Best weapon for each character?

  1. Just wanted to get opinons on what weapons are the best for each character and which ones should i use before getting the best weapon since im only still early on in the game(chapter 4)?

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    Jancsi50 - 7 years ago

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  1. It all depends on your strategy. For example. I have two ultimate forms of Lightning's weapons, one made from Lionheart and one from Axis Blade. The reason is because the Lionheart has higher STR/MAG values, so better for when Light is acting as a Commando, but the Axis Blade gives boost to speed, so better when playing as a Rav.

    It really depends on how equipment reliant you want to be. If you're looking for ONE weapon only per person, try finding something with a good stat for them (STR for Fang, MAG for Hope, balance for Light, ect.) and a bonus function that won't hinder them (paper trigger, enfeeblement, stifled magic are all the worst ones). Here's what I would consider the best balance for the party:

    Lightning: Lionheart
    Sazh: Vega 42s (if he'll be multiple roles for you) Rigels (if he's just a Commando)
    Snow: Paladin (he's best as a Sentinal anyway)
    Hope: Hawkeye
    Vanille: Healer's Staff (if she's a Medic), Belladonna Wand (if she's a Saboteur mainly)
    Fang: Taming Spear

    Obviously you'll want to upgrade the weapons to their Tier 3 representations, but those are the tier 1 versions that I feel are best.

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  1. all the weapons you will find are "tier 1" weapons and fairly equivalent
    simply choose the one with the stats you prefer (more str more mag or balanced)
    to get the "best weapon" you will need to upgrade one of these tier 1 weapons,
    Tier 3 always has the same name, but the stats will depend from what weapon you upgrade from
    you can upgrade all weapons to tier 3 if you wish (though it costs a lot)

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  2. You've gotta choose what you'll make of the characters: magic or melee. Ex: for Sazh, if you'll use him as a commando (which i dont recommend) use Rigels, if Ravager use deneb duellers.

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