Where can I find (ice, fire, earth, wind charm)?

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    aerithcloud - 7 years ago

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  1. In the Archylte Steppe they can be found as follows:

    Ice: Western Benchlands Treasure Ball guarded by one bowing Layak and two Rangda. Look for the arch in front of a rock pile.

    Fire: Western Benchlands "hidden" Treasure Ball behind a rock pile guarded by two Rangda.

    Earth: Eastern Tors Treasure Ball near the cliff in the Navidon area and guarded by three Rangda plus a Navidon.

    Wind: Central Expanse Treasure Ball near the cliff about the midpoint of the King Behemoth cliff side running path and guarded by three Rangda.

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  1. Fire is at the west side of the field i think.. the place with the small tents and penguin like monsters?? I dunno the english name for these.. I played the jap ver.

    Earth is at the tunnels.

    As I recalled, Ice and wind are both at the fields. I forgot the exact locations. Jus wander around the corners.

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  2. I think that any of the auto-bar-element accessories can be bought at the Magical Moments store and upgraded to a charm of that element. So say if you buy a auto barfrost accessory (not sure of actual name) and upgrade it you'll get an ice charm. Don't upgrade any of the charms to the next tier though they only give you a crappy Twenty-sided Die

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