked through 
    three distinct means: 1) by registering your Resistance account on the official
    site, myresistance.net (this gets you cloven skins), 2) by getting all of the
    skill points in the game (this unlocks the US Black Ops skins) or 3) reaching
    certain ranks in the online mode. This gives you a variety of US and British
    skins to mess around with, as well as objects for these skins.
     - The humans have no ability to duck, but they can sprint by pressing the duck
    button. This allows them to cover ground quite fast. While sprinting, you cant
    fire your gun, but this will rarely be a problem. Also, when you are damaged it
    will heal much like Hale's does in the main game. Humans also have a radar of
    sorts that will detect hostiles that are moving around.
    UPDATE: If you press the sprint button while standing still you will indeed
    duck down. This was pointed out to me by James Yenser. Having tested it, yes
    you can indeed duck and it works well for hiding and camping.
     - Chimera, which can only be played in certain modes, have the unique rage
    ability. When activated, they will be much faster than normal and do more
    damage with both melee and ranged attack (grenades seem to be exempt from this
    increase). The most important ability you gain in this mode, in my opinion, is
    the ability to see through walls. This is incredibly useful if used properly.
    However, the overheat quickly like this and you must watch your heat bar
    because once it is full, you will start to lose health. Also, if you can go for
    a time without taking damage while you are hurt, the you will be able to heal
    back to full strength.
     - Each of the races has levels where they excel. The Chimera are bigger and
    slower than the humans (barring Rage mode) so they are at a disadvantage in the
    wide open, outdoor areas. This is where the humans speed and manuverability
    serve them well. However, when in tighter more confined areas, the Chimera are
    the better race. Their ability to see through walls makes it harder for enemies
    to get the jump on you and it makes you aware of their movements. They can camp
    something fierce in these areas.
    9.02 - Weapons in Online
     - If you want information on how to use these weapons, see the earlier section
    of this guide dedicated to that. This will only explain how to use these
    weapons online and how it differs from the regular game.
    Arc Charger - This bad boy is just about as useless as they come online. While
    it can still be useful for close combat situations, if the enemy is smart
    enough to strafe often your gun will overheat before you kill them. Yes it is
    powerful, but with it overheating so fast and the alt-fire being useless, so is
    this gun. Use it only as a last resort.
    Alt-Fire: It still works the same, but no group of enemies will be close enough
    together for this to be useful. Heck, even if they are that grouped together a
    hedgehog will do the job twice as good as the Arc Charger ever could.
    Augur - While it can be useful for laying supressing fire, the Augur loses alot
    of its luster in the online modes. Sure, its a powerful weapon and its alt-fire
    is a good way of making cover in an open space, but its too slow to be of all
    that much use. There are two situations where this gun gets really useful. The
    first is when you are dealing with a camper. Its simple enough to get somewhere
    that they cannot hit you and just fill that area with Augur rounds. They will
    either move or they will die. The second use of this weapon is when you are
    actually controlling a Chimera. When you enter rage mode you can actually see
    through walls. This lets you see where enemies are and to shoot right at them
    through obstructions. If you have a buddy watching your back with a better gun,
    then this is a very deadly manuver. Otherwise you might get shot in the back.
    Alt-Fire: This works the same, but since human players arent as stupid as the
    computer, they will not just keep shooting at the shield. They will try to move
    to your sides or back and hit you. These work best when retreating or needing
    a breather from the enenmy gunfire. If you and a bunch of guys guarding a 
    location use a line of shields and Augurs you can mow down enemies.
    Bullseye - Much like in the main game, this weapon is definitely a mainstay in
    your arsenal. Much like the Chimera themselves, it doesnt show its full
    potential when being used in wide open areas. It excels when someone is within
    close quarters and moving too much for you to get a solid bead on them. Since
    it does a nice bit of damage and it sprays shots all over the place you can
    kill even the most mobile enemies easily. When you fire you gun at them, be
    aware that the number of shots that actually go where your reticule is directly
    pointed. They will usually spray all around the reticule itself so you have a
    fair amount of wiggle room when it comes to hitting a moving target.
    Alt-Fire: Tags are nowhere near as useful online as they are offline. Since
    your foes will be moving often youre not as likely to hit them with the slow
    moving tags. If you are forced to use this weapon at long range, then try using
    the tags then. You may have to lead them a bit though as the tag moves very
    slow. But people are more likely to not notice a single tag flying past them
    than they are a hail of bullseye shots.
    L12 Dragoon - This gun rocks in multiplayer if you are in close quarters. It
    does alot of damage, and it does it very fast. While it has some functionality
    at long range, dont even bother with it. Take it out when you are in a tight
    area or someone is in your face and fire away. You dont even need to be all
    that accurate with it, just do a wide side to side sweep with it and you will
    either chase them off or kill them.
    Alt-Fire: The cloud of burning vapors isnt really too useful online. Whereas
    the Chimera will run through it, humans will either leap over it or go around
    it when they are gunning after you. Its a very rare person you will catch with
    this. The only use for this is if you are being chased like a bunch of enemies,
    then turn around for a moment and toss this at them and you will likely scatter
    them a bit.
