How can I beat Orphan (US version)?

  1. I finally made it to the end of the game - but I am absolutely stuck at the end of the game and the suggestions I have read on here and through google have NOT been helpful...

    I have maxed out everyone's MAIN job (as far as they can go on Crystalarium Lvl 9) AND an additional job AND almost a third job (the initial three that everyone is given).
    I have plenty of bangles for HP (but that seems irrelevant)
    I have the equipment for the "Lucky Break" which I've never seen actually work
    I have the +150 strength and +150 magic accessories
    Heck I've got everything I think I'm supposed to have at this point.

    Yet, I can't get past Orphan phase 1. I AM aware that whatever team/paradigms I use for the Barthandalus mission I can change for the Orphan battle (I just let Orphan kill me, hit retry and then reshift everything). I can rip through Barthandulus OK (9 minutes or so) - but when I FINALLY got Orphan down to about 50% he frickin DOOMED me.


    Which three team members should I use?
    What are the six paradigms I should set up?
    And which combination should I use for after his sword blast and after the black ball (I do NOT have displega and the AI NEVER seems to use dispel at all) - doing manual Esuna seemed to work briefly.

    Help Help Help. I made it TOO far in the game and I really don't want to say "I'm never playing this again" because I'd like to be able to go in post-game and earn my trophies.

    ANY help you can give is appreciated (and for the job classes please use the English terms/abilities I want to use). Thanks in advance :)

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    Strangesounds - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:

    and which weapons should I be using/which accessories should I have on (everyone's got 3 available slots).

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    Strangesounds - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I just wanna know... wat is the time limit for getting 5 stars for the final final final orphan boss fight? i defeated it in around 1 min 20 sec but they gave me only 3 stars..

    User Info: chaptehking

    chaptehking - 7 years ago

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  1. Lots of different ways to go. All of the strategies listed here are viable. I used Lightning, Hope, and Vanille. All level one weapons, non-upgraded, with pretty much random accessories. All had 6k-7k HP.

    Started COM/SYN/SAB, used a librascope. By that time, Orphan does his mega-attack and everyone is down to about 100-1000 HP. Switched ASAP to MED/MED/MED, healed everyone fully within 1 turn. Immediate switch back to COM/SYN/SAB to continue buff/de-buff.

    Once that gets to where you want it, you can switch between your standard all-out assaults, MED/MED/MED when needed, rebuff/debuff as needed, rinse and repeat.

    MED/MED/MED was a huge boost - one and done healing, followed by massive chain / damage.

    1. COM/SYN/SAB
    2. COM/RAV/RAV
    3. MED/MED/MED
    4. RAV/RAV/RAV
    5. COM/RAV/MED
    6. COM/SYN/MED

    It's probably not the most effective way of dealing with Orphan, but it got the job done pretty quickly and painlessly - nobody died - although it was close a few times. 5 and 6 were primarily used when I needed some quick minor healing - but this is rare against Orphan. I switched most frequently between 2,3, and 4 to be honest.

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  1. Your talking Orphan... Right? The bonus boss at the end of the game thats easier then both of the previous 2 forms prior to him?

    I really dont mean to sound like a jerk, but how are you not killing him? I never even had to heal. He does like, 600~800 dmg every now and then, with some random tail move sometimes.

    I did it with fang, light, vanille
    rav, rav, com,

    com, com, rav

    com, com, med

    Thats it... You can condiser adding Hope to a fang + light situation, as a synergist, but i mean... if doom is your issue, you need to kill him fast, which means you need to stagger him fast, (rav rav com) - Then once staggered, just unload on the guy with com com rav.

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  2. I used a party of Lightning, Hope and Fang. I started off the battle with the Bully paradigm (COM, SYN, and SAB) after his initial attack to get some buffs going early. From there just focus on building up his stagger bar and keeping any gross status effects off of your characters with the paradigms you've been using up until now. Make sure you have a paradigm with two medics to use after his mega attack that he does every once and a while. The thing that really helped me was that after Orphan staggers for the first time, I switched back to Bully immediately and Hope cast Enfire on Lightning and Fang. That really seems like it messes him up; Lightning was doing 99,999 or close to it per hit for me. I had all 3 of their weapons at their highest level before transforming into the ultimate weapons. Also, it doesn't hurt to give your party leader the Cherub Crown, which protects 30% against instant death. Pretty lame if you get KO'd from that garbage late in the battle.

