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"An adult review of Final fantasy 13 for the PS3 system."

Final Fantasy 13 is in my opinion the best video game that has ever been produced. I have been playing video games since the 1980's, and have been actively enjoying the development of it's related technology. RPG's have long since been my favorite genre, sitting next to a good scrolling shooter (Darius, Gradius, ect...) and or a classic platformer (Castlevania, Metroid, ect...). RPG's generally offer an epic narrative, well thought out characters, fantastic music and lengthy game play. The RPG Genre has been of late, hurt by old conventions that do little to push the genre into new levels of entertainment. In fact, I have not played an RPG that I wanted to complete since Final Fantasy 10.

Final Fantasy 13 takes some of the old tropes and refurbishes them in a grand way. Yes, there are some old fan favorites like, chocobos, and air ships. FF13 does justice to the new generations of game systems and makes majestic use of current gaming hardware: 1080P resolution and epic audio. The beautiful character design is amazing, with some of the most gravitating characters in an RPG yet. The main protagonist "lighting" is beautiful and a joy to play. Her fashion, hair and gunblade bring together years of characters we have come to know and love, via the Final Fantasy Universe. Other characters are just as cool and show great development. Hope starts out as a whining brat, but given his loss, who would not be winning? As the game progresses, we see him mature and eventually become a level headed character who is actually fun to have in your party (not to mention, he is a great ravager).

The graphics in this game are better then anything else on the market. The level of detain is shinning in every reflection, floor and level you traverse. The game mixes a techno-world brilliantly with an organic coolness. The flow between the in-game movies and game play is uncanny, while the battle scenes are as breath taking as everything else this game throws at you. There is decent variety in the monsters and enemies you fight, which keeps it fun. The active time battles are cool and help to keep the game looking and feeling cinematic. Generally speaking, the AI's control of the other two members of your battle team, does a great job, and you can rely on it to make the right decisions when you are in a pinch.

The music is fantastic, refreshing and diverse. From ambient electronica, to orchestral moments and even some bossanova, it is very fitting to the over all presentation and story.

The voice acting is fine and better then any other game I have played in years. Lighting is the most notable, and the voice actress does a great job of conveying a wealth of emotions. Vanille at times is a little to girlie, but that is her character and sometimes it is rather funny. Fang is cool and her Australian accent is fun.

I felt that this game moved at a great pace and I did not feel like I was grinding till I reached chapter 11. CH 11 is cool and very open, but the side missions ( if you choose to take them on) kind of get tedious, but all in all, I still enjoyed them.

I say hats off to Square for a job well done. Final Fantasy 13 is like a beautiful interactive book/movie, one that wows you with its visuals and emotional grandeur. If you like RPG's and are looking to try a game that is pushing the genre into new areas, then give this one a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/19/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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