    L23 Fareye - Lets get one thing clear with this gun: It is nowhere near the
    godly instrument of death that it is in single player. Due to the nature of the
    online game you lose out on the ability to slow down time to aim your shot
    properly. So if you are a poor sniper, you wont have this to bolster your
    abilities and are going to have to learn how to use this gun properly.
    Other than this there really isnt all that much to be said about this gun, zoom
    in, aim and shoot. You dont need to bother with headshots as you are more 
    often than not going to miss. Go for body shots as it only takes two or three
    to take someone out.
    Alt-Fire: Unlike in the single player, this doesnt slow down time. What it does
    do is give you an easier way to zoom in. If you get into the groove of tapping
    the alt-fire button and then tapping the right d-pad button, you can zoom in
    on an enemy really easy and fire.
    L209 LAARK - The LAARK works just as well online as it does offline. You fire
    it, the round goes boom and people go dead. The only real thing that does bear
    note about this weapon is that you are better off shooting at the ground or the
    walls than actually firing directly at a person. This way, you will at least
    inflict radius damage from the explosion and possibly throw their aim off.
    Alt-Fire: The air brake works just about the same in this mode as it does in
    the main game. However it is nowhere near as useful online, because if you miss
    with it, youre probably dead. Even if you arent, you are far better off simply
    shooting another round than trying to re-aim your currently fired round.
    M5A2 Carbine - I will firmly stand beside this gun as my single favorite weapon
    in the game. It is accurate enough to be fired at long ranges against enemies
    and if you have grenades for it, then they can net you some quick kills if used
    against someone you have been firing at. If you can keep your ammo count high,
    then you can hand even large groups of people with ease with this gun. The
    grenades are good for scattering crowds while the gun picks them apart. Paired
    with things such as the Hedgehog grenades, you can easily take out crowds of
    enemies with one fell swoop.
    Alt-Fire: The grenade launcher on this gun is incredible. You can damage an
    enemy with the radius of the explosion or to kill them with direct hits. Some
    situations have even allowed me to kill several other players with one shot of
    the launcher. I love this gun.
    Rossmore 236 Shotgun - This gun works in exactly the same capacity as it does
    in the single player, so dont try over thinking it. You get in close, use the
    shot to seriously hurt people and use the alt-fire when you think you can score
    a one shot kill. This weapon is seriously deadly in the hands of both races and
    it bears some note: when shooting at a chimera, you will be able to get more
    hits with the alt-fire due to their large size. When being used by a Chimera,
    if you enter rage mode, it is very easy to turn enemies into paste with this
    gun with an alt-fire blast to the chest.
    Alt-Fire: It works exactly the same as offline, so use it in the same way. Just
    be aware of how small your clip is, as well as your ammo holding capacity.
    Frag Grenade
    These are the easiest grenades to get your hands on and they are not the most
    useful. Enemies will usually move away from them when they see them coming and
    thus you will not pick up many kills. So the best way to use these grenades is
    in coming with a gun. If you throw a grenade to the left of someone, most
    people will evade to the right and backwards, or forward if they have a
    shotgun. So if you throw the grenade to the left and shoot to the right they
    will likely walk into your shots.
    Hedgehog Grenade
    Hedgehogs are the single most reliable grenade that you can use online. They
    do alot of damage, bounce off walls and explode quickly. If thrown close to a
    person, then the enemy will not have enough time to get far enough away that
    they will avoid any damage. These will take out most enemies if you can get it
    close to an enemy.
    Air-Fuel Grenade
    The Air-Fuel grenade is a great weapon offline, but online this weapon will be
    a waste more often than not. The flame radius is very big, and it does do alot
    of damage, but if the enemy doesnt see it coming then the gas cloud will give
    it away. If you do manage to hit someone with it, they are in for some very
    serious damage.
    9.03 - Game Modes
     - Take note that you can play all of these modes offline as well as online by
    playing split-screen. This is a good idea to do at least a little to learn the
    stages that you will be playing in. However you cannot earn any of the ranks or
    rewards that you can get playing online.
    - I will include more details on game modes, an updated list (I believe Team
    Deathmatch was taken out) and strategies for each of them in a short time.
    This mode kind of reminds me of the old Sega Genesis game, Herzog Zwei. You
    have to take control of coolant nodes scattered across the map. The more you
    control, the more that your opponents reactor overheats. Do this enough and the
    enemy reactor will explode granting your team victory.
    This is kind of like an inverted Meltdown. In this mode you must actually go
    after the enemy reactor. You must destroy the rods to take the enemy reactor
    out and get victory for your team.
    Capture the Flag
    This mode is pretty self-explanatory. Anyone who has ever played a FPS online
    will have played this game mode at least once by this point. You get into the
    enemy base, snatch their flag and get it back to your base to score a point.
    The team with the most points by the time the match is over, wins.
    Team Deathmatch
    Simple as it comes, you earn points for killing the enemies. Get more points 
    than the other team before the match ends to win.
    This is probably one of the most enjoyable, and aggravating, of the multiplayer
    modes. You start off as a human and once you die, you become a Chimera when you
    respawn. When you die as the Chimera, you must sit out and be a spectator until
    someone is the last man standing.
    9.04 - Ranks / Rewards
    Coming soon!
    10. About the Author
    My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years 
    old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
    anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
    as well.
    So far Ive written the following FAQs: 
    Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
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    Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2
    Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3
    Lair - PS3
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2
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