SPOILER: Final Fantasy 13 Ending Questions?

  1. Alright, finished this quite late a few days and have some questions about the ending. If some of this is obvious, I apologize.

    1. So was the focus of Lightening and co. really to destroy Cocoon all along? I ask this because, technically, the world does get destroyed in the end even though much of the population survives.
    2. Between the first and second fight with Orphan, why does Fang go to attack Vanille? I know she wants to be the one to become Ragnarok but why would she need to attack Vanille to do so?
    3. Was Serah's focus merely to gather more I'cie to destroy Cocoon or did she share the main group's focus? I ask because she became crystalized early in the story.
    4. Pulse Fal'cie do not die with Orphan, correct?

    There's a few others but I think those are more suited to interpretation of the story and can't really be answered (such as the specific relationship between Vanille and Fang). Thanks for any help.

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  1. These things do not seem obvious to me, Here is one "guess" at answers.

    1. Since Barthandelus "set" up Lightning as a fal'Cie, it seems fair to assume that he also set her focus. Then it sems logical to conclude that her focus was to destroy Orphan and consequently Cocoon.

    2. Fang attacked Vanille in an attempt to make her go away to get out of any further danger and to be sure that Vanille would not try to assume the Ragarok role.

    3. Sarah's focus was evidently to "lure" all of those "choice" humanoids to a place where Barthandelus could have them become fal'Cie - slaves to his will. She did so and became crystal.

    4. I would think that the Pulse fal'Cie such as Atmos could be alive and well on Gran Pulse but the story doesn't really give a strong indication one way or another. There was a pretty cataclysmic events that happened at the end what with fal'Cie being changed back to humanoids and Cocoon becoming completely "discomboobellated" - so who knows?

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  1. 1. Yes, Lightning & Co.'s focus was to destroy Cocoon. The group knows that destroying Orphan will cause Cocoon's destruction but they decide to do it anyway of their own choice. If they don't, Bartandilus (sp?) would have just chosen another group of humans to carry out his plot.

    2. Fang wants to be the one to use the power of Ragnaros and protect her friend. Fang forgets the trust the group has created amongst themselves in that brief moment.

    3. Serah's Focus was to bring Lightning's group together. She turned to crystal once this was accomplished.

    4. Hard to say for sure. My theory is that there are no Fal'Cie left now.. Atamos probably shut down after Orphan was destroyed.

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  2. 1. I think their focus is to destroy Cocoon by destroying Orphan but using their own way. You know how one has to become Ragnarok and destroy Orphan right? But what Lighting and co. did is, they destroyed Orphan without transforming one into Ragnarok. So technically, they did destroy Orphan, which also brings Cocoon's destruction. However, after they destroyed Orphan/Cocoon, while Cocoon is dying, but not forever gone yet (when Cocoon was sinking down), Vanille and Fang turned into Ragnarok, but instead to destroy, but to save Cocoon using their powers I guess. So in a way, they did destroy yet save Cocoon.

    2. Um, sorry, I don't remember Fang attacking Vanille...=.= I have such bad memory.
    3. Yes. Hence she became crystallized right after she gathered tools to destroy Cocoon
    4. I do not believe Pulse Fal'Cie die with Sanctum Fal'Cie. Orphan only fuels energy to the Fal'Cies in Cocoon. I think they stated that in the datalog...but I'm not sure.

    Sorry if the answers are very wordy. )=. I hope this helps though!

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  3. 1. There focus was to save cacoon by killing orphan and summoning the maker. But they saved cacoon instead by becoming ragnarok and creating a new cacoon.
    2. Fang wanted vanille to leave so she wouldnt get hurt.
    3. Serahs focus was to bring the group together.
    4. I believe the pulse fal cie survived.

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