Farming Gil?

  1. I'm in chapter 11 and I don't have money...
    Can you give me some help? I want to farm some money. Thanks!

    User Info: Jotaro87

    Jotaro87 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Where can i find the Female PSICOM Comando Combat Guards? Currently i am in chapter 10 inside that huge tower with those weird statues that speak into your head.

    User Info: linmin10234

    linmin10234 - 7 years ago

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  1. If you're powerful enough you can tackle the large adamantoise roaming about in the main area on Grand Pulse. They drop an item called Gold Ignots worth 150,000 in any shop. That is the painful way about it and you will need high stats and high weapon levels to kill them.

    Check TakeTakeShi55's videos over on YouTube for tactics. I've been working with him on the best way to kill those damn beasts and he posted a great video with our combined efforts (note that his stats are almost maxed out and he didnt use the summon trick):

    Also you will need the "Best Chance" accessory to increase the Rare Item Drop rate for it's rare item which allows you to mold weapons into tier 3 weapons. The Gold Ignots is a regular drop item though. You can get the Good Chance accessory from the Moogle Shop to increase the rate of this drop item. Note that you can also mold/upgrade it to the Best Chance accessory.

    Good Chance - increases regular drop item rate
    Best Chance - increases rare drop item rates

    I'm not sure if stacking them works, as I've tried using four of each at a time but the results seem to be same.
    If you can't kill the giant turtles, then go for the Female PSICOM Comando Combat Guards (the blue ones with the night sticks).

    They drop an item called Kousui or Cologne (could be perfume but my dictionary says cologne) that costs 12,500 Gill. It is a rare item for her that drops regularly if you have the Best Chance accessory attached. I was able to farm 23 of these within the amount of time it takes to kill a giant adamantoise.

    Some math = 23 x 12,500 gill = 287,500 gill within 10 - 15 mins. Results may vary but you always get the item, and sometimes 2 or three depending on the amount you them you fight at one time.

    When you get further in the game, you will also come across the Sacrifice monsters (possible the female guards converted into demons) who drop Kousui as a regular item, so use the Good Chance accessory to farm it off of them.
    Currently, I have amassed 2,485,000 gill this way and I'm still going for more. Until I can kill the giant adamantoise faster, this seems reasonable to get my weapons ready for tier three upgrades.

    Hope this helps as I had searched far and wide on the inter-webs for an alternative technique to killing the large turtles and getting gill. I have even visited a few Japanese sites and they all say kill the turtle. Killing them is frustrating and takes up too much time and even after you kill them, the drop rate for the gold ignot is very low (with the right accessories attached). That was just ridiculous in my opinion.

    This was more rewarding and I was able to upgrade all my weapons to tier two, and have cash to purchase adamantites, dark matter, and *gasp* Trepahedrons (sp) for those tier three upgrades ... still to each his own.

    User Info: deafwing

    deafwing - 7 years ago 3 1


  1. ... also I am going to assume you can read Japanese since you have this game right? Use this site to get a better understanding of the gill structure in the game -

    it shows the cost of all items when you sell them and perhaps different farming techniques (perhaps you can figure out something better). I'm too far a long to go back to farm different items but maybe you can

    User Info: deafwing

    deafwing - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Here's another method I have for you once you get a little stronger. You will need to be further a long in the game. If you clear missio 63, any time your clear it again, you will get a gold bullion (or bar). The bars are worth 60,000 gil.

    You can do this mission over and over again to rank up gill . Now this mission is not easy since you are going to fight a giant turtle. The reasons it's better to do this than fight those out in the open is that you will get a gold bar (and a possile gold ignot or tetrohedron (sp)) after you clear this mission (wear appropriate accessory).

    I recommend using the Summon+Vanilla trick to kill this beast off easily. See here -

    User Info: deafwing

    deafwing - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. Just want to point out the the Platinum ingot from those turtles is a normal drop, not a rare drop, so you will want Good Choice, not Best choice if you're farming for it.

    Using the highwind method, those turtles are really easy. Without using smokes, you can easily drop them in 3 minutes. With smokes 2 minutes. Also 2 minutes if you've maxed out the characters you're using.

    User Info: porkys_revenge

    porkys_revenge - 7 years ago 0 0
  4. You need to post a youtube video on how to do that Porkys .. :D

    User Info: deafwing

    deafwing - 7 years ago 0 0

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