Best weapons for each character?

  1. I'm not very far through the game (Palumpolum) and I'm just wondering what the best weapons are for each character. I'm just looking for which weapons I should focus on upgrading so I don't go wasting my materials.

    Just to be specific for the stats that I'm looking for towards each character, here's a list:
    Lightning - Strength, Magic
    Snow - Defense, Strength
    Fang - Strength, Defense
    Sahz - Magic
    Hope - Magic
    Vanille - Magic

    Defense also includes HP boosts.

    Thanks in advanced. :D

    (Oh, also, includes minor spoilers if you have to, like specific locations or if it's near a boss/certain cut scene).

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    fox_demon2k3 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Where does on find the Organyx?

    User Info: silverzgreen

    silverzgreen - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Try ....

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Other Answers

  1. For Lightning, you're going to want Organyx -> Apocolypse -> Omega Weapon. The Hauteclaire, however, is a close second since you won't have the former for a long while.

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  2. Oh, and Hope's would be the Hawkeye.

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  3. The shop Gilgamesh Inc. is obtained by finishing mission 46 which is found in the titan trials

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  4. The only problem with the hauteclaire is that it can't help build the stagger bar.

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