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  3. Poison

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  4. I Think I Used Fang/Vanille/Hope But If Orphan Disable Both Vanille And Hopes Magic Than It Can Be Pretty Bad And You Might Have To Restart But That Doesn't Happen Often.

    I Spammed Vanille's Poison, After It Worked On Him, I Started Having Her Use Her Other Sab Abilities. I Had Hope Either Heal Or Use Synergist Abilities While Fang Mainly Attacked So I Was Constantly Dealing Damage.

    I Heard That Orphan Doesn't Cast Doom Until 20 Minutes After Fighting, Most Likely Because Your Taking Too Long. I Would Make Sure Absolutely Everything Is Maxed Out All 3 Main Roles Each Character Has Been Automatically In Your Crystarium And Max The First Form Of Whatever Weapons Your Characters Are Using Before Trying To Attempt Him. I Would Also Reccommend A Double Healing Paradigm To Use Whenever He Uses His Huge Sword Move That Takes Out 90% Of Your Health.

    These Are The Paradigms I Used:


    As For The Accessories, I Would Just Use Or Buy The Best Available Now, Only Strength+,Magic+, And Hp Accessories Will Offer You Help In This Battle.

    I Know My Answers Kinda Late. Not Sure If You've Beat It Yet But If You Haven't,

    Good Luck :)

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  5. I just kept the same startegy for orphan as i did for Barthandelus. Just use Fang,Light,and Sazh. Start off as Sen/Sen/Sen to survive merciless assault then change to Sab/Med/Syn. Buff and Debuff efficiently then change to Com/Med/Rav. If your doin good on health then change to relentless assault Com/Rav/Rav. Once hes staggered, change to Com/Med/Com and deal a whole bunch of damage. I used highwind whenever the stagger chain went almost completely down. Then repeat. Also have Med/Med/Sen for emergency healing. I beat him in two staggers. Hope this helps.

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  6. Velius1111 way of doing it was so easy that I couldn't get the full enjoyment of the seeing the ending. Especially after all the grinding, retries and swearing I was doing for a week trying to beat it. My characters aren't even maxed out either. Light (ultimalv24, hp 8250) and Hope/Fang weapons were only lv20. The only bracelet I was the cherub's crown (death) and didn't need it. I beat the 2nd round in under five minutes. Don't get over paraniod about the status casted on you. Just when you feel uncomfortable with your hp, heal (I waited till Light reached 4000hp then switched to med/med/sen) then continued the beatdown. The third form was over before it started. Took about 30secs to beat using the same technique. Opened with Bully(com/syn/sab), switched to rav/rav/rav once status was inflicted on Orphan, then switched to com/rav/com. Light's doom clock only made it down to about 3500 I think. I only recommend that technique if you want a swift ending. Side note: Chocob456 technique appears to be pretty fast too.

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  7. Ok, I just did the ending again using Velius1111 technique from start to finish. Took my weak squad a total of nine minutes combined to beat all three (4min first round, 4min second round and about 60 secs third round).

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  8. If you are talking about the first form, then you can use poison with a saboteur, in my case, each time i used poison on him, he lost 2 000 000 hit points, so, if you use 3 times and maybe fight him for a little time, he is "dead".

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  9. I got the best help from
    I used fang/vanille/hope with paradigms:


    First, don't start hitting until you are buffered completely (protect, shell, haste, bravery, faith, veil, and whatever else Hope can do). Then stagger with fourth and fifth paradigm. Make sure you keep yourself healed with the sixth paradigm whenever you're feeling low on health. Use saboteur if you can to deprotect and deshell Orphan. Rinse and repeat until the left side of Orphan starts ridding of buffers. You need these throughout; they are PRIORITY!

    Remember that "something judgement" is used when Orphan is close to being staggered, so do it as quickly as possible. Like most bosses, Orphan becomes more and more difficult with less HP. Remember you can summon if things are looking bad, but I did not need to summon to win this battle. Keep everyone alive for sure! Weapons and accessories were irrelevant for me. Boost HP maybe and give a death resistor if possible.

