How do I beat (bahamut?

  1. I figured 15th time was a charm but still no luck. Any advice on how to take this big guy down?

    User Info: Valvalis

    Valvalis - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Maistro998's strategy worked like a charm. I had lost about 15 times before I used this. No SOL's and first try when I set this one up. Thanks a bunch :)

    User Info: asunder2

    asunder2 - 7 years ago

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  1. I lost many times until I figured a new way. Use Fang as a snetiel Vanille as a medic and lighting as a ravager.
    And put your strongest defenive accessories.

    User Info: Maistro998

    Maistro998 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. This took me a few tries too, so don't feel too bad about it.
    Before the fight even starts is a good time to begin winning. Use a Fortisol before going in and you're halfway home. Haste in invaluable in any Eidolon fight. Use medics/sentinel (Combat Clinic) to keep the party healthy during Bahamut's initial assault. Once that's done and you're healed up again, switch to a paradigm with Saboteurs in it. Get some debuffs on him (particularly Slow from Fang), and then switch to a Ravagers/Commando paradigm (Relentless Assault), but watch out for when he attacks again. Go back to your medics/sentinel paradigm until you're safe, then repeat only stopping to replace debuffs and heal.
    If you don't have a Fortisol, then you can get them off any ordinary encounter. Getting a lower score increases the chance one will drop, believe it or not, so find a weaker enemy and just waste too much time. It may take a while, but even if you don't get one you'll still be getting CP, and if you've maxed your Chrystarium as far as you can, then ol' B won't be too big a problem with the above strategy even if you don't have haste.
    Other than that, I've heard that you can switch the battle speed to slow. Not sure how though. It's supposed to make these fights easier by slowing down the Doom counter, I think. Not sure.
    Good luck.

    User Info: CobaltMonkey

    CobaltMonkey (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 3
  2. I found that setting the atb to slow does help, allows you a bit more time to plan your moves.. always try to keep a med around - only switching when health is near full, after a hit - switch back

    User Info: the_armchair

    the_armchair - 7 years ago 0 2
  3. Make sure you have a Medic on your team at all times, since Bahamut tends to throw some devastating blows at you. He's pretty quick too, so if you're having trouble cast haste before the battle begins. You could probably use both a Fortisol and an Aegisol. It'd be a good idea to have a Commando and Ravager, or two Ravagers to deal the damage to him. I find that Ravagers do the best job in Eidolon battles though. You might also want to try leveling up your weapons and accessories too. I had to retry this battle once, and when I did win, it was a pretty close call, as my doom counter was down to 90.

    I hope this helps. ^^

    User Info: SarenaKimura

    SarenaKimura - 7 years ago 0 2
  4. I just got to this bad Larry the other day. I managed to finish the battle first try. First off switch to Sentinal/Medic/Sabateur. Fang should just keep using Mediguard while Lighting heals the brutal attacks. And Vanille casts debuffs. Bahamut is VERY suceptible to Slow, which is key in this fight.

    Once the Doomsday Countdown gets to somewhere between 800-1000 go on the attack. I used Commando/Ravager/Ravager.

    Since the slow filled the gestate guage quite a bit, it only took about 2-3 rounds of attack to allow gestate.

    This seemed to work really well, hope it works for you. You should win with about 300 seconds left. Keep in mind that I did a bit of power leveling in the previous level farming for upgrade drops.

    User Info: NishGuy

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  5. To defeat bahamut use fang hope and lightning, and then use sabateur (fang),ravanger(lightning&hope) and then that team should get you throught bahamut

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  6. it's quite hard as i remember. however if u use libra and read the hints try to use them.
    do the combos like this
    COM/SAB/MED starter
    MED/SAB/MED critical healing
    RAV/COM/RAV after bahamut is debuffed.
    RAV/COM/MED if u need heals

    User Info: shnider1985

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  7. Well, the best way to beat an Eidolon is to fill ALL the requirerments at the Libra page for that said Eidolon. So, if im not worng, Bahamut likes those who built chain bonuses, those who debuff enemies, and those who take a beat (im not that sure of the last one). But what you need to do is simply falllow those instructions. To build chains, use the other members are RAVAGERS. Use Fang as a SABOTEUR and cast Slow first (that seems to raise Bahamut's Gestalt bar the most) than cast the other debuffs she has. You can keep spamming slow to max the Gestalt Bar, or you can go COMMANDO, but stay as a sab and spamming Slow is the best way. Let the others as RAVAGERS and when you need healing, switch to a paradigm where you have one medic (make one with 2 meds too, just for precaution).

