How do you level up your character roles?

  1. I've been using all my CP on different roles and they are still at level 1. I'm up to chapter 3 btw, maybe thats why? Is it smart to focus one character on only one role. I'm focusing Lightning with commando, Idk if it's good or not because the tutorial on paradigms told me to pick commando so i picked that. lmao

    User Info: sxzhou23

    sxzhou23 - 7 years ago

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  1. In the Crystarium there are stages for each role. As you advance you'll come across a crystal called "Role Level" this wil increase you role level for that specific role by one. Don't worry there are ten stages in total and the farthest you can go is role level five which is at the very end of the Crystarium.

    BTW role levels increase the role's bonus for example ravangers can quickly fill up the stagger gauge so increase in role level will make it increase fatser, all roles have thier unique bonus.

    User Info: RadiantSavior

    RadiantSavior - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Must agree with radiantsavior for question 1
    Question 2 though my oppinion is you got 3 characters in your main party and there are 6 different roles, i suggest leveling up 2 different roles per character to start with. By doing this u can take on every role with your party and play with the necessary variation that is needed throughout the game. Lightning for example can be very usefull as a medic to sometimes for the extra boost in desperate times, but when mixed with fang or snow in a party she is a great asset as a ravanger. A bit of a personal choice which roles to start with but do recommend not only using 1 role.

    User Info: the_put

    the_put - 7 years ago 0 0

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