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"Final Fight Fantasy XIII"

Wow...just wow...where do I begin? Well this is a quick review so I will keep things short. This is the worst Final Fantasy I have ever played. I have played since the PS1 era so 7 is my starting point. I used to think that 8 was the worst, but at least I actually got to PLAY that game. As many have stated, this game consists of only one action, pressing the X button. Oh, well I guess there IS a lil' bit of L1 thrown in there to "Paradigm Shift". Whatever. All the player does in this games is watch a scene, run for a while, encounter a few enemies, run more, watch a scene, repeat. Once the chapter ends you are shipped to another bland location, with bland music, and a different set of bland party members to repeat the process. The enemies in the new areas are merely different colored versions of the previous enemies. This game is such a disappointment and I really fear for the future of this series.

Graphics -10 but who cares? I guess the audience this game was made for....not those of us who enjoy going on an epic quest, bonding with characters, and coming up with strategies on how to defeat those tough bosses.

Sound - 2: the effects are typical FF fare, but the music is pathetic. I have never missed Uematsu more. I hoped they would improve after 12's lame soundtrack but I was wrong. It gets so repetitive and there are some tracks that are so annoying. And man, are they proud of that main theme! Granted, it IS the only song that is halfway decent in this pathetic aural experience. Music to me is a very big part of a FF game and this is one of the most pathetic soundtracks I've ever heard. There is not even the classic victory theme here! Which may be a good thing cuz this game doesn't deserve it's presence.

Story - 5: For the longest time, I couldn't really figure out what was going on, why I was running, or why I should care. You really are just thrown into the game and all hell is already breaking loose. After a certain chapter...about 8 I think, I started to get a little bit into things, but before that I grew so tired of running for my life that I just wanted to get this game over with as soon as possible. As far as characters, Hope was the most annoying at first, but Vanille is just awful. Lightning is ok I guess, Snow is a dull meathead, and Sazh is kind of a weird case...there's nothing really wrong with his character, but the way he is presented just bothers me and I don't know why. Maybe it's that damn bird that lives in his hair. The other girl that comes along is ok...Can't even think of her name at the moment. It is nice to have some female leads in a major videogame, though. Square deserves credit for that.

Gameplay - 0: I have no idea how Square could fail like this. There is no "role playing" at all in this game. EVERYTHING is auto-pilot. You will have pushed X and L1 so much by the time you finish that your controller will have no paint left on the X button and the L1 button will have no spring-back left. Like I said, you simply run, encounter, hit X and move on. This is a candy-coated action game...and not a very good one at that. All these graphics hide a severely boring experience. I have never felt so unimportant in an RPG. It makes me sad to see these games going in this direction of extreme hand holding. The Summons are a nice addition, though. You can actually control the Eidolons this time around...that is one positive in this otherwise dismal pile of crap.

Basically, this game is a failure on just about every level Square has set the bar in. The only thing they got right is the graphics, which to me aren't really all that. The world just seems bland and lifeless. I'd rather run through Besaid Island or anywhere else on Spira anyway...accompanied by Uematsu's classic songs. 13 truly is an unlucky number...I can only hope that FF vs. 13 goes in a totally different direction than this. I'd say try it if you're a diehard fan, but all others should only rent or avoid.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/19/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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