How do I beat the skytank seriosly help!?

  1. Ok its realy hard like say this is the health bar ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    i used odin and every thing and it took || that much off its health my characters all have maxed CP on everything but in like 2 hits it kills hope and fang and then me plz help me *begs*

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    chickybabe247 - 7 years ago

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  1. The Havoc Sky Tank:

    Like most boss fights, cast Protect and Shell on all of your party members to lessen the amount of damage each attack inflicts.

    The Sky Tank is made up of 5 parts: Main Body, Left + Right Hull and Left + Right Turret. This is a good place to get used to targeting different sections of a single enemy, as this will be vital for future boss fights (and that is all I will say on that.) (Also, if you use Libra on the main body, it states "Note 4: There are places other than the main body that can also be attacked.")

    The turrets constantly attack your party and pose the biggest threat, so they will need to be destroyed first (this boss requires ranged attacks to hit it.) The next targets are the Left + Right Hull sections (which launch the missiles); once these are destroyed, then you can focus on the main body (which can only utilise its main gun - an attack which you need not worry too much about so long as you keep Protect on your party.)

    As for the Paradigms:

    Protection : SEN/SYN/MED - Use this at the start to keep your HP up while you cast Protect + Shell on your party.
    Relentless Assault : COM/RAV/RAV - When you have full HP, use this to maximise the amount of damage you deal to each target.
    Solidarity : COM/SEN/MED - If any of your party get to critical HP, use this paradigm to heal while the Sentinel reduces the enemy attacks and the Commando keeps the chain gauge filled (so it doesn't drop to 0% and waste your previous efforts.)
    Diversity : COM/RAV/MED - If you have about half-life (in the yellow) you can use this paradigm to keep dealing a fair amount of damage, while restoring your HP.

    So start off with Protection, switch to Relentless Assault and use the other two paradigms according to your HP situation. When the Protect + Shell wears off, switch back to Protection and re-apply them.

    This is a reasonably safe method, as it keeps your HP high and uses the Sentinel class to reduce damage when you need to heal and apply your buffs.

    I hope this helps.

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  1. The best advice I can offer is buff your party ASAP and make good use of the combat clinic (MED-MED-SEN) paradigm. GOOD LUCK!

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  2. I'm sorry but this boss kinda disappointed me... All I did was maintain a diversity (com/rav/med) paradigm and destroy each piece one by one. I think each one you destroy will actually take off a chunk of the main tank's health as you go. There really isn't much more to it...

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  3. Make sure to buff up your party with enhancements and try to debuff the boss ( I can't remember if he can be or not). first thing first, use a librascope, doing this will have the same effect of libra, except on all five parts. take out the 4 parts and then the main body goes down very easily. also make sure you properly switch paradigms. I've found that right as your leader starts the last attack, and you should get a full atb bar. keep switching from relentless assault to diversity to heal minor injuries, and switch to combat clinic after major injuries to seriously heal. decimation is a good start off (if he can't be debuffed) as its com/rav/syn. also, keep an eye on the chain guage. delay healing if switching will cause the guage to deplete. its worth the slight risk.

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  4. I didn't read everyone else's responses but don't forget to cast Libra or toss a librascope at the beginning of battle to actually be able to target the other locations. Maybe I was scrolling too quickly the 1st time I fought this disappointing machine but I think the only way you can single out the locations is by libra...

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  5. look, I had used a libra scope on him then i went ( i thnk) com med med and he dies after a while, get the turrets first then the hulls then the main body and you should be fine

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  6. To reliably take out this "460,000 HP" thing, target and take out the other 3 targets (they each have about 10,000 HP). Then when you get to the main target, you'll find it missing 90% of it's full HP, with only 46,000 HP left.

    Your 1st priority is to get Protect on everybody. Then have Hope on medic standby, while COM and RAV attack, making Hope 2nd RAV when HP is full.

    Once you're down to the final target, it won't be doing much damage do you, so go all out (healing occasionally).

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  7. if you haven't done it yet an easy way but you might get zero start ranking but it's the best way have lightning as a commando because you cause a lot more damage with attack than ravanger and ruin(yes I know it says physical attacks won't work but lightning will just use the gun part and you can get a good 8 maybe 6 hits in then have fang as a sentinel and hope as a medic this strategy gave me a zero star rank but I beat it with ease oh switch to ravanger ravanger commando after you take the parts out

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