    My characters had initial three roles at lvl. 4, so crazy full level is not absolutley necessary. It took me four tries with this method (because of instant death of Fang twice, and not keeping up with buffers the third time). This fight is hard, for sure, but this method should work eventually. Good luck.

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  10. The team i used to beat orphan 1st form was: Fang, Hope, Lightning

    Fang: Lv 20ish upgraded bladed lance(upgraded lance as in upgraded with persokvite or something- didnt remember lance name)
    Hope: absolutely no upgrade on weapon
    Lightning: Flamberge Lv 64

    1 fog resistance accessories on Hope + hp stack
    On fang i put goddess ward or something, reduces all status ailments + strength accessories
    Lightning status ailment reduce + strength accessories

    First things First,
    Orphans "blank" Judgment is a percentage based damage, so it doesnt matter how much hp you have, you get reduced to 1% hp~ aprox.

    The team i used was
    1. com/rav/rav
    2. com/med/com
    3. sab/syn/med
    4. sab/med/med
    5. com/med/med
    6. com/med/rav

    Sentinel was pretty useless here, since he didnt have a lot of target spells, only death and I DO NOT want him to cast death on my main character.... >_>

    anyways, for me the strategy was.....
    set sab/syn/med to start with so hope can buff everyone and fang debuffs :)
    then bum rush him with COM/RAV/RAV
    when he uses spells, ignore it cause judgement cant kill you, and he always uses that after his spells
    when you stagger him, he doesnt do much, only does judgement
    Since Fang and Lightning had the highest upgraded weapons i used COM/MED/COM and i let the cpu attack with lightning
    since Fangs commando special HIGHWIND is AWESOME! at 999 stagger, so i try to build up to 999 stagger before he does judgement.
    But when he does cast judgement i use HIGH WIND before him and deal 99999 damage + w.e. at 999 stagger highwind does 99999 x 3 =D.

    Basically using this method hes pretty easy to beat, ignore all his attacks apart from judgement, when he uses judgement switch to sab/med/med. heal to full, bum rush him with com/rav/rav

    and rinse and repeat :)

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  11. Well there are 3 parts to this fight and it is not an easy one..I finally beat it tonight on my 6th Try...used Light/Hope/Fang


    RAV/RAV/RAV(Gave Fang the Rav Status as well)

    Battle 1 is the following:

    Start off COM/SYN/SAB 1..hit him once or at least get haste

    Move to RAV/RAV/RAV to get the meter up
    Move to COM/MED/COM that will do some damage

    When HP Gets low switch to COM/MED/SEN (Medigard will take care of fang and Hope will heal you and him)..Fang also draws the fire

    Battle 2

    This one took a little time to figure out

    Switch to MED/MED/SEN immediately as that f'n sword will almost kill you.
    Once again switch to COM/SYN/SAB to hit him once
    Switch to RAV/RAV/RAV to get the guage up
    Then go to COM/MED/COM once staggered

    When you get low switch to COM/MED/SEN or MED/MED/SEN

    Once he switches to dark...switch to MED/MED/SEN and just heal the entire time. I tried this while attacking in this mode and its 10X more difficult..just be patient, heal and wait for him to go back to light mode..then use the method above.

    Battle 3

    Start with COM/SYN/SAB..hit him once
    Move to RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger
    Switch to COM/MED/COM and you will kill him with 1 Stagger (This battle I got in under a minute)

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  12. Truefully, just max out some Cherub Crowns, and at 50% get ready for a long fight. At 50%, he seems to get haste with his abilities because they just don't seem to stop. Once at this point, I would suggest going one sentinel, one healer (good one like Vanille or Hope), and a commando to widdle at him.

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  13. Lol.... I don't know what you're talking about. After what i consider as the First Phase (Bartandalous) And he then gets killed as (Second Stage) Bartandalous / Orphan fused, then when i get to Orphan pure (Third stage) he casts doom at the beginning of the match.. I still have time to kill him. o_o Chain him with tridisaster ~ Swap to debuffs ~ Swap back til full, go to commandos and throw him in the air and he should die within one stagger.

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