    User Info: gudyleila

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  8. Bahamut yields to those who weakens their enemies and guards against attacks. So for the whole battle, keep Fang as a Sentinel, and start with the "Entourage" Paradigm (SEN - RAV - MED), because you're really gonna need the healing after his series of attacks, and that way you can "Provoke" him with Fang.

    When you're all healthy though, you should switch to "Mystic Tower" (SEN - RAV - RAV). With Fang, go to Abilities and use "Mediguard", to keep yourself in good shape. You should be able to yield it when you're Doom Counter is around 200 or so.

    Note that you should keep Fang as a Sentinel, Lightning as a Ravager, and Vanille as a Medic or Ravager at all times. As a Sentinel, you'll draw attacks and weaken them as well. Plus with Mediguard, you can restore a little bit of HP every once and a while, and eventually you're gonna have to use one or two "Phoenix Downs" on Vanille or Lightning . Keep Lightning as a Ravager, because she has moves such as "Sparkstrike" and "Aquastrike" that keeps her at a distance from the team, that way she won't get caught in some attacks from Bahamut. As for Vanille, she usually has high Magic, so she does very well as a Medic, but you'll need her as a Ravager to speed up the Gestalt Gauge. If you have Lightning as the better Medic then switch the roles of Vanille and Lightning (Vanille as a Ravager and Lightning as a Ravager and Medic).

    Lastly, if you're still having trouble, go to Settings to switch the Battle Speed to Slow. Your ATB Gauge will charge slower, but your Doom Counter is raised to a higher number and your enemy's attacks are slower too, but the Gestalt Gauge will increase at the same rate.

    User Info: HopeNLight

    HopeNLight - 7 years ago 2 2
  9. Well i took a few tries because his whirlwind just stalls so much time, but what i did was starter as SAB/MED/MED and then when he moves toward, change to SEN/MED/MED to block and change back because even if he still has the debuff it still increases a good amount

    User Info: bjc1234

    bjc1234 - 7 years ago 1 1
  10. easiest way>(Fang/Lightning/Vanille) use SAB/MED/SAB to debuff bahamut(it fhe fill the gestalt gauge too)...btw bahamut's attacks are strong(but i thankful 'cuz it dont attacks quickly)so switch to SEN/MED/MED if u r damaged badly....with bahamut debuffed n' our party is healed....fill the gestalt gauge by SEN/RAV/RAV....finish>_-

    User Info: Fear777

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  11. I dont mean to be a meanie, but I beat Bahamut my first time kind of luckily. I just pushed start/select and there I was. I just overpowered him and healed. I think the hardest one to get is the one that Vanille gets. THAT one took me a couple tries.

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  13. This Eidolons is hard but if you can plan your paradigms (reset then retry) then this will be much easier. Your paradigms should be Safe Subversion (Sab/Med/Med) Assassination (Sab/Rav/Sab) and Attrition (Sen/Med/Sab) Start with sab/med/med and spam slow until it sticks. You will be likely to be hit by Whirlwind and Inferno/Ignus but your two meds will heal anyway. After Slow sticks switch to Sab/Rav/Sab and spam like hell, using sen/med/sab for healing and attacking at the same time.

    Alternatively, if you have a really low HP and stats (more like under 1000 HP), don't threat - use Smart Bomb (Sab/Rav/Rav) Combat Clinic (Sen/Med/Med) and Delta attack (Sen/Com/Rav). Stick slow to him as usual, and switch to combat clinic for healing. You are likely to be under red status so use a potion to heal your party. Stay in that paradigm and be ready to heal once Bahamut strikes again. After his final attack, switch to either 1. Sab/Rav/Rav if you have your party in green status (best if full HP) or 2. Sen/Com/Rav if you have yellow status. Always heal with potions, and you'll beat his ass in no time.

    User Info: YoshikatYoKo

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  14. I beat Bahamut in 1 minute 36 seconds (just now)

    Set up your Paradigms as:
    Default - Medic : Saboteur : Saboteur (Safe Subversion)
    Medic : Medic : Sentinel (Combat Clinic)

    Don't even try and fight Bahamut, just use Safe Subversion as much as possible, and you'll crack him in less than 2 mins.

    User Info: Fithian

    Fithian - 2 years ago 0 1
  15. Once I started using a party with Fang as saboteur (and switching to sen/medic/medic) and other pairings it worked really well. Before, I had tried about 13 times. Use Slow particularly with fang + other saboteur moves and it should work really well. The battle ended probably around 300 doom meter or so

    User Info: Bmm209

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