How do I beat the second barthandelus battle?

  1. Im stuck on him and have been for awhile. I could beat him if it werent for doom. I heard somewhere that if you summon odin then he will revive you. so i save tp to summon him and when he casts doom i wait till theres about 100 left on the timer. after i summon odin the timer disappears and me and odin fight. after he leaves the timer returns and i die. how do i make odin revive me?

    User Info: chocobo456

    chocobo456 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm afraid you've been misinformed. The trick to this battle is dealing as much damage as fast as possible. Barthandelus will inflict your party leader with the negative Doom status ailment once the battle duration has passed 20 minutes. So far, the most efficient strategy is this: (Pulled from the forums, respectively.)

    Lightning / Fang / Hope

    Class 1 - Bully - (Commando / Saboteur / Synergist)
    Class 2 - Diversity - (Ravager / Commando / Medic)
    Class 3 - Tireless Charge - (Commando / Commando / Medic)
    Class 4 - Discretion - (Medic / Commando / Medic)

    Begin with Bully (1), make sure Hope gives you Veil and Protect at a minimum. By that time, Fang will have sufficiently debuffed the enemy. Switch to Diversity (2) to stagger Barthandelus. Then switch to Tireless Charge (3) and pound the bejesus out of him.
    Repeat until victory.

    Discretion (4) is an emergency class used for quick health regeneration, and the commando (Fang) is kept to prevent the chain gauge from falling back down.

    Doom is a status effect that cannot be removed by any means. Once Odin is summoned and leaves, the party is revived and fully healed with all negative status effects removed (Except for Doom, nothing can remove Doom). When the party leader dies, it's game over and there is no way to revive them.

    This is a battle against the clock, so once Barthandelus thinks you've taken to long to beat him (20 minutes) he'll inflict the party leader with Doom.

    I hope this helps you (It certainly helped me).

    Good luck!

    User Info: SgtPoopie

    SgtPoopie - 7 years ago 0 0

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