Review by yves1113

Reviewed: 03/29/10

It's the best thing you could ever see but with minor flaws

So here is my review of Final Fantasy XIII by Square Enix

Graphics: 10/10
Perfection. That is one word to sum it up. Do you remember when you play games that there are cut scenes that have great graphics but when it comes to the battles and actually playing the game, the graphics become slightly lower? Well this game does not have anything like that. The whole games graphics is seriously wicked throughout. Actually, I wouldn't mind someone play this for me so I could just watch the graphics. So for graphics, it's 10/10 with perfection written all over it.

Story: 7/10
For me, this was the only "greatest" flaw in the game. I wouldn't spoil you the story but to make it all short, it was quite boring. I strongly believed that the games hard to remember terms contributed to that. L'cie, fal'cie , I don't know if the spelling is right, but that is the point. Most of the time you would find yourself connecting event after event then remembering the terms that was said earlier. You'd also find yourself saying "What was Fal'cie again?" So the story was good but had major flaws which caused it to result to becoming boring.

Game play: 9/10
This is part was excellent but not perfect. It was good with a kind of FF10 and FF12 combination. Maybe you could even see a little Crisis Core in there. I would recommend that actually. You should be able to move your character and defend against attacks just like FF:Crisis Core. All of the time you'd find yourself at the receiving end of most attacks which kinda sucks. The leveling up is pretty good too. It's like with the sphere grid system in FF10 which made it kinda interesting. It urges you to always get competitive in the fight scenes because you'd Crystyrarium( Don't know if the spelling is right. Darn YOU hard to remember terms!) Points in the end. So it's good.

Music: 10/10
It was excellent for me. I would liken it to FF10 and FF12 which was pretty nice. It's like symphony style with a kind of pop and techno style every now and then. My favorite song is when you fight, man I don't get tired of hearing that EVERY fight. They changed somethings actually. For example the victory theme. My opinion in this is ok. It's nice that FF is looking to make changes although the departure of Nobuo Uematsu in Square Enix may have contributed to the game making changes that should have been there.

SFX: 10/10
This was perfect. It's like you're watching a movie. Every detail is done with perfection. The chains and necklaces ringing. Swords clashing, IT ROCKED.

Re playability: 10/10
With 70+ hours for you to finish every nook and cranny of this game, I don't think you would be begging for more and repeating all those accursed terms. There's a lot of mini games like the chocobo digging and the different missions. It was good. But I don't think you'd want to play it again because by the time you finish this game, you'd be shocked and awed by everything. The graphics, leveling up, characters and the like.

Characters: 8/10
There all perfect. You'd learn to love them as the game progresses. But my only problem here is that you don't get to see/play Lightning enough. What I mean is, she's suppose to be the main character (I think because SHE IS on THE COVER of the game) so why don't get to play her often? Believe me also you'd get tired of Snow's HERO everything.
But to get you all excited, the female characters are hot, except Fang( I don't know, maybe if she's your type).

Overall: 9/10
This game was excellent with minor flaws that I'm sure you could live with. Maybe they focused a little too much on the graphics but who could blame them? You have too top all Final fantasy graphics to make it all worthwhile. So there are minor flaws such as terms and maybe a lack of mini-games. I expected a little (that's a very small little) more out of this game considering that it took 4-5 years to make. Overall, it was all the best words you could think of, AWESOME, EXCELLENT, GREAT, MAGNIFICENT and etc. So this game is all those words combined, it's a game that is just below the perfect mark.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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