Mission 46?

  1. I'm on chapter 13 and i dont want to fight the final boss with these weapons. I somehow have missed this mission for the gilgamesh shop. Can someone give me a location? iv been looking all over google?

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  1. Mission 46 is one of the Titan's Trials Missions. To access Titan's Trials, you will need to have the capability to ride a Chocobo - which can be obtained by completing Mission 14.

    Once you have the Chocobo riding capability, move to the cliff opening in the "Valley of the Navidon" (a made up valley name) in the Archlyte Steppes - Eastern Tors. Jump up, move down the passage, through the Aggra's Pasture area and down another passage to find a Red Barrier and a corresponding Red Cei'th Paling Stone that controls the barrier. Complete Mission 30 to release the barrier.

    Removing the barrier allows entry into the Haerii Archaeopolis. Work your way through the Haerii Archaeopolis to its "opposite" end to find another Red Barrier controlled by another Red Cie'th Paling Stone. Complete Mission 34 to release the barrier and gain access to the Faultwarrens area. This is the area containing all seventeen of the Titan's Trials Missions.

    There are multiple paths in the Faultwarrens that can be taken to reach Mission 46. Here is one of those.

    Take Truth Seeker's Rise to reach the Mission 35 Cie'th Stone. Interrogate the stone to attempt and complete Mission 35 in the "Primeval Crossroads" area. Now choose to next accomplish Mission 36 from the two choices offered. Complete Mission 36 in the "A Dance of Shadow" area and then, from the two choices offered , choose Mission 38. Move to the "Via Lunae" area to complete Mission 38 and choose to attempt Mission 42 next. Enter the "Salamandrine Path" area to complete Mission 42. After defeating the enemy, search the area to find the Cie'th Stone for Mission 46. Interrogate the stone to move into the Titan's Throne battle arena and complete Mission 46.

    See Mission Marker Location List in the posted "Gran Pulse Treasure Guide" for a Faultwarrens "diagram" that displays all of the paths trough the Titan's Trials "mission maze".

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  1. It's in Titan's Trials, you have to unlock the Chocobos to get to the trials.

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  2. I have to be honest you are better off beating the game. The weapons are really up there and the boss for this mission and the missons leading up are pretty tough. The boss is a two headed bird with over 2mil hp and it can kill a single team member with feeding swoop. He also dispells and gives status effects. I hate this fight. There is an awnser in boss section to help but rough fight and one of five bosses I say are very tough compare to other fights.

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  3. Don't do it because of the weapons, the game is completable without any kind of grinding...Anyways, as others said 46 is a final fight in Titan's Trials and it is quite a trickery devil... If you still wanna find it go into the trials, take the first stone right and then the ones on the left all the way to the end...Then it'll show up... I used the fact that Lady Luck has a crush on me to beat it, SAB/MED/MED with Vanille just spamming Death over and over...works like a charm...

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  4. Clarification to the death spam recommendation (which works great).

    I use Vanille/Hope/Fang for these with these paradigms:

    Stay in the first until Vanille gets Haste, then swap her to SAB and start spamming death. Fang will get periodically one-shot by Feeding Swoop, so at that point swap to double-med to rez her and get her health to full, then go back to death spam.

    It's pretty bullet proof, and you don't even have to be levelled up all that high to do it (I'm still in Chapter 11 and don't even have everyone's main roles maxed and have killed 3 of them this way with no resets).

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  5. Just like everyone else says, this guy is in Titan's trial and can be a real pain and shouldn't really be worried until post game. However, i was able to 5-star this pain (since thats one of the trophies) with tier 1 low level weapons.

    I've killed him before, but i got no stars. So i came back after training and getting better items and finding better strategies. I'll list the items here (this is for 5-staring by the way, so sorry if you don't agree with my items). Note that i wasn't fully leveled here but was done at least 4.5 or 5 of the 6 roles available to each character.

    Fang - Any tier 1 level 1 weapon / genji glove / power glove / connoisseur catalog (can replace with ribbon or anything to help get rid of his debuffs) / growth egg
    Snow - Any tier 1 level 1 weapon / genji glove / power glove / connoisseur catalog / nimbletoe boots
    Hope - Any tier 1 level 1 weapon / genji glove / weirding glyph / energy sash / energy sash (lets me get Random Instant Chain once in awhile which is pretty useful when it happens, especially annoying enemies like these)

    I used Fang as my leader and then Snow, since he has high HP, and Hope, since he has high magic. I don't have these paradigms anymore, but i used Sen/Sen/Med, Sen/Sen/Syn, Com/Rav/Rav, Sab/Syn/Syn, Com/Com/Rav. These were random ones but they worked out pretty good.

    At the start, buff up your guys and then let Fang buff him down a bit then start hitting him with the Com/Rav/Rav to build up his stagger bar. It becomes annoying when he starts taking away your buffs with his attacks, but thats what the Sen classes are for. Just make sure Fang doesn't use challenge, just put her as mediguard or steelguard and let Snow take the damage while Hope heals or rebuffs (it gets annoying and tedious but it helps). Switch between that and the Sen/Sen/Med class since the monster'll keep attacking by this time. Once you feel like your safe, switch back to your Com/Rav/Rav class and build up that stagger bar and stagger him and then switch to Com/Com/Rav if you'd like or stick to Com/Rav/Rav. Make sure to pay attention when he's about to do feeding stoop, when he does this, switch quickly to a Sen/Sen/Med or Sen/Sen/Syn class (whichever you prefer, probably the Med one though).

    This guy is a real pain, and is probably the last guy out of all of Titan's trials that i decided to 5-star just cause he can debuff everything and has a really high hp count and can practically wipe out one of your characters with one strong move. Again all in all, once you get the hang of it, this guy is still a pain but one that can be dealt with without any aegisol or fortisol ( i ran out of money by this time in the game so i couldn't really afford them). Hope this helps.

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  6. if forgot to mention this part in my battling portion of my post (sorry, it's a long post and doesn't really answer your question, but hey, if your asking where the guy is, i might as well give you some strategy on how to beat him right ?) well yeah, as i was mentioning before, when he's staggerd, bring him as close to or at 999.9% stagger (switching classes in between to heal and rebuff) and then hit him with Fang's highwind ability. If you have decent strength and a genji glove equipped, it will do a massive amount of damage. Again, hope this helps.

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