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This game should be titled "Press X 13"04/12/10carverx19
Final Fantasy XIII is different from any RPG you've played so far. I hope you like it. A comprehensive review.01/11/10A Babe Called Alba
FF13 Review though eyes of FF series fan03/23/10asdfen09
Like Greased Lightning, You're In For A Shock01/04/10Ashley Winchester
A shining example of how to push a systems limits and neglect old-school charm... and fun...03/19/10JCtheArchangel
A harsh reminder that video games are no longer about letting the players have fun03/29/10KWang
Final Fantasy XIII is a whole lot of wasted potential01/29/10serados
Well I appreciate Square's effort, but...03/22/10Yami_no_Geimu
A video game that cares more about graphics and cinematics than letting the player explore and have fun.09/05/131Truth
Lightning and Fang go Commando in the newest Final Fantasy!04/30/108DaysTillSunday
This game is like a stack of pancakes...12/06/10AncientPotion
A fresh reworking of traditional RPG gameplay -- at least, the part that should matter the most.01/13/10BabyRyoga
The battle within begins...08/16/10Bkstunt_31
Great addition to the series, with a few flaws.03/24/10cweaver8518
Transforming an RPG into a Scrolling Platformer06/30/10Dan_pentagram
A game about the curtains and not the stage behind them12/20/12Darke_Xaver
A fair and honest review of Final Fantasy XIII12/17/13DarknessXSeeker
Check your expectations at the door.02/20/12DDJ
A paradigm shift to a solid entry03/17/10De-
Disappointment thy name is Final Fantasy XIII01/14/11deadmoonking
Annoying Characters and Extreme Linearity Create a Disappointing Experience04/08/10DKBAHAMUT
Focused, too focused04/12/10doubleEXP
FFXIII Subverts the Form of RPG's, Yet Retains the Magic01/05/10DrewFields88
It's like climbing a giant hill expecting something great then falling off a cliff.04/12/10elan_morin79
Started off strong...12/05/16Galactus21
Worth the number? Or is it only worth of an impersonation sticker?09/27/10gazm0tr0n
Square-Enix's newest addition to their flagship series is bound to turn a few heads.04/22/10gmo7897
One of the most rewarding experiences you will have. A superb addition to the series.03/29/10heimdalgc1
Final Fantasy goes Blade Runner (again!) but it's still damn cool.01/06/15HighEntomologist
Square-Enix finally cuts out the middle man and creates a game that plays itself.07/17/14Jerec
Unexpected, different, and pleasantly surprising.03/25/10joan2468
A beautiful, exciting adventure marred only by uneven pacing.04/26/10joncalvin
Puberty, marriage, gods, tears, crystal tears, mums, pep-peps, Bahamut, it's all here.04/08/11Kafkaligula
A fun game, a fun adventure, and a fun Final Fantasy! But, was it worth the wait? Final Fantasy XIII ends up being an interesting experience.04/07/10Kashell Triumph
An intense, interesting experience that lacks the charm and flair of Final Fantasy at its finest.03/30/10Kotetsu534
Not like any Final Fantasy I've ever played07/21/10Kungfuanyone
Perhaps the most controversial game to exist07/21/10Leon_Hisaragi
Looks like an ocean, but it's actually a paddling pool04/08/10lilithdarkstorm
Graphically and sonically stunning, a solid story but plenty of room for improvement on the gameplay.10/21/13LockHowl
The Fantasy finally comes to the PS3, but was it worth the wait?03/18/10Lsnake
Final Fantasy XIII renewed my faith in the series.04/05/10Lvl99cloud
Square offers another new approach03/29/10mdaen
An amazing experience. A huge jump from 12.03/15/11megasean3000
The Fantasy is Never Final03/16/10Menji
Beautiful and ridiculously fun, unsatisfying story01/18/11milkcan
Another Final Fantasy, Another Huge Hit04/26/10MJZuproc
Gameplay before graphics01/02/14MKillBill
Comes to the party with plenty of style but the substance was lost somewhere...03/24/14nastynate3118
Lucky Number 1303/30/10Nemesis347
Final Fantasy XIII: Is Change ALWAYS Good?03/17/10nephilimalchemi
Final Fantasy XIII - A Truly Unique Experience04/09/13NettoSaito
A comprehensive look at one of the most controversial Final Fantasy titles...08/31/10Orphandelus
FF13 is worth your time, but it's no RPG06/16/10Phyrre56
Ever felt left out when someone else played a game? Well have you ever felt left out BY a game?07/10/12ReloadPsi
A fantastic idea horribly presented.04/30/10reno385
An Epic Return to the World of Fantasy10/09/14ringlord71
Puts the "AWE" in AWESOME07/07/11RoxasANobody
Time to Paradigm Shift into Next Gen! How does Final Fantasy fare on the PS3/360?09/26/11ShaheerRahman
Your favorite reviewer, I mean HERO has arrived!02/09/12SolidFantasy
Great...but strays quite a bit.04/05/10superterrorizer
XIII Must Truly Be Unlucky09/28/15Suprak the Stud
The Birth of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII01/05/10swarm553
Not what you would expect of Final Fantasy03/23/10The_Bones
This game really is a lot better than what most people think. It just has a different play style.11/10/14the_ed_85
Like having no say whatsoever, over how you play a game?06/01/10the_real_truth
A shallow and flashy game that could have been so much more09/13/10tyran55
Squaresoft finally gets back on the right track. Let's hope it stays that way for awhile.09/27/10UltimaterializerX
Review From A Skeptic04/07/10UltraViol3nt
A Final Fantasy like you've never seen before04/05/10UPRC
Is Final Fantasy XIII lucky, or the unlucky breaking point for the series and its fans?04/05/10WingedMasamune
The glory days of Final Fantasy franchise is it coming to an end?03/22/16xiahoudun_wb
An insult to what used to be a great series.10/09/13Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
Worst FF I've seen03/25/10bozoc19
A failed experiment by Square Enix03/16/10BrawlNubZen
A shining example of why video games will never be regarded as Art.03/12/10GZay2Stay
Shining example of graphics being more important than everything else03/15/10RyuuHou25
Failure Fantasy XIII03/24/10xcredia
The Defining Moment of a New "Final" Era?08/18/10A1X_Jet
Fails to match the standards of the series, but a great game in its own right.06/25/13AnalyticalGamer
How are you rating this game above a 3? Did you actually PLAY it?!11/04/10Artreyis
from someone who doesn't ride bandwagons...01/05/17BlackSwordsaman
An experiment well done by Square Enix04/05/10Dark222
Final Fantasy has yet again created a master piece.03/25/10daveyman23
Was it worth it after all years of waiting?12/22/09digimax
A good game but an absolutely horrible Final Fantasy! The worst I've ever played.08/28/13Double_Wide
Five years later, it still isn't good04/29/15Echo738
The best and worst game I've played in a long time03/25/10emeraldtryst
Although It Is Far From Being the Best Game in the Series, Final Fantasy XIII is an Instant Classic.03/15/10GooberSD
A beautiful cover to hide a completely lackluster game.11/05/10Halo2298
A Very Good Installment to the Final Fantasy Series, But This Game Isn't For Everyone05/31/11HolyDragon2808
What do you get when you mix epic music, epic characters, epic environments, one hell of a plot and a chocobo? Final Fantasy XIII, that's what!08/13/10LadyKy007
Frustatingly Shallow for an FF game03/29/10logas2
FFXIII takes bold steps, but in the end, it doesn't deliver.03/17/10megax11
Press buttons 1-6 to win.04/12/10MJEmirzian
A Masterpiece You Will Never Forget04/07/10Raiden782
I got this at a midnight release... and I have no regrets.08/16/10redbuck
A complete miss in Final Fantasy.07/06/10s0rA3
An overly simplistic, stale RPG experience for the FPS crowd.03/15/10SnowballsOnFire
13 as an unlucky number01/07/14Stradivarius16
XIII wildly exceeded my expectations.03/15/10Switch77x
Praise from a fan who's been with the series since the NES days.03/15/10Virtue777
The Avatar analogue in modern gaming. All visuals, no substance.03/22/10VitaUnus
Yet another fantastic addition in the Final Fantasy series.03/18/10Wagram123
It's like a Chocobo with chicken pox; you have something nice and big, but with quite a few issues.06/01/10yumhotdogcake

