How is the fighting system?

  1. What is the fighting system in this game like, is it more a long the lines of XII or VIII or is it a brand new one all together?

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  1. OOPS! Sorry, thanks Kaydash.

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  1. It's a mixture of both. You can search YouTube or any number of sites for demo/gameplay videos.

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  2. From what I have seen so far, It is an active bar system. You fill up a bar at the top of your screen with certain commands, I'm guessing that as you get stronger the bar will get bigger and you'll be able to use more commands. I also think that you will be able to learn higher level magic, such as Fire < Firaga. I'm also thinking that each character has their own specific battle techniques, almost similar to classes, but what the real class switches are, are called Paradigm Shifts. This switches an AI play style, from any of the three following: Supportive, Aggressive, Defensive. I also think that most of the combat will revolve around the shifts and the bars I had mentioned earlier. On the Exploration map you get to control your avatar and you will be able to actually see the enemies, a lot like Final Fantasy XII, When encountering a monster the avatar draws a weapon and you engage into a battle. They're will also be summons, but I'm not so sure how they work, it think it's like a replacement-super-party-member. From what I have seen so far the summons are as follows: Ifrit, Shiva Sisters, Odin, Carbuncle, and maybe Fenrir. I saw some of the odin gameplay, and i was truly impressed, lightning can both get on to it's back in a mode called "Gestault" or Odin can come without his horse and fight with a blade, but other than this information, we're just going to have to wait and see when the game comes out. Sadly, this game comes out March 9th, 2010 for all of the many people who live in America or Europe. Hope I helped.

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  3. It is not correct about Paradigm Shift.
    Each of the characters has a set of roles / classes. There are Attacker, Defender, Enhancer, Jammer and so on.
    You can set a max of 6 different combination of roles for a party of 3. Using paradigm shift, you will be able to switch between your preset combination for more effective combat strategy.
    There is an auto attack command which allows the AI to maximize your ATP usage for its best strategy. Good for quick battle but on the downside, it always use your max number of ATP (slow execution at times).

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  4. Ethereal and kaydash both have put forth great information. I have a few things to add. The paradigm shifts, or "Optima Changes," in the Japanese version, resemble the gambit system of XII in that there is a set list of moves that you can make your player do, though these moves are limited by class (more than three) and character. (This also resembles the battle system of White Knight Chronicles, btw, though again with considerably less freedom). Unlike the battle system of XII, where you can set the gambits and go make a sandwich, it is absolutely necessary to use strategy to fight even common battles because of the nature of the ATB gauge. You can use more bars (which do indeed increase as you level) for more complicated spells or moves, or use shorter blasts of power to chip away at the enemy's break gauge.
    Finding the right attacks to fill the break gauge is essential or you will spend an eternity chipping away at their health with something less effective. In the meantime you could be getting killed as the battles are extremely quickly paced. Some attacks fill the break gauge, and some don't, so it helps to switch between classes to find which attacks break the gauge, then switch again to find which attack is useful once the gauge is broken. It's an engrossing, fairly balanced, slick battle system.
    Some side notes: There is no MP. You gain levels, magic and abilities in a system very similar to X's sphere grid. In battle, using magic only takes a certain amount of bars and some time, which is precious. You can only use healing items during battle but you are healed at the end of every battle. You can never run from battles once they've begun. If your party falls, you are given the option to restart the battle or return to the title. Each battle is rated out of 5 stars. The more you die the more your battle rating drops, and the fewer/worse items you get.

    Hope this helps! I'll add more info as I get through the game.

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  5. One note about the auto attack command that Kaydash mentioned.
    If you wait for the battle gauge to fill up, the auto attack can be time consuming, but after selecting auto attack, you can press triangle at any point to unleash the attacks that the battle gauge has stocked up, using 1, 2, 3, or however many bars you want.

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  6. I shall add on the summons then. Carbuncle, Fenrir, and Siren are not playable though they appear. All of the characters have their own specific summon, and no they are not interchangable. The list is actually on the Japanese official website, which has English and should be easy enough to navigate. I also find it quite interesting that each character's summon (kind of like their guardians, actually) reflects their owner's personality...

    By the way, if you've seen pictures of Lightning riding on a horse, that's Odin.

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