How do I beat (final wesker)?

  1. I can't defeat final wesker. Everytime I restrain him even at full health I always die. Shevra hits Wesker and Chris always dies from it and then Wesker kills shevra. I hardly have ammo but can still restrain him with little difficulty. What do I do? All the help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    amegap - 8 years ago

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  1. The instructions displayed in game are not writen well enough. From what i understand (and has worked for me) is that you do NOT hold the X button, you tap it. By tapping the button your character ingame will 'hold' Wesker and allow Sheva to finish him off. Keep an eye on your health durring this part to see if you are tapping fast enough.

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  1. When you reach the final checkpoint, wait till he raises his right hand and run to his back and shoot the orange glowing thing on his back. Run away when he flinches and wait for his spinning tentacles/whatever attack to end. Shoot his chest and run to his back to restrain him. If Sheva's on AI, she'll automatically attack him while you restrain Wesker.

    It's the final Wesker, right? Not the inject Wesker thing...

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  2. I know what u mean,the x button appears with " hold" underneath right, u have to mash the x button so that u actually hold him lol, took me 3 attempts to figure it out

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  3. OR you can just keep shooting at his heart from a distance(when its exposed) and he'll die without the quick time events

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  4. As said before, you have to tap X not hold. I recommend using both thumbs if you're having difficulty tapping. Or maybe you have low life in that case use the green herb you pass on your way to the circular area. If you're still having trouble try it again with more healing items.

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  5. I can help you my id is residimafex.

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  6. If its the injecting part turn the lights off the run and hide grab the rpg from the case at the edge of the level and once he says there is no point in hiding or anything like that fire at him he catchs the rocket blow it up and then repeat again after two rockets he is easy to hold works everytime for me. If its the volcano fight then you shoot him in the little orange area on his middle once both of you are at the centre platform though

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  7. Always aim at Wesker heart...then keep dodging...keep ur distance space..try to play around at the middle...

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  8. I found it easier to be chris and have a friend play co-op with u and go back 2 the other missions get amo and upgrades max out ur dregernov sniper rifle and ak-74 u will need them if u are on the first part of that face off turn off all the lights and shoot him with the rocket launcher when he does his " there is no point in hiding" speech and his back is to u he will grab the rocket shoot him then restrain and have ur buddy close to stab him if done right it will take u 30 secons if ur on that last battle then leave section after u get that check point then go to continue game and face him one on one run up the ramp and wait till he starts swinging his arm crazily and u have a scene that shows that thing on his back u can shoot it as chris and still be safe if u have a sniper rifle once he jumps go to the rock and beat it and shoot wescler to stall him once sheva gets to u and the finall sequance is there it is straigh forward good luck

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  9. Use 2 Rocket Launchers on him

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  10. Give him ZEE uppercut!

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  11. <-- That link is the full walkthrough from Resident Evil 5. It says it is for Xbox 360, but it is exactly the same for PS3. This walkthrough tell you exactly how to defeat him .. he is really easy.

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  12. When he puts his arm in the air run behind him and knife him in the back and call your teamate over to you so she doesn't get killed by the uraboros tornado then his heart appears then command your team mate to attck and unload by the clipfull untill he covers up his heart again then do the same till he dies ull save ammo and kill him................good luck

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  13. When it starts out, turn and run right for the rock bridge ahead. Sheva will get separated from you and you will have to lure Wesker around in a clockwise motion on the lone island you jump to. Your partner will have to take shots at Wesker from behind in order to injure him. When enough damage is caused, Wesker will pursue Sheva. She will run until she gets into a predicament, so Chris will have to provide support (via rifle or rocket launcher) to keep Sheva covered until she can rejoin you. Then, Chris must quickly move the giant boulder at the end of the island so Sheva can rejoin. When Wesker comes to the same island once again, lure him to the top of it, which enables a checkpoint and the final leg of the battle. DO NOT leave this area, whatever you do. If you do, it will just force you to get killed and restart from the checkpoint. The objective here will be to damage his heart from behind and then shoot at it from the front to hurt him. (Rocket Launcher or Magnum works wonders here). Anyone who's got the best weapons maxed out can finish this final battle in 5 minutes tops.

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  14. turn off all three lights in the area. shoot rockets at his head, and when he grabs a hold of them, you quickly select another weapon, preferably a gun, and shoot the rocket. Then, when he's stumbling towards you, you run up to him, and grab him. Do this by tapping X. Don't let Sheva grab him because she's not strong enough! CHRIS has to grab him. When you've got him, Sheva will stab him with the syringe. In the second part, just keep shooting the orange globe sticking out of his chest. It sometimes switches to his back, so stay focused. Best is to completely upgrade the Lightning Hawk Magnum. That thing is like a cannon, and finishes the job REALLY QUICK.

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  15. If you have the patience, you can just go back through the chapters and build up your money and magnum ammo, then buy two S&W M500's, then get to the point where you are all in the same place, then whip out your S&W's and waste him.

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  16. No one else has done this? Really? Well, what you have to do is shoot the heart or whatever when it's in front, and you restrain him, like you were doing, then Sheva has to USES HER KNIFE. It does a little cinema where she slices him up and that's it.

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  17. While on a Co-op mode, my friend killed Wesker with a Single Rocket Launcher.

    It's before Sheeva fell off the cliff, where Chris had to solo against Wesker, if you aim it right, Chris will be able to finish Wesker off in a single fire.

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  18. You have to shoot him on the "eye" he has on his chest and then go with chris behind wesker and then will apear to press buttons do it correctly and you beated the game

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  19. If you keep dying (Chris gets hurt when stabbing Wesker) then try to, when Cris restrains Wesker, have a herb equipped and press the square or X button so that you stab.

    I did this twice and both times Chris' health didn't decrease.

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