Quick Reviews

Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
We waited 4 years for this?! Really?!!04/06/10aleary3432
An adult review of Final fantasy 13 for the PS3 system.04/19/10Androidwhale
Great Game, but unworthy of Final Fantasy name.03/30/10asian1
Great game backed by hours of gameplay and challenging bosses and strategies02/27/12BurnsLikeSnow
Good but not what should have been done01/04/11Carlk797
Pros And Cons Of Final Fantasy XIII03/31/10chewwy151
Fun, innovative, and stunning with a few flaws.05/24/10Dinah7
If you don't like the battle system theres not much else.08/09/10foodeater4
The first 4 hours is as disappointing as The Phantom Menace03/12/10fragmesa
How did this game ever spawned a sequel? Yet it did...10/17/13Freedom888
Disillusioned - let's talk gameplay.01/06/12Gryffulator
Move Over Nostalgia: Final Fantasy XIII Is Here!03/22/10GunbladerSeif
Not for those who yearn for the classics03/15/10Holy_Banisher
Kind of a great game, but...03/10/11idnn
Unfortunate platform jump07/21/10IpickWinners
The romance of Final Fantasy is gone.04/13/11kraid_knox
A Reviewer that has played FF Series the First Time03/30/10LackOfName9
Final Fight Fantasy XIII04/19/10LilRoss2k3
"Final" Fantasy indeed10/05/10matty549
The Culmination of powerful gaming technology and a Legendary Brand is a Total Disaster?08/26/11merkhava
A big departure from the series, but a great game nonetheless.06/03/10MisterMarioMan
Final Fantasy XIII - 13 unlucky for some. Not for Square Enix!12/06/11Nikaleides
Epic, difficult, and enjoyable experience06/07/10Ninjahawk88
Square Enix does it again, but is it what everybody expected?04/30/10omegajustice
Pretty good final fantasy03/26/10philokleon
Whatever happened to good old fashioned RPG's?04/20/10rmoney426
This is the Worst FF Game01/27/11ruballin
Good, but not great. XIV will refine it, hopefully.03/12/10runeasgar
The Spirits Within07/22/10shaktazuki
A beautiful game, and one that applies a more tactical look to the series03/12/10sixthsage
"The RPG that feels like an action game..." take that as you will.01/11/10Solaris_Paradox
I can't believe this game is on the top 100--from a longtime Final Fantasy fan10/25/11throckmeisterz
Look at the big picture of the game03/22/10turkTsang
Final Fantasy XIII: Why have you forsaken us?07/27/10VelcroX
It's the best thing you could ever see but with minor flaws03/29/10yves1113

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