Where can I find the item that doubles the CP?

  1. I am not sure about the name of this item.
    Since it is costing so many CP to level up, I really need this...

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    tasp1984 - 7 years ago

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  1. To get the Growth Egg, beat Mark 55. The stone is in Oerbo, The stone will remain inactive until you have defeated the boss in Oerbo (don't want to say the exact name for spoilers sake). You must also have completed Mark Mission 14, the one that unlocks Chocobos in Gran Pulse. Vanille's Death ability will work on this Mark.


    Best place to farm CP is in Orphan's Cradle, the Terrasects, before you fight Tiammat. Once you move forward from this area, you can never come back, but there are two bosses (the one's you've fought to get here) that are in the area, both are easy to kill, both give 32000 CP (that's 64,000 CP with the growth egg) upon defeat. To respawn them, simply walk back to the Save station, once you get there they will have respawned.

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  1. Simple beat mission 55 the mission board 55 is located in chapter 11 bij the snow fields in the little destroyed town(I don't know the name)
    The mission is located in grand pulse by an Ochu,however you must come there with the help of a chocobo

    Mission 55 can you simple beat it with Vanille's Death,so if you don't make it you can simple try and beat it again

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  2. Their is another way to earn all cp you need all you to do is keep killing the enemy if the enemy does not come back on their own all you need to do is save your game start again and the enemy will be back and before you know it you you will have all the power ups.

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  3. *******Side quest SPOILERS*******
    *****Doesnt affect story though*****
    Go to the roof of the school in oerba(the garden on top) and activate the l'Ce stone. ****mission 55 - Can't we all just get along?***

    then you need to go the the chocobo area next to the ring of 6 l'Ce stones to find your mark - Neochu. The easiest way to beat him is have Vanille as party leader and anyone else as a medic and sentinel (light and snow) and keep using death on him. then switch to a medic/ravanger/commando lineup to finish off the Picochu. if u need then summon your eidolon to finish them off easily. this way you should get a 5 star rating and the infamous growth egg.

    hope this helps.

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  4. Just to add here. i finished leveling all characters and there is a HUGE gap in CP totals.
    Its just interesting how it turned out....

    Sezh finished first - CP total left when all finished - 275,486CP
    Snow finished second - CP total left when all finished -198,706 CP
    Vanille finished third - CP total left when all finished - 117,191CP
    Hope finished fourth - CP total left when all finished -93,571 CP
    Lightning finished fifth - CP total left when all finished - 61.116CP
    Fang finished last- CP total left when all finished - 0CP

    now thats some difference in CP totals.

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  5. I been training with the double cp equip in mahabara maw of the abyess. you prolly remember the spot it is where you fight the first juggernaut welll... if you go back and forth you can fight the 3 bombs and the 2 robots ranking in about 10 thousand cp and the battles average out to be like 15 seconds a match lol think it is the best place before leaving to cocoon ...just finished getting all my characters maxed on rank 4 about to head to cocoon

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  6. Activate the l'Ce stone on top of roof, which is covered with green shrubs, in Oerba. Eh, might need to do the other stone that is in the same area.

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