How do I beat attacus?

  1. The final boss for the titans trials

    User Info: FF13_IS_ARD

    FF13_IS_ARD - 7 years ago
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    i nearly killed him but it took nearly 2hours, i know thats BAD!

    User Info: FF13_IS_ARD

    FF13_IS_ARD - 7 years ago
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    Thanks for the tips scionert but anyone else out there thats knows a better way to kill it help me plz. scionert i'll try your way

    User Info: FF13_IS_ARD

    FF13_IS_ARD - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I used lightning/fang/hope

    use shrouds before the start of the fight.
    at the start of the fight, use rav/rav/rav to build up quite a few chains.
    once he starts attacking, change to sab/sen/med... cast deprotect then change to com/sen/med..
    stay at that paradigm until you lose your haste... then switch to med/sen/syn. wait till lightning gets a haste then switch to rev/sen/med.

    the whole idea is to have haste at all times (atleast on your leader/attacker).
    attacus should have deprotect at all times.
    always have a sentinel and medic at all times.
    if you want, you could build up a reasonable amount of chain percentage (about 400-500%) first with rav/sen/med before using com/sen/med.

    you may not be able to get 5 stars (i killed it in about 17mins and got 4 stars).
    btw, i fought it before end game.

    User Info: scionert

    scionert - 7 years ago 0 0

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