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"Final Fantasy XIII: Why have you forsaken us?"

Final Fantasy XIII tries to be a movie that you play. I use the word "play" very loosely. There is no strategy here, there is nothing but repeatedly pushing the X button. The game is flashy and pretty but it's just not fun. Anyway, here's the scoring I give the game.

Graphics: 7/10

It is a very pretty game. But if I wanted pretty, I'd just watch a movie. We need balance Square-Enix (SE) not just eye candy.

Sound: 6/10

I like the symphonic tunes especially during battles and the voice acting is top notch. But, yet again, I can get all of this from a movie.

Playability: 3/10

Press X. Rinse and repeat. If someone gets hurt, switch Paradigms and voila you'll have a healer. Unfortunately, the game can't be bothered to remember that you switched Paradigms so you'll have to switch again in the next battle. If this is strategy, I feel sorry for this generation of gamers.

It gets annoying when you feel like the only time you're playing is just to get to the next cutscene and even when you are in a battle you could be doing something else like washing your hair, filing your cat's nails, doing laundry, etc. I mean, that's great if you're a multi-tasker but for me a game should make me want to play. It should engross the player not bore them.

Story: 4/10

Without giving too much away, the story is hard to follow. I blame the odd language used in the game like fal'Cie (fallacy?) and I'Cie (icy?). It sounds like the game designers were describing an ex-girlfriend rather than a storyline. The characters are pretty forgettable and some seem ripped right out of past Final Fantasy games. Lightning looks way too much like Yuna from Final Fantasy X (except a bit more icy) and Snow is a cross between Seifer and Zell from Final Fantasy VIII.

Overall: 5/10

I know that the current trend in modern gaming is leaning toward shiny and pretty games and FFXIII does score well in that realm but where's the game? Please do yourself a favor and RENT this one first. Don't buy it just because it's another Final Fantasy. Maybe if we as gamers hit SE in their pocket books, they'll start getting the picture and revamp their current philosophy of shiny over fun.


- Pretty graphics
- Good music and voice acting
- No brainer gameplay (if you like that kind of thing)

- It's not fun just pressing X for hours on end
- Story is convoluted and characters are forgettable
- Where's the strategy in battle?

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/27/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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