Full Map of Gran Pulse?

  1. I can't find a map of Gran Pulse anywhere. NOT JUST ARCHYLTE STEPPE, the WHOLE world. I want to know how to get from area of area since it doesn't tell you on the map. For example, I am on Archylyte Steppe and I need to get to Mah'habara to open the waystone, how do I get there? I don't know because I didn't memorize the map and I can't seem to find any maps that show that area or how to get there. Why doesn't this exist in the game? very frustrating.

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    Thanks for your help :) It would be really great if someone made a full map. Maybe I'll have to do it. I wish they did like they did in XII where the exists to other parts of the map were labeled.

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    madfishmonger - 4 years ago

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  1. To my knowledge no such map exists.

    If you play in Gran Pulse for a hundred hours or so, "where things are" will come to be second nature for you.

    In the meanwhile, take a look at the posted Gran Pulse Treasure Guide for a list description of where to find Waystones and other Cie'th Stones. Use [Square] to bring up the overhead map during play to help find things. When you can see Cocoon during walkabout, think of it being the "True North" direction indicator.

    Here is a written map overview (probably some spoilers in the description).

    The Archlyte Steppe is the central map area. There are four exits from it.

    1. To the South, Vallis Media (where you first entered). If you enter Vallis Media, the path from there on is pretty linear. If you go through Vallis Media you will reach Yaschas Massif. Again pretty linear but there are two branch points that disrupt the linearity. One when you first enter and another after you have gone to the left and down a tree trunk a ways. The first branch leads to a "pretty quick" dead end. The second branch, if carefully explored will lead to a dead end on the one hand and to the Paddraean Archaeopolis on the other.

    2. To the Southwest (behind a Cie'th Paling), The Font of Namva. Its a "short" journey down a linear path to get to it.

    3. To the Northeast (up the cliff face), a linear path Aggra's Pasture, the Haerii Archaeopolis and the Faultwarrens. Lots of challenges involved in getting full access to all of this territory. Getting through the Faultwarrens will prove to be a significant challenge in itself.

    4. To the North, a mostly linear path to and through the Mah'habara during first entry. (There is a short side path to be found as you move through the first constructed tunnel section.) If one continuously moves forward, the remaining pathway is "pretty much" linear through multiple geographic subdivisions until you reach the Chapter 11 exit point. If after first finishing the Mah'habara path you choose to reverse course, an "auxiliary" area within the Mah'habara will open for exploration and will remain available for access after that.

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