Mission 47?

  1. Wat characters or skills do i need 2 defeat raktavija in mission 47?

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    SjRambo210 - 7 years ago

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  1. here is how i beat that:

    my party was Lightning / Fang / Hope (yeah i know, typical party build)

    Rav / Rav / Rav
    Rav / Rav / Med
    Rav / Com / Rav
    Med / Rav / Med
    Med / Syn / Syn
    Com / Com / Rav
    I was only at crystarium level 9 (all max) Lighting have 9700hp, Fang have 10000hp and Hope Have 7000hp.
    Everyone each have 2pcs Witch's Bracelet (star) and 1pc Witch Bracelet (lvl 1) (that's 25%, 25%, and 15% magic resist). And they all have their Ultimate Weapon (star)

    I used Fortisol and Aegisol before the fight.
    Use Rav / Rav / Rav at the start of the fight to build up a starting chain. Once he cast a Multicast the first time, change to Rav / Rav / Med. Stay at this paradigm and build up the chain. Occasionally change to Med / Rav / Med when you feel that Hope can't handle the healing alone.
    Just before The enemy staggers, change to Rav / Com / Rav. This will make him stagger a little longer (having a Com hit him before he staggers makes enemies stay staggered longer). Once Staggered, change to Com / Com / Rav.

    If your buffs run out in the middle of the fight, switch to Med / Syn / Syn. Stay at that paradigm until everyone is fully buffed TWICE. (two arrows pointing up in the buff icon)

    If he didn't die in one stagger, then stagger him again.

    i don't know if this is the beast/easiest way to kill him. but it works for me.

    as of now, i haven't finished the game yet. I'm trying to do all the hunts before defeating the final boss.
    There are lots of videos around showing how to kill these strong monsters, but most of the are postgame (level 10 crystarium, 20k+ hp).
    so far there are only 3 hunts that i can't do. mission 51, 63 and 64.

    just upgrade and equip the right accessories.
    oh and if you think that raktavija is hard... there is another hunt wherein you have to kill 2 raktavija.

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  1. Spelling and grammar are necessary skills.

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  2. Another method you could consider using is one in which you start with three synergists, buff your party to your content, then switch to three saboturs, raktavija is suseptible to slow imperil deprotect deshell and pain but he doesnt use physical attacks anyway. but the main debuffs you need are slow and imperil then later when you are about to stagger him with three ravagers switch back to your 3 saboteurs and cast deprotect and deshell. the reason i say deshell as well is because i used hope as well because of his high healing potential and good casting. the other roles that you need (depending on your party) are: com/com/rav or com/com/com and medic/medic/sab so you can keep your debuffs up. maybe , if your medic roles arent developed do a short burst of healing with three medics then switch back to your ravagers so that the chain gauge doesnt wear down. as far as equipment goes, weapons arent too big of an issue, just use what boosts your stats, and steer clear from using random chain because it isnt reliable and it throws off any sort of pattern that you keep. accesories are the key to this figh, witches bracelets mastered and maybe even magus bracelets if you can get the right transformation catalyst, i dont remember but theres a perfectly good guide on this site you can use. lastly,and you may not like this, i suggest you finish the game if you have not already and master all your roles which takes a long time, yes but with luck, you can go to eden use vanille as your party leader and spam death will having a mastered collectors catalouge so you can also get platinum ingots which sell for an easy 150k, the connosieurs catalouge doesnt really matter because the amount of times youll be killing the same monster your bound to get at least two, i got two and for half of my maxing i didnt even have either catalouge equiped. hit me up if you have any problems

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