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Reviewed: 12/26/06

The PS3's best game hands down. Anyone that's actually played this game will immediately recognize just how underrated this game is.

Resistance: Fall of Man by Insomniac is Sony's attempt of creating a "killer app" right at launch. Unlike the 360 which had the forgettable Perfect Dark Zero, Resistance is an awesome first person shooter that is better than Call of Duty, and not the other way around.

Unfortunately, due to much of the bad press that the PS3 has been getting lately, and the good press that Gears of War has been getting, Resistance has slipped under the radar for most. Having beaten both games, the truth is that neither is really all that much better than the other. They are both great in their own right, with Gears having the edge due to its noticeably better graphics and fresher gameplay. Whereas Gears will impress immediately with its gore and awesome style, Resistance must actually be played to be appreciated. Although it may look rather generic from an outside perspective, anyone that actually plays the game will feel immediately how solid and polished the product is.

Gameplay 9/10
Throughout the game, you play as a rather quite character called Nathan Hale. The chimera are invading everywhere, and are winning. The story has actually happened already, and is told from someone else's perspective. All in all, it keeps the game going at a very nice pace, and you'll constantly want to beat the next level to find out what happens. With 30 levels in all, this game takes quite awhile to beat.

Focusing on gameplay specifically, the game really plays like an upgraded Halo meets Half Life with some unique features thrown in for good measure. As usual, you can regain your health by hiding for a couple of seconds, but unlike other games, you don't actually regain all your health. Your health bar is split into 4 sections, and only regenerates up to that mark. For example if you take more than 50% damage but less than 25% damage, you can only regain up to 50% health. The system works out quite nicely, and forces you to play intelligently throughout the entire game. This is because the AI is brutal, and their weapons very unforgiving. Even the smaller monsters can kill you in a matter of seconds if you aren't careful.

Luckily, there is split-screen cooperative play, and you can play through the entire game in this manner. The ammo isn't shared for the most part, except for the slow-motion bar for your sniper rifle, which acts as its secondary fire. Speaking of which, every weapon has a secondary fire. There is a weapon that can tag enemies so all your bullets seek towards it, the rocket launcher can have its rockets stop mid-flight and be re-oriented (not quite the Redeemer in UT, but a nice gimmick nonetheless), and plenty of other neat things. Probably my favorite weapon in the game was the hedgehog grenade which behaves exactly like the grenade in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Eraser. If you haven't seen the movie (and to be honest it did kind of stink), it's basically a grenade that spits out spikes in all directions.

Graphics and Sound 8/10
Though the graphics are nothing to scoff at, they don't really showcase the PS3 when Gears of War looks considerably better on a so-called cheaper system. Nevertheless, the game still looks just fine if you compare it to the other 99% of games out there. The sounds are also pretty good, and actually quite important. All enemies and weapons have specific sounds, and you'll be keeping your ears peeled to keep track of what your up against. This might seem logical in every shooter, but not every shooter has you fighting enemies that can shoot through walls, and monsters that can jump on walls at the same time.

Final Verdict 9/10
In the end, Resistance: Fall of Man is not only the best PS3 game available on the market, but arguably one of the best shooters in the industry as well. Insomniac delivers another terrific game, and anyone who has played their previous efforts will recognize a number of similarities. Is this game better than Gears of War? To be frank, no it is not. Gears definitely does a better job of advertising the system, and brings more freshness to the table than people give it credit for. However, Resistance delivers where it counts, and that's in its rock solid gameplay. If you own a PS3, there's absolutely no excuse not to own this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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