How do i beat hecatoncheir???

  1. I can never win against dat guy

    User Info: jimmyzeke13

    jimmyzeke13 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. save time and dont libra, ill tell you now his meter is increased by: chaining, healing, and debuffing

    i set up paradigms for...

    phase 1: start off the fight with sab/sab and debuff the crap out of it while it's waiting

    phase 2: when he starts moving switch to med/sent and set up a 4 cure turn on fang, do not use auto cuz it'll only put in 1, the 4 cures should be timed right if you hit x right when fang is getting hit the first time, keep curex4-ing until he goes back to normal

    phase 3:if he's back to waiting around and everyone's healed up, switch to rav/com and go all out til he starts attacking again, then repeat phase 2

    phase 4: if he's waiting around and his debuffs fall off switch to sab/sent and reapply, if vanille has jinx it wouldnt hurt to keep spamming em until he attacks, once he does, back to phase 2

    as a general tip, i equipped fang with 2 black belts for the total 19% physical resist, and vanille with increased health accessories, and the improved debilitate weapon

    I also used the cp i had before the fight to up their health as a priority (skimmed their 3 top roles for any health upgrades)

    this fight is hard, but keep trying and you'll do it

    User Info: Azreth

    Azreth - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. He is susceptible to Saboteur abilities. The game gives you all of the paradigms you need, so don't worry about that. Make sure you've got Fang on Sentinel to get him off Vanille's nuts, and just pound him with debuffs. The occasional healing doesn't hurt either. Good luck!

    User Info: SgtPoopie

    SgtPoopie - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Slash and burn feels like the fastest way to bring up the bar
    however there are some pre-requisites:
    1. You have to ensure Fang is far away from vanille; switch to sentinel in the middle of her commando attacks will do the trick. It is ideal to have Fang positioned on a different side from vanille to prevent her from being hit and disrupted.
    2. Using vanille as a saboteur while fang soaks up the damage seems to help a little during the start of the game
    3. Fang SHOULD already be in sentinel role before hecatoncheir beings his attacks. He attacks in a 3 turn cycle.
    4. Don't forget to heal up on hp.
    Basically have fang in a defensive role and use vanille as a offensive healer (heal only when necessary); use slash and burn whenever you think you have the capacity to within his attacks and you should be able to complete it before the counter hits 100.

    User Info: AngelOfDeathz

    AngelOfDeathz - 7 years ago 0 0

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