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"Pretty good final fantasy"

I've played final fantasy since the first one on the NES. I guess I'm a little partial to the series. I've played the highlights and the series has been ingrained into me. Ever since I wasted my extra student loan money on a playstation and final fantasy 7, I've been hooked on rpgs. I've stopped playing them because of the crazy 60 hours you have to put into them to finish the game. I've turned my attention to FPS and action games. Just because a game takes long doesn't mean it's good. Pacing and story are the most important thing. Games like FF7 and Xenogears had that and I just don't see them being repeated.

I've been regretting the progress of final fantasy series ever since X-2 just confused me. Couldn't play X-2, also FF12 was a big let down. I just don't really understand all these sequels to final fantasy games. They were originally meant to be a whole game, thus the use of the word Final :-) I'm happy to hear that this FF13 series of game will have a loose connection and not be direct sequels. I hope they go further and reference some of the characters too but I guess that's approaching that line of being a sequel. I like a story to continue as much as the next guy but on the other hand you can get a whole lot of story out in 60 hours.

So I bought FF13 partly out of obligation to the series, with a sense of impending disappointment. Thankfully the game is fun. I miss the towns but I think they've made up for it with the streamlining. No more wasted re-healing of your characters after every fight and a faster pace. The story is also good. Much better the FF12 in my opinion. People complain that you start the game in the middle of it. Obviously it's an attempt to illicit questions from the gamer and try to draw them into the game. I'm not saying it's perfect but it worked on me. It caught my attention and even more importantly it's kept that drive to keep playing the game alive in me. Without that drive RPGs fall by the wayside. Any RPG with it makes it a great game. Maybe FF13 doesn't have that same draw that FF7 or Xenogears did but by streamlining the game it has just enough to make me finish it. To me nothing is better wanting to finish and then playing through a Final Fantasy game. This one has it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/26/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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