How do I use the yellow indicators to jump?

  1. I've just got to Gran Pulse and I have NO idea how to use the yellow glowing circle indicators lying around to jump to other places! It says you need a creature with good leg strength, but I couldn't figure out the trick. I switched my leading player until I used everyone and tried it but it didn't work. There's like these little fuzz ball creature thingies that crawl around the yellow indicators beside a pond in Gran Pulse also and I think you need to use them somehow...:S


    EVERYNAMESTAKEN - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The capability will become available as a result of a process involving the completion of several Cie'th Stone Missions.

    Start by using [X] to activate the Mission Completion quest by querying the glowing Blue Cie'th stone that you see when you first enter the Archylte Steppe. Completing its Mission will lead to Mission 2, and completion of Mission 2 will lead to Mission 3 and so on (press [Square] to bring up the overhead map and follow the pink dots and press [Square] a second time to bring up the Mission accomplished and/or undertaken summary list.).

    Once you have completed Mission 12, you will have access to the place where the Chocobos can be found. But, wait, there is more. You will be able to ride the Chocobos only after you have obtained the Key Gysahl Reins Item. That will be recieved as a "reward" for completing Mission 14.

    The white "little fuzz ball thingies that crawl around" have nothing to do with being able to use the "yellow glowing circle indicators". They are "sheep" and their main function is to go "baa". You will find them scattered about here and there during your travels around the greater Archylte Steppe area.

    When you encounter one particular group of sheep for the first time, it will include a "larger" companion "ram". You will be able to collect a tuft of wool from the "ram". Doing so will trigger the "ram's" random appearance here and there within the greater Archylte Steppe area with each appearance providing the opportunity to collect another tuft of wool from it.

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Other Answers

  1. Beat mission 14 and you can ride chocobos. They can use the yellow indicators to jump.

    User Info: Alastor

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