The summoning trick to defeat adamantoise?

  1. I know that sometimes if you summon it knocks the adamantoise right off its feet so u can spam death and crap on it. But when i summon like bahamut he doesnt go down at all, and proceeds to stomp the crap out of me. How the hell do you get him to fall when u summon a eidolon?

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  1. When you summon, the Adamantoises' legs will take enough damage to instantly cause it to fall down. In this state, it loses many of its resistances and does not counterattack. This allows you to stack a bunch of status spells on it as well as build the stagger gauge far more easily.

    The especially nice part about using a summon is that, normally when you cripple it, it will get up once a certain set amount of time passes. When you use a summon, that timer doesn't start ticking down until your summon goes away. Meaning you have all of the time that your summon is out to do whatever you want to it (while your summon is also attacking it). If your characters are strong enough, it's much more reliable to fill the stagger gauge and kill it in this state instead of relying on death spam, here's how you'd do both.

    Death Spam: Have Vanille as your leader, summon, then spam debuffs on it while it's down. Once you have all of the debuffs Vanille can cast on it, just keep casting death. Make sure your team is set to SAB/SAB/SAB and your party members will help you build the stagger gauge and lay more debuffs once your summon goes away. This will work in my experience around half of the time, since you're at the mercy of a random death proc. It helps a lot to have the Malboro wand and make sure you use the ATB cancelling technique to switch back and forth between 2 SAB/SAB/SAB paradigms (even while only controlling Vanille). Don't waste time using her Gestalt abilities since lowering the creature's HP won't help you out at all.

    Stagger kill: This works much the same only you won't want Vanille in your team. You want 3 strong COM's. If you have Sazh's physical weapons upgraded, he's great for this due to the fact that his Blitz has the power of 3 normal attacks and only takes up the ATB bars of 2. You don't need him however, Fang/Snow/Lightning will do just fine.

    Whoever summons will again be SAB. At first you'll want to lay deprotect, deshell, and imperil. After that you'll want to make sure those buffs remain up and raise its chain gauge. It's entirely possible to get it ready to stagger for when your teammates rejoin you. You can use Gestalt, but I've found it's not typically necessary if you have a reasonably strong team. You're going to go all out offense, so be ready to stagger it as fast as possible once your teammates join (sab/sab/sab seems to be good at this, better than RAV actually because it ensures that your debuffs remain). Then just ATB cancel back and forth between 2 COM paradigms and he'll go down pretty quickly once he's Staggered with Deprotect on.

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  1. This may not be helpfull, but before i was slaughtered by the larger ones, i saw it had attack points on the legs. i'm assuming the summing jsut does damage tothem and knocks it down. not sure cus i aint done it yet, but it's worth a shot.

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  2. Are you sure you're fighting the larger Adamantoise? There are 3 variations; Adamantaimai, Adamantortoise and Adamankeris (names may be different in the English version).

    Adamantaimai are the biggest and toughest variation; they have huge tusks, chains round their legs and spiked ridges along the top of their shell. You can knock these ones down by summoning and abuse the Death cheat for 40,000 CP (and yes, in my books you are cheating if you use Death to beat them before you're strong enough to take them on legitimately).

    Adamantortoise look similar but they don't have the ridges along the top of their shell and have less HP. You can knock them down with a summon too and they're also worth 40,000 CP.

    Adamankeris are the smallest and weakest variation. You can recognise them by their smaller size and cut off tusks. They don't have legs as targets and so can't be knocked down for the death cheat and they only give you around 4500 CP.

    Also you'll need to use Vanille to do it as she's the only character that learns Death.

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  3. The adamantoise and adamantortoise have the big tusks. these ALWAYS fall when you summon.

    the adamanchelid on the otherhand has NO tusks. these don't fall when you summon.

    also when you summon and want to use the death spell, it only works on adamantortoise.
    to tell the difference he has the broken tusks. he has less health but the same rewards.
    use vanille as your party leader as a saboteur and keep spamming him with autobattle until hes staggered.
    when he does stagger it shoulb be a simple case of 1 death spell and your up 40000cp (80000cp with growth egg)
    and HOPEFULLY either a platinum ingot or the real reward a Trapezohedron.HAPPY DAYS.

    Unfortunatly the only way to defeat Adamantoise or long gui is to use the summon trick as FANG and hopefully you can kill it using the same method as a saboteur and then switch to a commando class when he staggers. also switch the others to ravangers to help out when you finish with Bahamut's finish attack. best of luck.

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  4. O please MisterBynoe, it is called efficient farming not cheating. Don't get me wrong bro, I've defeated these guys using characters with tier I weapons only, with the exception of fang. AND I used light as team leader. Although some people do like a challange, we all look for ways to quickly strengthen our characters and NOT take forever to do so.

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  5. You have to summon lightings summon or vanilles for ot to drop on its side. some summons cant do that thats why when you tried buhamut it didn't work

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  6. Sazh's is good for these fights (IMHO). His summon will knock them down. His Pleiades Hi-Powers weapon maxed on tier 2 (Hyades Magnums *) gives him +STR 1150. Summon, buff Sazh, one round as commando to slow stagger drop rate, 3-4 rounds as RAV. After the summon leaves, use SYN/SAB/COM until you're buffed and enemy is debuffed (with at least deprotect). Then RAV/RAV/RAV until stagger hits 800%+, then COM/RAV/COM or COM/COM/COM and use Sazh's blitz ability. 2x blitz = 12 quick shots.

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  7. Well ive fought the biggest ones wth the chains around their ankles and ive summoned Bahamut, Shiva, and Alexander and he fell down everytime. Unfortunately, i aint beat him yet

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    Watch that video, it's me doing a tutorial on how to farm them.

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  9. the Summon trick is very simple 2 do....

    Before Game have 3 High Sabs in ur party (or 2 and 1 Syn for Haste) in Battle instantly Summon and then go 2 Abilitys and keep doing Death

    i say 3 Sabs reason being if there High levels increases chance of Death also have Vanille Maroboro one for Better Chances 2 do it

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  10. The Easiest way to kill in my opinion is: Take Vanille / Fang/ Hope, i dont even have the Ultimate weapons yet, only the Tier before it since i dont have the last ingredient from the monster.(get 4x +250 STR Accessories for Fang/4x +250 MAG for Vanille and 4x +250 MAG for Hope)
    Put Vanille as Leader, get 3 lvl to make a summoning, use Items to buff up ur defence and boost up ur faith+str, use the formation: SAB/COM/RAV as beginning, and RAV/COM/RAV to finish the mob when its down on the floor:
    How it goes?: Summon Eidolon to CHOP CHOP! his legs, now spamm All Bad status on the monster, Def down/Magic down/and Vulnerability(note that only those 3 works on the Mob on the floor) once the Vulnerability is on his HP bar, switch to RAV/COM/RAV, and Symbiose with the Eidolon, press triangle to make the attack of the Eidolon. Now everyone is back, spamm Auto attack till its dead, since i dont have the Ultimate weaponz yet, i kill those Adamant. like that, instead of relaying on "Death" Skill to work, ZzzzZzZ

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