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"If you don't like the battle system theres not much else."

Final Fantasy 13 isn't really a video game. Its more like a movie. All you do is press up on the control pad and watch your character run down a hallway. Then you do a battle. Then you run down the hallway some more to the yellow circle on your map. Then you watch a cut scene. Now lets repeat this 1000 times.

Now if the battle system was fun and interesting you'd have yourself a good game here, but tis not. You can get a 5 star rating on most of the battles just by auto battling. You only control one character and the AI does the rest for you. And since you can auto battle most of the time its really the AI controlling everyone.

The paragrin shifts give each character in your party a role, like a healer or mage, but again you don't to pick what they do. All you really have to is cast the "libra" spell or use the librascope item which shows your enemies weakness. Once you know that, anytime you encounter that enemy again in the game, the game knows that so the AI will just cast the best spells on the bad guy each time, basically you just auto battle the whole game away. Some of the boss fights are fun, but all the work in between, running down corridors doing tedious fight after tedious fight just makes this game so boring.

Now for other things, the graphics are very nice. There is only a handful of games at the current time that are better looking. The enviornments are pretty, but each area is to long in my opinion, I found myself just getting bored of them after a while. Plus the path is literally a straight line, with the occasional side path for a treasure chest. Each new area tends to get boring rather quick due to no exploration factor. The regular run of the mill bad guys are pretty disappointing overall. You'll fight the same enemies time and time again, just color swapped versions. You will go through hordes of generic soliders.

Sound/Music: Overall very disappointing. The sounds of battle, explosions, magic are nothing special. The music is terrible. I believe there are about 80 tracks of music for this game, with about 2-3 good ones. Not even the classic Final Fantasy victory theme makes an appearance in some way.

So in conclusion, do some detailed research on the battle system of this game, cause if you don't like it, you probably will get bored very quick once you get a few hours in and realize the game is just constant battles to cut scenes. All you do is fight fight fight, thats where 85% of the time spent on this game is doing.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/09/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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