Review by turkTsang

Reviewed: 03/22/10

Look at the big picture of the game

Graphics - Graphics in Final Fantasy XIII are amazing, some of thee best graphics offered for video games. No more needs to be said. 10/10

Storyline - The storyline is quite interesting besides a few corny cut scenes. Also it becomes more and more interesting. 8/10

Battle System - Is quite different from traditional Final Fantasy games. In the first half of the game progress is made with a lot of ease but once you reach Pulse its understandable why they made the first half of the game so easy, with all the very difficult opponents available there. 7.5/10

Music - The music is not special what so ever. It adds some nice background noise for specific areas although it doesn't draw you into the story like previous Final Fantasy games. 4/10

Characters - The characters portray their own the extreme. Which isn't to helpful for video games. But some of them are helpful, like Sazh, he gives the game some great comic relief. Lightning is well... shes Cloud Strife but female and some of the other characters seem like they were ripped off of other games. Also there is little character development, which seems disappointing but its good for the storyline that's provided 7/10

There are some issues that people see in this game,some say the storyline is dull, some hate the simplicity of the game, others hate how the characters don't create a bond with the gamer. Some believe it's to much to handle, therefore hate this game, but they have also stated that they were huge Final Fantasy fans. Well if you truly are a fan of Final Fantasy you will see the flaws but you'll also look over those flaws. Also Square-Enix made this game quite different from other Final Fantasy games so give them some credit about this game having flaws I mean its the first of a new generation for Final Fantasy so of course there's going to be some bugs. Oh and also people complain about the length of cut scenes but honestly they are sooo beautiful that the length shouldn't matter to much. and the corny aspect to a lot of the cut scenes are to be expected....I mean it is a Final Fantasy game so with all this on mind please look at the bigger picture of the game and you'll start to love it. I sure have and its amazing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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