3 way comparison: Organyx, Hauteclaire, or Lionheart?

  1. I have no idea which weapon to choose for Lightning. I really have no idea what leadenstrike is or ironstrike is. I understand that Lionheart has a chance of instant stagger or stagger if im close to it but i dont see how that can compare because lionheart has like 500 str and organyx has 700+ str.

    Hauteclaire seems pretty balanced but idk, it has stagger lock so im wondering, does that mean that i cant stagger and my other units can, or only the unit with stagger-lock can't stagger.

    Organyx has like 700 str so im wondering if i should go with that, but i heard that leaden strike slows down the ATB but what is ironstrike? Is it like slow more or go faster ATB or what?

    Is any of my info even correct because im using this graph i found and idk if its reliable. Also what are the groups that weapons have, because i heard that there are certain accessories that can give u an extra boost if u combine them with the weapon. Can i just level up weapons till the final lvl without using it?

    I am a strength oriented Lightning who is a commando. If u can explain where to find the weapons it would be a HUMONGOUS HELP so plz if u can.

    Also if u can, tell me ur recommendations for each of the other characters best weapons. Im on chapter 5/6 i think and plz no spoilers (just telling me that an item is in a certain place isnt rlly a spoiler to me so go ahead).

    This has probably been asked tons of times but i'd really appreciate an answer!

    User Info: AntiH3ro72

    AntiH3ro72 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Are there any battles that are lightning only, because if there are i dont want to use the Hauteclaire and not be able to stagger.

    User Info: AntiH3ro72

    AntiH3ro72 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Seeing as ur main role for lightning is commando, the best suited weapon would most likely be hauteclaire. The stagger lock prevents ONLY lightning from being able to stagger, but as a commando u can leave the rav's for that role.
    The Lionheart bonus is very very useful, especially in certain bosses/enemies but the str is disappointingly low.
    Hauteclaire has a total of 711 str
    Organyx has a total of 750 str
    Lionheart has a total of 508 str

    User Info: Jjloveswemwems

    Jjloveswemwems - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Gladius might be your best bet if you're focusing only on strength for Lightning. At its maximum level it has 723 str, 210 mag and no abilities. If you didn't pick it up early on, you can buy it from a shop for relatively cheap. Also, maxing out your weapons is kind of difficult and you most likely won't even get close until after you've already finished the game.

    User Info: ZzReign

    ZzReign - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. While Organyx is the strongest weapon for her, it slows down her ATB. Lots of damage, but it does indeed come at a cost. You'll have to decide what you value more.

    User Info: sonofsoda

    sonofsoda - 7 years ago 0 0

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