What is the fastest way to make money?

  1. Whats the best way to make money. I have beaten orpahn already, and the vannile/death trick isnt working with the adamantoise. any other ideas?

    User Info: shadonight

    shadonight - 7 years ago
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    I know that the trick does work. Its just my luck is so bad that it isnt working for me, or im doing something wrong.

    User Info: shadonight

    shadonight - 7 years ago

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  1. If you warp from Gran Pulse to Eden through the warp located at Vallis Media - Base Camp, you will find yourself at the entrance to Edenhall. From the save point you warp in front of, I run a path down the hall and to the right killing all the Sacrifices (usually drops Perfume which sells for 12,000 Gil each) and soldiers (usually drop Incentive Chips which sell for 1,500 Gil). Keep killing away until you reach a doorway with a Juggernaut in front of it. Don't fight the Juggernaut since it doesn't really drop anything decent and just make the quick run back (20 sec or so) to the save point you started at. If you run up to the save point and then turn around to go back down the hallway again, all the enemies respawn. I can usually get about 130,000 Gil from one or two runs through in about 15 min.

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  1. Make the death trick work. Claiming that something that does work, doesn't work, doesn't work.

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  2. The best way to even the odds in your favor for the death trick is to make sure Vanille has the marlboro wand (upgraded from belladona wand) maxed to star level, the Adamantoise in question is debuffed as much as you can and Vanille has faith/vigilance/haste on her.

    If that still isn't working for you, i've found mission 24 to be about the fastest way to make gil. It doesn't hold a candle to farming Adamantoise though.

    User Info: Madjik2k2

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  3. My fastest way is to hunt the adamantortises for platnums in the valley of archelytte steppe, while having big Cactuar mission active. Equip Collector cat, and a genji glove for fang. major things needed are faithra and bravera for Fang, and at least lvl 2 weps for all. Average time is about 2 mins for the fight itself.

    Syn x 3

    Start fight in syn x 3, casting faithra and bravera on fang. watch the foot, if its about to drop, switch to Combat Clinic. Once the buffs for fang are placed, in addition to haste and protect for all 3, switch to Relentless and ruin the leg. (changing to CC if needed to heal). Once staggered, Highwing the leg. (should be able to one-shot it). Switch to CC if needed to heal to green, and target the 2nd leg with provoke. (avoids Ravs from targeting the head). Switch to RA and ruin / highwind again. As the he is falling, switch to Sab/Rav x 2. Spam Imperil, then Deshell, and finally deprotect. Switch to Syn/rav/rav and rebuff Fang with Bravera (add faithra to others if @ lower levels). Swith to RA, and go to the fight is yours, just spam attack. If he is about to get up, toss in a final highwind for good mesure. (esp. if @ low lvls. )

    for the fight with the dogs added, just start in RA and blitz until they are gone, then do one dose of CC before doing the above.

    The reason to start the cactuar mission is simple: the torts respawn if you start then exit the fight. This will be quicker than saving and reloading.

    My Video here: /www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfuPm-JUNxI

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