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"Fun, innovative, and stunning with a few flaws."

Some Final Fantasies are great, some are okay, and some just suck(Final Fantasy XII). This one falls in the okay category.

Storyline- 6/10 The storyline is kind of a hot mess. There are good aspects, like the run from the corrupt government and the theme of being a tool in a larger picture. The story line's greatest downfall is not explaining this larger picture. Not only does the game give a limited explanation but they also touch on it repeatedly starting to unravel the story and then they stop abruptly making the player excited and quickly disappointed. Its like eating a fruit roll up and then having it stolen and eaten by someone else in front of you.

Characters- 7/10 This is the most significant part of an RPG and FF13 misses major parts. Almost every character is quite one-dimensional. A large part of a good character is watching them grow and only 2 or 3 of them actually do that. Other characters are recycled from Square's character vault. The main character is Squall Leonhart with more sincerity and the difference is fact that shes a woman. Also it is very difficult identifying a main character there is a narrator who is not the main character, and other characters take precedence very often before Lightning, the main character. A memorable villain is also needed and FF13's villain sucks, hes not intimidating or difficult to defeat in battle and most importantly his actions are hardly evil, his main goal makes some sense. Hes also as old as Carol Channing which makes him appear fragile and pitiful. Plus, other characters actually ran away those 2 are my least favorite characters, I want a character that grows and is strong not one who spends half the game running in the opposite direction of your destiny.

Graphics and Soundtrack- 10/10 This is something I'm highly satisfied about. All of the songs fit all the scenes perfectly and the battle music is amazing the battles may be long but the music definitely keeps you going. The graphics are also amazing Ive never seen a game with better graphics I think graphic wise this the best game out there.

Game-play- 9/10 The game play is fun and innovative. The amount of spells and choices for each role is amazing. Each role has its own special use and purpose. There are six roles and halfway through the game you can explore every role with every character. The battles are exciting and there are countless ways to turn the tide of battle making it fun and moderately difficult. The summons are also gorgeous and visually stunning, The only downside is the auto-battle ability which allows the AI to choose your commands for you. Players take advantage of this command and then say the battle system is boring. Grow up input commands and get over yourself and the game becomes innovative and plain out fun. Also there's no MP in this game which is awesome instead you get ATB gauges which are less complex and make the game funner to play.

Replay- 1/10 This is one area where FF13 totally fails, like the replaying this game would be like jumping on a trampoline with a huge hole, eventually painful and tiresome, the only reason being that choosing your party becomes available halfway through the game making that point awesome! But, also so far away.

Overall- 8/10 Its definitely worth the 60$ its pretty good whether it lives up to other Final Fantasies anyway.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/24/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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