Shao Long Gui help?

  1. I have beat the game and have all the missions 5 stars. I want to farm Shao Long Guis so I can get ONE Dark Matter. There is one problem, I am poor and I do horrible damage. (in stagger, around 50,000 per hit.) Any help.
    Team recommendation.
    Paradigm recommendation.
    Equipment recommendation.
    Thanks in advance.
    (BTW I am farming CP now so its easier to suggest paradigms.)

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    no3xaldin - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you are poor, go farm adamantoise. Also, I use Fang/Lightning/Vanille as my party make-up. Here is the set-up I use:
    (5)SEN/SEN/SEN *start with this

    The keys to this fight are debuffing him with Imperil, Deprotect, and A MUST HAVE Slow. I had issues taking them down until I put Slow on them. If you are playing as Fang, which you should be, you will have to cast Slow. Just go to abilities and manually select it 5 or 6 times (6 times if you have Tier 3 weapons). Imperil helps get a faster stagger when using your RAV/RAV/RAV makeup, and I use Deprotect to deal more damage when I get him to 999% stagger then Highwind him for 999,999 damage with Fang (COM/SEN/SEN). Deshell is ok but not absolutely necessary. Here is my equipment make-up:
    Fang -> more STR than MAG weapon (Taming Pole), Genji Glove, STR Ring, STR Ring, Gaian Ring (maxed)
    Lightning -> Lionheart (I have it Tier 3, but Tier 2 should be fine), Genji Glove, Champion Badge, Survivalist, Gaian Ring (maxed). You can hope for an Instant Chain, but don't count on it.
    Vanille-> Belladona Wand (Tier 2, preferable for faster debuffing), Genji Glove, MAG Ring, Connisseur Catalog (for better chance at Dark Matters), Gaian Ring (maxed)

    I would give a strategy but he really isn't that bad once you land slow on him and keep it on him. If he casts Ultima, go SEN/SEN/SEN. If he casts Bay, go SEN/SEN/SEN since he casts Quake about 90% of the time after he casts Bay. Then heal. DO NOT heal after Bay. Just wait for the Quake. Just to note, Bay may cause Daze, BUT since he casts Quake after Bay most of the time, that takes off the Daze effect. If he doesn't quake (which I have seen a few times) and you don't have a healer available, use Renew and wait for him to stomp. That should be the only time you need to use this Technique spell.

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Other Answers

  1. Im using Sazh/Lightning/Fang setup each equiped with Genji glove and tier 3 weapons. All 3 have lvl 5 roles also.
    Paradigms i use are
    First of all the key to this fight is to make sure you survive Ultima and Bay attacks or your dead. He will cast ultima as soon as the battle starts so start with SEN/SEN/SEN setup and after he use it change to SYN/SYN/SYN and buff your party unless u want to use buff items before fight, so change to SAB/SAB/SAB and put imperil-deprotect-deshell and slow on it. Make sure you are fast enough to change to SEN/SEN/SEN every time he use feet attack or other attacks to take minimum damage. After you land debuffs on it switch to RAV/RAV/RAV and stagger it and then COM/COM/COM using Sahzs Blitz attack to kill it fast. If you dont manage to avoid an attack and get damaged use MED/MED/MED to cure your party fast. It will take you some time to get fast with changing the setups during fight but its easy once you do. If your characters arent very strong yet i suggest to fight Adamantoise in eden or the one that remains in steppe till u max your stats.

    I hope it helps, good luck

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  2. A safe way to take them down is with daze. When dazed, it won't attack until hit.
    So - start with SENx3, then switch to SABx3 and get him 4 debuffs. Then, spam daze manually. When daze connects, switch immediately to SYNx3 (or SYN/SYN/MED) to get your party fully buffed, you are completely safe. Then, go RAVx3 until the stagger gauge reaches 900, and swith to COMx3.
    Note that the stagger gauge rises quicker if the enemy is debuffed, if the attacker is buffed and if there are several ravagers - so if all conditions are met, the gauge will rise very quickly.
    Obviously, heal if necessary but you may not have to.
    If it's about to survive the stagger you can use highwind for the win.

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